Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 697

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Chapter 697: Truly pitiful love

“So, what are planning to do to me?  Tying me up, locking me away, just like a bird in a cage.  Giving me food when I’m hungry, giving me water when I’m thirsty.  Teasing me when you’re happy, leaving when you’re unhappy, right? Chu Shao Yang, I am a person and you can’t keep me in a cage like a canary!  If you want to cut off my fingers, then cut them. I’m not afraid even if you cut them all! If you want to fig out my heart, then do it. I can clearly tell you that this heart will never have you in it!”

Her words flowed out in a stream and then she felt the air in the room freeze.  The temperature decreased as Chu Shao Yang released a strong cold current from his body.

He suddenly stood up and his tall body blocked the candle at the head of the bed, causing his shadow to cover her head.  He looked down at her and his eyes flashed with a cold and cruel glow.

He was finally pushed to the edge of rage by her.  Like a man eating beast, he exploded.

Because she knew that these words would hurt him the most.

Chen Ning curled her lips and revealed a smile.

He thought he was the cat and she was the mouse, playing a cat playing with the mouse game with her since the beginning.  He treated her and Mo Chuan as mice in a cat’s paws, teasing them however he pleased, but she would not allow him to do this!

“Chu Shao Yang, did you also love Chen Bi Yun like this?  But what was her ending? She had your child, but you threw her away and even ruined her face!  Now that she’s living a life that is worse than death. So, the women that you love are all pitiful.  Chen Bi Yun is like this and so am I.”

She forcefully grabbed the chain and shook it.  With a cold smile she said, “How can you say you love me?  How can you take away my freedom, locking up my hands and feet.  You have shamed me, scared me, and now you still hope I will love you?  Is there any women in this world who would love a man like you? If you’re not a fool, then you are an idiot!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid as he shouted, “Don’t mention that slut Chen Bi Yun!  You are not the same as her. She is a cheap woman and she deceived me. It was her and her nanny who distorted facts and made me love the wrong person!  I hate her, if it wasn’t for her, would all these things be happening? So I can’t wait for her to die! But my feeling towards you has always been dedicated and has never changed!  I fell in love with you eight years ago and eight years later, I still love you!”

He grabbed her shoulder and forcefully shook her.  He shook her until her hair was messy and the chains began to clank.

“Ning’er, I can be wholeheartedly devoted to you, but why did you change?  You clearly love me, but why did your heart change so easily? Why! Tell me why!”

Chen Ning closed her eyes before opening them again.  Although her hair was messy and her face was pale, her eyes were still filled with beauty.

“Chu Shao Yang, think clearly.  The Chen Ning you loved, was it the one who saved you from the water eight years ago or is it the current me?  Did you not realize that she and I are two completely different people?”

Chu Shao Yang was stunned as he stared at her.  He knit his brows as he could not understand her words.

“What do you mean?  What her from eight years ago?  What current you? You are clearly the same person, how could that not be true?  I recognize your face and I remember it clearly. You are her and she is you!”

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