Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: Dying from injustice

“Royal mother, your son never thought that King Ding Yuan still wouldn’t change after three days.  So, when your son received this news, I was as shocked and angry as mother.”

Mo Chuan said this and looked at Chu Shao Yang.

“King Ding Yuan, do you know how important today’s competition is?  Why are you so against your princess coming to the competition? Why do you keep obstructing her?  Why do you keep insisting that your princess is gone? Clearly you brought the princess away that day and your palace is like a fortress, this one does not believe someone could kidnap the princess from your palace.  If you’re not willing to have the princess represent West Chu, you can just say it. Why do you need to find all absurd reasons? Don’t you think this is a bit ridiculous?”

Chu Shao Yang was about to explode.  He was speechless from Mo Chuan’s aggressive words and he was about to die of injustice!

Everything was the other side’s fate and everything was the other side’s trap, but his words were incredibly plausible and it made him unable to say a thing.

It was his first time being wronged like this and his heart was filled with hate.

Chu Mo Chuan!  You’re truly good!  Turning black into white!  You’re pouring the dirty water of hurting the country onto my, Chu Shao Yang’s body!

He glared at Mo Chuan.  If his eyes had teeth, he would have ripped Mo Chuan to pieces already.

Mo Chuan’s words were reasonable and calm that Empress Dowager Zhou almost believed him.

She did not believe Mo Chuan, but rather Chu Shao Bai.  It could be said that others could do ridiculous things, but Chu Shao Bai definitely would not.

In her eyes and heart, Chu Shao Bai had always been filial and reasonable, a good child that never did anything wrong.  She believed that others could lie to her, but only Chu Shao Bai never would.

“Shao Yang, the emperor is not wrong.  This widow understands Shao Bai, Ning’er is his third sister in law, so even if he was incredibly bold, he would not do something this ridiculous.  It is impossible for him to take Ning’er from your palace. If this matter was done by him, did all those guards in your palace see him do it? Is there any evidence?  You can’t blame Shao Bai for no reason.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s words almost made Chu Shao Yang spit out a mouthful of blood.

He couldn’t help secretly cursing in his stomach. Partial old fool!  You will always only be able to see the good in Chu Shao Bai, you will never be able to find the good point of me, Chu Shao Yang!

“Royal grandmother, it is not your grandson blaming this matter on Shao Bai, rather the person who took Ning’er was wearing this snow white satin robe.  According to what your grandson knows, this snow white satin was an exotic gift only royal grandmother had and royal grandmother gave this satin to Shao Bai, so…..”

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart couldn’t help sinking as she looked up at Chu Shao Bai.

“Shao Bai, speak for yourself.  Did you do this?”

Chu Shao Bai blinked as he said with an innocent face, “Royal grandmother, Shao Bai was in the palace that night, staying with the emperor.  As for the matter of the snow white satin robe, Shao Bai had already explained everything to third brother. Because I soiled it with wine, I threw it into the imperial gardens.  Third brother keeps insisting that Shao Bai took third sister in law, this is truly a great injustice.”

Empress Dowager Zhou said with a nod, “This widow believes you.  Shao Yang, this matter was not done by Bai. Are you certain Ning’er was taken by someone and didn’t leave by herself?  Did you do something to anger her, so she left your palace?”

Chu Shao Yang blurted out, “Of course not.  She was tied to the bed, how could she leave by herself?”

When he said this, the area around them filled with silence.

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