Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 702

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Chapter 702: Selling her out

“Your highness, mercy!”  Doctor Ye was sobbing. He was so scared that he almost fainted.

Several guards came forward and began dragging doctor Ye out.

“Chu Shao Yang!  What will it take so you won’t kill him?”  Chen Ning couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what, doctor Ye was implicated by her and she couldn’t let an innocent person die because of her.

Under her excitement, the iron chains made clanking sounds.

“Not kill him?  Should I let him remain to send Chu Shao Bai a letter and have him save you?”  He squinted at her and revealed a faint cold smile.

“You…..”  She bit her lips, “Tell me your condition, as long as he doesn’t die.”

“Condition?  What qualification do you have to talk conditions with this king?”  Chu Shao Yang shook his head with a cold smile, “Ning’er, he is just a stranger you met by chance, his life or death does not matter to you.  This king really doesn’t understand what passed by in your little head, do you know that? He was the one who took the initiative to confess to this king and gave this golden hairpin to this king.  He sold you out from the beginning, he wanted to earn this king’s favour! He sold you out, but you are begging for mercy for him with this king, asking this king for conditions!”

Chen Ning looked at him, knowing that he was not lying at all.

When she saw doctor Ye’s expression, she could already guess it because doctor Ye never looked up at her.  He was filled with guilt!

But even if he sold her out, she still couldn’t bear seeing Chu Shao Yang cutting him to pieces.

But she bit her lips and said nothing.

She knew that the more she pleaded for doctor Ye, the less likely Chu Shao Yang’s heart would soften.

“Alright, this king will spare his dog life, but you need to agree to one of my condition.”  He suddenly said.

“What condition?”  She lowered her eyes and waited for him to open his wide mouth.

“This king is injured and want you to personally put medicine on it.  Can you agree to this condition?”

Chen Ning raised her brow.  It was that simple?

Chu Shao Yang unlocked the iron chain on her hands and handed her a bottle of ointment.  Then he raised his neck and silently waited.

She dipped her finger in the ointment and began applying the medicine for him.  Her fingers moved gently as the cool ointment was applied to his injury, bringing a cool sensation to it that no longer made him feel pain.

He looked down at her, at her focused eyes which were very serious.  Her fingers were soft and gentle, and indescribably comfortable. He honestly wished his injuries were a bit worse so she could apply medicine on him for a bit longer.”

“Lock up that old fool.”  He cleared his throat and said.

“Yes, your highness.”

Doctor Ye had regained his life, so he did not even dare fart.  He was dragged off by the guards.

“Your highness, the brewed medicine is here.”

“Give it here.”  Chu Shao Yang said.  He took the hot soup and scooped a spoonful.  He blew into it before sending it to her lips.

She reached out for the soup bowl and said, “I can drink it myself.”

“You just helped this king rub on his ointment and now this king needs to repay you by personally feeding you soup.  What, you won’t give this king the chance?” His tone slightly sunk.

She looked up at him and drank the spoonful of soup without another word.

She didn’t want to go through this with a weak body.  The snow ginseng soup was a extremely rare large supplement and she needed to replenish her strength.  If she could restore her body and mind, she could think of a way to escape this prison.

Chu Shao Yang saw her being obedient and drinking the soup spoon for spoon, making him feel like he wanted this to last.

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