Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 802

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Chapter 802: Jumping down from the city walls

So while the citizens were cheering and the West Chu ministers were giving their well wishes.

Chen Ning entered the carriage step by sttep and the bead curtain came down.  It covered her red dress and her line of sight.

The carriage began moving, heading out the city gates.  The escort team was lined up like a mighty dragon, looking very spectacular.

Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou stood on the city walls, watching the group gradually move away.  Neither of them said a word, they only watched the magnificent horse carts moving further away until they disappeared as little black dots.

Finally, they couldn’t see them anymore.

After a long time, Empress Dowager Zhou slowly let out a sigh, breaking the tense atmosphere.

“It was a good thing this widow talked to Ting Xuan early, not letting An Le come here.  Otherwise with that girl’s impulsive character, she wouldn’t have let her leave like this.

Mo Chuan’s palm was pressed on the city wall and his fingers were white from the force he was using.  He kept looking off into the distance, not saying a single word.

“Emperor, they’re already gone.  The wind is strong here, let’s head back to the palace.”

How could Empress Dowager Zhou not know how much pain her son was feeling now.  He came from her, so even though his expression was calm, she knew that his heart was already completely filled with pain.

He always hid his injuries since he was young, not letting anyone see them.  Even though she was his mother, he never showed any pain or tears in front of her.

When she saw Mo Chuan’s calm expression, her heart was filled with pain.

But she thought that time was the best way to heal injuries.  As long as time passed, her son would forget the Chen Family’s girl.  In this world, was there anyone that couldn’t forget someone! Not to mention that her son was the ruler of a country, which kind of girl couldn’t he have!

There isn’t only that Chen Family’s girl in this world!

Suddenly there was the sound of horse hooves approaching.  The horse’s hooves were stepping on the paved road, making it sound very ear piercing.

Mo Chuan immediately turned around and saw a horse running through the city gate as fast as lightning, chasing in the direction the East Qin envoys left in.

There was a person’s purple robe fluttering in the wind on the horse, sitting tall and straight.  Seeing this familiar back, Mo Chuan immediately recognized this person.

Chu Shao Yang!

What did he want to do?

Mo Chuan wanted to turn and head down, but Empress Dowager Zhou grabbed him.

Empress Dowager Zhou glared at him with a serious expression, “Emperor, where are you going?”

Mo Chuan said in a deep voice, “Mother, you clearly know where your son is going.”

“This widow knows, but this widow does not allow it!  If you dare take a single step out the city gate, this widow will immediately jump off the city walls!”

Empress Dowager Zhou slammed down her dragon headed cane and shouted in a sharp voice.

Mo Chuan’s face instantly turned white and his eyes became very dark.

“Mother, why must you force your child like this?  Could it be your son wasn’t born from you? Why must you send your son’s beloved girl thousands of miles away?  You won’t even allow your son to say a single word to her?”

“Emperor!  This widow is doing this for your good!  What do you want to say to her? You want her to stay?  Or will you congratulate her? Or do you want to tell her your feelings?  Not a single one can be allowed! Chuan’er, just let her leave. Letting her marry the East Qin Crown Prince and slowly forget you, she will receive peace and happiness.  If you keep getting involved with her, it will make it harder for you to forget. For you and her, it’s not a good thing!”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked at Mo Chuan and said this with a heavy heart.

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