Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 805

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Chapter 805: Unrepentant

Chu Shao Yang’s chin tightened and he began to pant heavily.  Under her clear eyes, he suddenly felt like he could hide nothing.

Everything about him could be clearly seen by her, what else could he even say!

But he was still not willing.

“Ning’er, even if something did happen between me and her, you can’t blame me.  I was drugged and even you know how powerful that drug is. I really didn’t mean to lie to you because my mind was not clear.  When my mind did clear, I desperately wanted to forget everything! You can’t leave me because of a mistake I made when my mind wasn’t clear, that isn’t fair to me!”  He clenched his fists and shouted.

“Not fair?  You denying Chen Bi Yun and your child, how is that fair to her and the child?  Chen Bi Yun is not a good person and she deserves the punishment she is receiving, but isn’t the child in her stomach innocent?  Chu Shao Yang, if you are still a man, if you have any sense of responsibility, you will bring her back from the Cold Palace and let her safely give birth to your child, as well as raising him properly!  Don’t let that child be born without a father!”

Chen Ning was very calm.  Although she hated Chen Bi Yun, she still pitied the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach.

But Chu Shao Yang wasn’t listening to her at all.  The only thing he was thinking about was that she wanted to leave him and he couldn’t lose her no matter what.  As for Chen Bi Yun and the child…..he didn’t even think about them!

When he compared them to her, they didn’t even have a place in his heart!

“Ning’er, I finally understand why you want me.  You think that I was with Chen Bi Yun and had a child with her, so I’m dirty and not worthy of you, right?  But why don’t I abandon you! I clearly know that man gave you the antidote and that you aren’t clean right now, but I still want to beg you to change your mind and return to me!  Why can I do things like that and you can’t!”

He suddenly turned around and pointed at Na Mu Cuo.

“Could it be that he is clean?  Could it be that he hasn’t bedded with other women before and have had children before?  You can marry him, so why can’t you forgive me!”

Chen Ning looked at him and suddenly felt very speechless.  She shook her head as she felt her well meant words were completely wasted.

“Chu Shao Yang, why are you still unwilling to repent even now!  She divorced you not because you bedded with another woman and not because you have a child.  If you don’t understand this reason, you will never obtain her heart!”

Na Mu Cuo finally couldn’t help speaking up.  He looked at Chu Shao Yang and couldn’t stand looking at him.  There was even more contempt and pity in his eyes at this moment.

Truly a fool!

It was no wonder that even after being married for so long, she still abandoned him at her heart’s door.

But he also felt very fortunate.  It was lucky that this fool didn’t understand love, otherwise how could he ever obtain her.

“Then tell me, why is it like this!”  Chu Shao Yang roared out.

His mind was filled with chaos.

“This prince will not tell you.  If I tell you, wouldn’t you just steal her back?  I’m not a fool like you.” Na Mu Cuo revealed a proud smile.


Chu Shao Yang almost went wild with anger and he looked like wild lion.  He suddenly moved forward to grab at Chen Ning’s shoulder.

“No matter what, I will steal you back!  You are mine, mine!” He wildly shouted.

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