Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 769

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Chapter 769: The one plotted against is you

“You…..You’re speaking nonsense!  Not to mention that there is no such law, even if there is, this is our West Chu and not your East Qin!  What bull shit laws, on our West Chu territory, you follow our West Chu laws!”

Chu Shao Yang roared out in anger.

He felt a vague bad feeling.  It was like he had fallen into Na Mu Cuo’s trap, like he was prey that had fallen into the hunter’s net and he was struggling before his death.

Na Mu Cuo laughed and did not say a word.  He was just looking at him with a calm expression, with a thoughtful look on his face.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart filled with more and more fear.  He suddenly turned his head and looked at Ye Ting Xuan in the stands.

“Husband Ye, tell this king, is there really this kind of bull shit law!”

He was shouting and had completely forgotten all forms of etiquette.  He only had a single thought in his mind right now. This bastard prince was taking advantage of this loophole to try and steal her from his side!

Ye Ting Xuan had a slightly awkward expression on his face.  He gave a soft cough, neither nodding or not nodding.

If he nodded, wouldn’t he be acknowledging this bull shit law passed down in the East Qin Country since ancient times?  But if he didn’t nod, it was equal to denying the truth.

“King Ding Yuan, the East Qin Country indeed does have this custom.  They can challenge a girl’s husband, but if the husband does not accept, this custom does not exist.”

He was using his words to subtly remind Chu Shao Yang.  His meaning was that your highness could reject and as long as you reject the challenge, no matter how strong the other side was, they couldn’t steal your princess.

Chu Shao Yang was not dumb, naturally he could understand the meaning in Ye Ting Xuan’s words.

But when he understood, his face turned even more white.

“You, plotted, against, me!”  He viciously glared at Na Mu Cuo as his eyes turned pure red.  The vein popped out on his forehead and each word was spat out through gritted teeth.

Na Mu Cuo gave a clear laugh as his bright eyes narrowed.  He spoke in a carefree voice, “That’s right, this prince plotted against you!  Who told you to do all those things a man shouldn’t do!”

“Father does not need to defend my actions to an outsider like you!”

“This prince is not interested in other people, but this prince has to care about Ah Ning’s matters.  Chu Shao Yang, do you dare duel this prince? If you don’t dare, that is equal to admitting defeat and this prince will fairly take Ah Ning away.”

Na Mu Cuo crossed his arms across his chest and revealed a faint cold smile.

Chu Shao Yang’s forehead vein almost burst as he could feel his chest exploding with rage.  He was like an angry lion that was about to explode.

“Very good, only if you kill me will you be able to take her away!”

After he said this, he suddenly flew through the air.  There was already an extra soft as a snake sword in his hand, stinging at the distracted Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo moved Chen Ning behind him and took out the iron like bow from his back.  He swept Chu Shao Yang’s sword to the side as he revealed a faint smile.

“Chu Shao Yang, do you want to begin?  We have to talk things out first, you’re not allowed to go back on your word if you lose!”

“Na Mu Cuo, you have exhausted your mind to think of this despicable way to steal her away, but this king will not allow things to go as you wish!  Do you really think you can defeat this king?”

Chu Shao Yang stood still as the arrogance on his face was swept away.  In that instant, he had already calmed the flames of rage in his and forced himself to calm down.

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