Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 747

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Chapter 747: Losing someone

“This servant has listened to the East Qin side and they don’t know where the crown prince has gone either.  They are just like us, they are all feeling nervous.” Xiao Si said.

Hearing this, Mo Chuan’s brows knit even tighter.

Suddenly, the sound of hooves come from outside and the ministers all revealed a look of joy.

“They’re coming!  They’re coming!”

“It must be King Ding Yuan and his princess!”

It was the same scene last time.  Chu Shao Yang had ridden a date red horse and brought his princess like they had come from heaven, solving the West Chu’s problem.

The ministers couldn’t help standing up as they walked over to the edge of the stand.

Mo Chuan and Empress Dowager Zhou looked at the field’s gate with everyone else.

The other side’s East Qin stands were filled with cheers as they shouted in the East Qin language.

“The crown prince is here!”

In front of everyone’s expectant eyes, a single horse charged onto the field as fast as lightning, appearing in front of everyone.

This horse ran in front of the stands in a single breath.  When everyone saw the face of the rider, they couldn’t help revealing disappointed expressions.

They saw a grey robed person who did not look eye catching at all.  Even his face, had no expressions like it was made of wood. He seemed like he was just a log.

“It’s not the crown prince.”  The East Qin stand’s people sat down in disappointment.

Most of the people on the West Chu side did not recognize this person.

But Mo Chuan and Xiao Si recognized him.

It was Zhui Feng.

When he saw Zhui Feng, Mo Chuan’s heart jumped into his throat.  He couldn’t help clenching his fists as his eyes stared at Zhui Feng.

Zhui Feng’s figure flashed.  Everyone saw a grey flash before that common looking grey clothed man was on the high stage.

With this display of qinggong, the eyes of the people who knew martial arts lit up and they couldn’t help giving praise.

“Who is this person?  Such good qinggong!”

In front of everyone’s eyes filled with admiration, Zhui Feng moved in front of Mo Chuan and bowed down.

“This subordinate is useless, I couldn’t complete the mission the emperor has given me.  This subordinate asks the emperor to heavily punish this subordinate.”

Hearing this, Mo Chuan’s face instantly sunk.  He had already vaguely guessed the reason and he couldn’t sit still any longer.

He stood up and walked out back, with Zhui Feng following behind him.

“Speak clearly.  Just what happened and where is she?”

They walked behind the stage with no one around.

Mo Chuan stopped and turned around, grabbing Zhui Feng’s shoulders, asking in a heavy voice.  His voice couldn’t help containing a bit of trembling.

Zhui Feng wanted to kneel down and report, but when he was grabbed by the emperor, it was like a spell was cast on him and he couldn’t move.

He said with a face filled with shame, “Emperor, this subordinate has failed you.  I lost the Princess Consort.”

“Lost?  How did you lose her?  How can a person be suddenly lost?  Was it Chu Shao Yang? Was it Na Mu Cuo?”

“No, no.”  Zhui Feng shook his head.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help letting a sigh of relief.  As long as it wasn’t those two, he didn’t need to be afraid.

“Clearly tell this one what happened!”  He let go and took a step back.

Zhui Feng kneeled down and reported, “Emperor, this subordinate does not know what happened either.  Not that long ago, this one was guarding the yard and the Princess Consort had not left her room since the morning, even her breakfast was sent into her room by the maid.  This subordinate remembered the emperor’s orders to not let the Princess Consort take a single step out of the palace, so this subordinate did not dare take a single step out and did not even dare blink.”

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