Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 803

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Chapter 803: Would rather have you marry the emperor

After Empress Dowager Zhou said this, how could Mo Chuan not understand her meaning?

But understanding was one thing and being able to do it was another thing.

Being able to stand on the city walls to send her off already used all the perseverance he had in him.

At the send off ceremony, Chu Shao Bai and Eldest Princess An Le did not appear.  Mo Chuan did not blame them because they couldn’t bear to see her leave her homeland and be sent off tens of thousands of miles away.

Although his expression seemed calm, how could his heart feel any calmness at all?

Even Chu Shao Yang couldn’t withstand it and chased after them, but he could only stand here.  He could only watch her disappear from his sight, not being able to do anything.

“Wait a minute!”

The process Chen Ning was in did not move fast, they had just reached the rest stop ten miles away from the city.

After leaving this place, she would truly be on the road to a foreign country, not looking back at all.

At this time, there was the sound of horse hooves in the distance, as well as wind whistling.

Na Mu Cuo raised a single brow, but he didn’t look back and didn’t order the convoy to stop, just like he had heard nothing.  However, he did pull his reins and move his horse closer to the carriage.

“Wait a minute!”  The voice shouted out again and it was much closer this time.

Even Chen Ning inside the carriage heard it.

Her brows knit, not wanting to see the person that chased after them at all.

She had already written the divorce papers and she didn’t have any relations to him anymore, so why did he chase after her?  He still wanted to entangle her?

“Ning’er!  Don’t leave!”  Chu Shao Yang rushed his horse and caught up like he was flying.

Na Mu Cuo turned his horse and blocked him.  He reached out a large palm and grabbed the bridle of Chu Shao Yang’s horse.  The horse let out a sharp cry as it jumped up.

Chu Shao Yang jumped off the horse’s back and with a turn in the air, he softly floated down.

The second his toes touched the ground, he immediately charged forward and rushed to the carriage.  He pulled aside the bead curtains and took a deep look at her in the magnificent red dress.

“Ning’er, come with me!  I’d rather have you marry the emperor than to be willing to let you marry this East Qin bastard!  I don’t want to never see you again!” He shouted out.

“Chu Shao Yang!  If you dare gamble, you should be willing to lose.  You were defeated at my hands, can you still not accept your loss?  Ah Ning has already divorced you and is no longer related to you, how are you qualified to still entangle her?  She is already this prince’s woman and this prince does not like other men calling her name. If you dare speak anymore nonsense, this prince will not be polite with you anymore!”

Na Mu Cuo sharply shouted as he pulled out the scimitar at his waist.  The sharp blade’s edge swayed at Chu Shao Yang.

His guards quickly came forward and surrounded the carriage, forming layers after layers.  All the weapons in their hands were pointed at Chu Shao Yang.

With a single order from him, Chu Shao Yang wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had wings.

But Chu Shao Yang kept staring at Chen Ning, completely ignoring everyone around him.  He even completely ignored Na Mu Cuo’s angry roars.

“Ning’er, I know I’ve done many things, I truly know my wrongs!  As long as you don’t leave, as long as you stay, I’m willing to do whatever to make up for my mistakes, Ning’er!  No matter what you want, I will agree! Even if you want my life, I’ll give it to you!”

“Chu Shao Yang, what’s the use in saying all of this now!”

Na Mu Cuo angrily waved his scimitar, wishing that he could cut Chu Shao Yang in half, but he saw that he was already very close to her.  If he were to anger him, perhaps he might harm her in his rage.

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