Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 816

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Chapter 816: Only having a home if there is a country

The old man nodded.  His wrinkled face was filled with a smile, “We really need to thank the current emperor, allowing us citizens live better and better lives.  However, we need to thank one person this year. To allow us citizens to live a good live, she would rather send herself away to live bitter days.”

“Who is this old uncle talking about?”  Mo Chuan said in a curious voice.

“Of course it’s our Ding Yuan Princess.  No, no, no, she isn’t the Princess Consort anymore and she should be called the Crown Princess.  In order to spare us a year of tributes, she left her home to marry into East Qin, sacrificing her lifetime of happiness.  She really is a good girl! If I could see her, I must thank her for her great grace!”

The old man kept rambling on as his two turbid eyes began to glow.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning.  He had a smile on his face and his expression revealed an indescribable pride.

Hearing other people praise his beloved girl, he also felt honoured!

Especially when he saw the citizens feeling gratitude towards her, it made his heart even more emotional.

When she made this suggestion to him back then, he rejected her without even thinking because he didn’t want her to be in danger.  But now he could see that her good intentions.

She didn’t do this just for their future, she had thought even further than he did.  She knew how many benefits a year of no tributes would have on West Chu and the citizens would be able to live a safe life.

As for next year……

He already had an even better idea for next year, he just needed time right now.

Since he took the throne, he was overwhelmed by the yearly tribute.  He couldn’t raise taxes and he couldn’t bear to increase the burden of the citizens.  He always racked his brain for a way to raise the silvers, long being exhausted.

Now she had won a year of rest for the West Chu Country.  With this year of preparation, he could show his strength.  He definitely wouldn’t allow his country be beaten into a state of being unable to fight back!

Mo Chuan stood in the endless fields and looked into the distance.  The golden sun shined down on the earth and his chest was filled with enthusiasm.

He was also bathed in the golden sunlight, standing as tall as a pine tree.  There was a faint brilliance between his brows.

Chen Ning saw his expression and could already guess his thoughts.  She couldn’t help revealing a faint smile. He was proud of her, so why couldn’t she be proud of him!

There wasn’t just her in his heart, there was also the vast number of citizens.

There is only a home with a country!

She stood beside him and held his hand as they looked over the thriving mountain and rivers.

“Little brother, little miss, you’ve worked all day, you must be hungry, right?  If you don’t mind, how about coming to my house for a light meal?”

The old man gave them an invitation.

Mo Chuan realized that he was indeed hungry.  Looking up at the sky, he couldn’t help feeling surprised.

It actually took him most of the day to water the vegetables.  They had arrived when it was still dawn, but now the sun was setting over the western mountains.

He looked at Chen Ning with a look of guilt.  He had worked all day and she had been waiting for him the entire day, starving herself for the entire day.

Chen Ning said with a smile, “You’ve never done farm work before, so it’s natural to be a bit slow.  To be able to water the entire fields before the sun set is already quite incredible.”

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