Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 787

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Chapter 787: You want to change your mind

At this time, the East Qin envoy began to make toasts to Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo was very forward, draining all the wine in his bowl, draining several bowls of wine in the blink of an eye.  The more he drank, the more lively he was.

As the atmosphere became more lively, the East Qin people who were drunk stepped off the stage as they began to dance and sing.

They were born on the back of horses and were raised on the back of horses, moreover, regardless of gender, they could all dance and sing.  They surrounded the bonfire as they grabbed the citizens, beginning to dance and sing.

Although Chen Ning could not understand what they were singing, it was very lively and happy.  It was filled with a passionate enthusiasm and she couldn’t help being infected by it.

“Ah Ning, drink this wine and let’s go dance too.”

Under the stars, Na Mu Cuo’s eyes shined even brighter than the stars themselves.  His smile was like the clear sky that opened the clouds, incomparably bright.

He looked at her without even blinking.  Because she had been drinking the wine, her face had a faint blush on her white skin.  Being drunk made a drunk glaze cover her eyes, but they still shined brighter than his.


Na Mu Cuo pulled her up and joined everyone else who were dancing.

Although Chen Ning did not know how to dance, she had her ability to never forget what she saw and this dance was considered quite simple.  Watching the others dance, she learned most of it and after performing the dance twice, she had mastered most of it.

She danced around the fire.  Her waist was like a slender willow branch, looking very graceful, while she reached out her lotus flower like arms.  Her steps were soft and her eyes sparkled. She was like an enchanting lily blooming in the dark night, faintly releasing an enchanting fragrance.

Everyone was stunned seeing this and unknowingly stopped moving, as they all watched her dance alone.

Her long hair floated in the breeze and the small beads in her hair clanked with each other, making a clear sound.  She moved along with the beat of the music, moving faster and faster, as the stars in the sky seem to dance in her eyes.

Suddenly, she made one mistake and she began to fall backwards.

Na Mu Cuo reached out his hand to catch her.

She closed her eyes and felt her head feel dizzy, as she saw countless stars dancing around.  She didn’t know if she was drunk or if she was dizzy from spinning.

“The princess has drunk too much, this prince will take her back in to rest.  You can continue, everyone is to have as much fun as possible!” Na Mu Cuo loudly said.

Then he carried her into the room with large steps before putting her on the couch in the room.

Chen Ning opened her eyes and her eyes were completely clear, without a trace of being drunk.

“Your highness, the matter I have promised you has been accomplished, what about the matter you promised me?”

Na Mu Cuo took a slight look at her and suddenly held her hand as he said in a low voice, “Ah Ning!”

Her fingers slightly trembled, but she pulled her hand out his large palm and repeated, “You promised me.”

“Wait a bit.”  Na Mu Cuo suddenly said.

“You want to change your mind?”  Chen Ning knit her brows.

“No.”  Na Mu Cuo shook his head.  He suddenly stood up and walked to the window, forcefully pulling it open.

There was someone that immediately flew over and shouted, “Your highness, there is an intruder!”

“Who is it?”

“This subordinate did not see clearly, but it’s over ten mysterious black clothed people.  Their faces were masked, but their martial arts were very good. Our several dozen people are losing to their over ten and now there are many people injured.”

“Mysterious masked people?  Come, let’s take a look.”

Na Mu Cuo’s eyes slightly narrowed and he looked back at Chen Ning as he said, “Ah Ning, just stay here and don’t go out.  I’ll be back right away.”

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