Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 750

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Chapter 750: Something that’s gone

As the hour approached, the final deadline was about to come.  He had to come back to give the emperor, East Qin, and the West Chu ministers and citizens an explanation.

But he couldn’t take her out, so he knew what the consequence waiting for him was!

The emperor would use this chance to suppress him and reprimand him, making him bear the infamy of being a sinner of West Chu!

He did not care about this at all.  As long as he could find her and know that she was safe, he was willing to bear all this infamy!

But he could not find her at all.  He couldn’t find her person or her corpse…..

It was like there was something biting Chu Shao Yang’s heart.  He was bleeding from the biting and he didn’t want to keep living.

Each step he took, the more pain he felt in his heart.

He hated everyone here, but the person he hated the most was Mo Chuan!

It was clearly him who hid Ning’er in a place he couldn’t find, but he was using this method to make him bring her out.

Chu Shao Yang’s teeth almost cracked.  He walked in front of Mo Chuan and stood straight, not bowing at all.

“King Ding Yuan, you’re in front of the emperor, why do you not bow?”  Xiao Si couldn’t help reprimanding.

Chu Shao Yang curled his lips into a cold smile, “Emperor, this minister is here to report after receiving orders.”

Mo Chuan’s eyes fell onto Chu Shao Yang and seeing him like this, his heart couldn’t help trembling.  Even Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help revealing a look of shock.

“Shao Yang, what happened to you?  Are you ill or injured?” She asked in a caring voice.

Chu Shao Yang revealed a bitter smile as he said to Empress Dowager Zhou, “This minister is neither ill or injured, this minister has only lost something and can’t find it no matter what.”

“Lost something?  Is it something very important?”

“Yes, it’s very important.  It’s this minister’s most important thing.”

“Oh, what is it?  Say it and this widow will have the emperor send people to help you search.”

“This minister’s princess is missing.”  Chu Shao Yang was looking at Empress Dowager Zhou, but the corner of his eyes were looking at Mo Chaun as he spoke word for word.

“What did you say?!”

Even the experienced Empress Dowager Zhou could not stop her expression from changing.  Hearing this made her hand tremble and she knocked over the teacup, causing the hot tea to spill onto her, but she couldn’t feel it at all.

She rose from her chair and grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s arm, asking him once again.

“Say it again clearly, who is missing?”

“This minister’s princess, Chen Ning!”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression changed.  She immediately turned to Mo Chuan and said in a low and deep voice, “Emperor, do you know about this?”

Her first reaction when she heard this news was that this matter was related to her son.  It must have been her son who sent someone to take her away.

Mo Chuan looked up at Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes and calmly nodded.

“Your son knows.  Three days ago, your son summoned King Ding Yuan into the palace to discuss today’s competitions.  When King Ding Yuan entered the palace, he charged at Shao Bai and said that Shao Bai stole his princess.  Shao Bai said it definitely wasn’t him and your son did not believe that Shao Bai would do such an absurd thing because Shao Bai was drunk in the palace that night, being with this one the entire time.  There were also several maids and eunuchs on the the scene. However, King Ding Yuan would not yield and kept wanting Shao Bai to hand her over. Your son thought King Ding Yuan was being unreasonable and rebuked him.  Then your son ordered for King Ding Yuan to bring his princess to the field before noon, otherwise he would be seriously punished.”

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