Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: Only leaving behind your heart

“Chu Shao Yang, you dare touch her!”

Na Mu Cuo’s scimitar suddenly came out and chopped down at Chu Shao Yang’s hand.  This move was only a false move and he wanted to force Chu Shao Yang to retreat.

Who would have thought that Chu Shao Yang would not dodge it, not even moving his hand.

With a “chi” sound, the blade entered his flesh.

The blade deeply entered Chu Shao Yang’s right hand, causing fresh blood to pour out which quickly covered half his arm in red.

But at the same time, his right palm pressed down on her shoulder.  The blood from his palm flowed onto her red dress, dying it an even darker red.

He did not let go!

Even if there was a blade in his right hand that filled him with excruciating pain, he tightly held her left shoulder.  It was very forceful and the more force he used, the more blood came out.

Very soon, half her dress was dyed blood red by him.

That blood was warm!

Even with how calm she normally was, she couldn’t help being stirred now.

“Chu Shao Yang, are you crazy?  Why don’t you move your hand? Don’t you know that your arm will be cut off!”  She said in a hoarse voice, looking at his eyes that were stained blood red.

If Na Mu Cuo hadn’t taken back half his force with this cut, Chu Shao Yang’s right hand would have already been cut off.

“That’s right, I’m crazy!  I’ve already gone crazy because of you!  It’s fine if my arm is cut off, I don’t care!  Seeing me being hurt and bleeding, does your heart hurt?  If your heart can still feel pain for me, it means I am still in your heart!  What does losing an arm count for? As long as I’m in your heart, I don’t care if I lose all four limbs!”

Because he had lost too much blood, Chu Shao Yang’s face was becoming more and more pale.  His hand holding her shoulder began to weakly tremble.

But he didn’t care about any of this.  He just looked at her face and smiled.

“Ning’er, are you willing to leave with me?”

When she saw him bleeding, he had clearly seen heartache flashing in her eyes.  It was useless for her to conceal it, he knew that he was still inside her heart!

Chen Ning’s heart began to fill with a strange pain.

That familiar and strange pain made it hard for her to breath.  She pressed her hand on her chest and felt her heart beating faster and faster.  She then forcefully bit her lips.

That feeling was coming again.  She knew that if she kept looking in Chu Shao Yang’s eyes and hearing his words that ripped her heart apart, she would faint again.

“Na Mu Cuo!”  She moved her eyes away and did not look or listen to him.  She just reached out her hand to Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo pulled her hand and she left Chu Shao Yang’s grasp.  He placed her behind him and his tall body tightly covered her.  

Chu Shao Yang’s right hand reached out and wanted to grab hem of her dress, but it weakly fell down in midair.

Although Na Mu Cuo’s blade did not cut off his arm, it still reached the bone and heavily injured him.  His arm already no longer had any strength and if it wasn’t for his perseverance, he would have fainted already.

Chu Shao Yang’s sight went black and his body was crumbling, as if he would fall at any moment, but he still tried opening his eyes wide to look at her.

“Ning’er, come with me.”  He tried saying again with a trace of begging in his eyes.

Chen Ning closed her eyes and took a deep breath, revealing an indifferent look.

“Too late, it’s too late.  I will never go back with you.”

The final bit of strength in Chu Shao Yang’s body disappeared and he couldn’t hold on any longer, as he fell down from the high carriage.

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