Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 746

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Chapter 746: Feeling uneasy

It was finally the fourth day and also the day of the competition between East Qin and West Chu.

There was still an hour from noon, but the east and west stands were both filled with people.

The West Chu ministers had all come.  On the opposing East Qin stand, the East Qin envoys and Na Mu Cuo hadn’t shown themselves, but everyone else had already come.

The two sides were facing each other, but they all had different expressions.

The East Qin people looked ashamed while the West Chu ministers were all glowing and full of energy.  They were talking in groups of twos and threes, talking about the competition that was about to begin.

They had great confidence in the Ding Yuan Princess’ ability to win.

But when noon approached, everyone couldn’t help looking over at the field’s gate.  They did not see King Ding Yuan or his princess at all.

The ministers began to feel uneasy and began discussing with each other.

“I heard the Princess Consort was sick at the banquet that day.  Could it be she isn’t coming because of her illness?”

“No, no, this minister remembers it clearly.  The East Qin Crown Prince gave a thousand year old snow ginseng to King Ding Yuan, so the snow ginseng would cure even the strongest illness.”

“Maybe it’s because King Ding Yuan doesn’t want his princess to appear and participate?  If it’s like this, King Ding Yuan isn’t even here yet.”

“King Ding Yuan wouldn’t be retreating, right?  If he dared to not appear for this large matter, he would be a great sinner to our West Chu Country!”

The crowd was feeling anxious and feeling more angry.  The more they spoke, the more unpleasant it sounded.

Even Empress Dowager Zhou was a bit unsettled.  She looked at the sky outside before putting down the teacup in her hand and looking at Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, Shao Yang wouldn’t…..He wouldn’t…..”  She paused for a bit before shaking her head and saying, “This widow does not think he would ignore the general good this much.”

But she couldn’t help revealing an unsettled look.

Mo Chuan’s expression did not change as he softly said, “Mother, you can be assured.  Shao Yang is the previous emperor’s son and a part of the royal family, he knows what he should do.”

But as the time approached noon, Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning did not appear.  How could Empress Dowager Zhou not feel worried?

Mo Chuan’s eyes looked at the other side’s East Qin stands before looking over his crowd.  His heart felt depressed while also feeling a bit unsettled.

The East Qin envoys were all here, but only Na Mu Cuo was missing.  What was going on? Na Mu Cuo wouldn’t be playing a trick, right?

“Xiao Si.”

He called Xiao Si and whispered a few orders into his ear, having him investigate the East Qin envoy’s side.

Although Xiao Si was not an expert, he was still intelligent.  He was as slippery as a fish and he was even more skilled than Zhui Feng in investigating.

When Xiao Si left, Mo Chuan felt that his heart couldn’t calm down.  He felt like something bad was about to happen.

The last competition was also like this.  She was safely in the Eldest Princess Palace, but she had been suddenly taken by Chu Shao Yang…..

His heartbeat suddenly became fast as he thought, something wouldn’t have happened to her again, right?

He immediately calmed himself down.  No, no, Zhui Feng was guarding her and doctor Zhang’s palace was safe.  Even if Chu Shao Yang broke his head, he wouldn’t think that she would be at doctor Zhang’s place.

But the unsettled feeling in his heart kept becoming stronger.

“Emperor!”  Xiao Si rushed back and gave his report.

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