Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 932

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Chapter 932: In a deep sleep

Xiao Si had never seen the emperor this hurt before.  He blocked his mouth with the back of his hand to stop himself from crying.

He thought that miss Chen was dead, the emperor would want to follow her, so what should he do?  Who could still save miss Chen?

That’s right, doctor Zhang!  Doctor Zhang was the greatest doctor in the doctor yard, he definitely will be able to save miss Chen…..Oh, no, it’s save the empress!

Xiao Si instantly felt his body fill with power.  He spread his legs and used all his power as he flew off towards the doctor yard.

“Emperor!  Emperor! Ning’er, she really isn’t dead, her heart is still beating!”

Although the Eldest Princess’ eyes filled with tears from the Mo Chuan’s hurt appearance, she still grabbed his shoulder and forcefully shook, making him listen to her.

Mo Chuan finally came back to his senses.  He didn’t look at the Eldest Princess, but his brows slightly knit like he couldn’t understand her words.

“It’s true, go and touch her.  Her heart chest is still warm and her heart is still beating!  She’s not dead, she’s still alive!” The Eldest Princess tearfully shouted.

Mo Chuan’s body trembled as he looked into the Eldest Princess’ eyes with deep disbelief.  After a second of hesitation, his hand went into the clothes of the young girl in his embrace.

They had already been married and she was his bride, he didn’t need to care about boundaries between men and women.

Her skin was cool and smooth, just like a piece of beautiful jade, cold without any heat.

Mo Chuan’s heart was filled with pain as his fingers went across her skin, slowly moving towards her heart.  Although there was little hope, he still hoped that the Eldest Princess was telling the truth and that she really wasn’t dead.

His hand stopped at her chest.  Her skin was already ice cold, but the skin was still a bit warm.  It was delicate and smooth, as gentle as cotton.

Suddenly, he felt a faint trembling under his fingers.  Although it was very weak, he had really felt it, her heart was still beating.

“Doctor Zhang, quickly call doctor Zhang!”

Mo Chuan excitedly shouted out as tears came down again, but this time they were tears of joy.  As long as her heart was beating, doctor Zhang would have a way of saving her!

“Congratulations to the emperor.  The emperor can’t be anxious, Xiao Si has already gone to call doctor Zhang.  You should first take the empress into the room and settle her down. She has been poisoned with snake poison, it would be best for her not to move to avoid it from spreading.”

Ye Ting Xuan was the most calm person.  There was a calm to his voice that made the excited Mo Chuan slowly calm down.

Mo Chuan looked at him and nodded.  He carefully picked her up, not daring to shake her at all.  Returning into the bridal chamber, he placed her on the bed decorated with festive red dragons and phoenixes.

He held her hand and looked at her face without turning.

She silently laid there.  Her face was still as delicate as when she was awake, but her eyes were tightly shut.  She would no longer smile at him or talk to him. If she really kept sleeping like this……

Mo Chuan suddenly felt a chill run through his soul.

He leaned down and placed his lips onto her ice cold lips.

If god really took her away, he would follow her without any hesitation.

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