Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 698

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Chapter 698: Cutting off her finger

Chen Ning shook her head, “No, she and I are completely different person.  The Chen Ning that truly loved you is dead, she died vomiting up blood on the day you married Chen Bi Yun.  So, I am not her and I have never loved you!”

Chu Shao Yang said through gritted teeth, “I understand.  Ning’er, you still hate me, right? Because I married Chen Bi Yun, so your heart filled with love for me died, right?  Alright, I’ll let you see someone right now! I will make your heart live again and I will make you love me again!”

She stared at him and found that she was wasting her breath.  Even if she told him that she was a ghost who transmigrated into this world, he would definitely not believe her.

After all, this kind of profound matter would not be accepted by people of this era.

Chu Shao Yang called the secret guard and whispered a few words before the secret guard went back out.

Not long passed before she heard a flurry of footsteps.  Several guards brought in a wooden stake and there was a person tied to the wooden stake.  That person’s gray hair was scattered all over her face and it couldn’t be clearly seen.

“Ning’er, do you know who this person is?”  Chu Shao Yang clapped his hands.

The guard moved aside the person’s messy hair and revealed a face filled with panic.  Her eyes were filled with horror and there was a cloth over her mouth. She kept making sounds like she was begging for mercy.

“Miss Chen?”  Chen Ning revealed a frown as she immediately recognized her.

“That’s right, it’s her!  The culprit behind everything is this slut!  After she escaped from the royal palace, this king sent everyone to find her and finally caught this slut.  Now this king will have her tell you how they framed you and how they deceived this king!”

Chu Shao Yang turned his head and coldly looked at Miss Chen.  He ordered, “Let her speak!”

The secret guard took out the cloth stuffed in Miss Chen’s mouth.

“Mercy!  Your highness, I ask your highness for mercy!”  As soon as Miss Chen could talk she began begging for mercy.

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh, “Miss Chen, it was impossible for you to live once you fell into this king’s hands.  If you obediently tell the truth, this king will give you a painless death.”

Miss Chen’s face turned pale.  Her lips hesitantly opened a few times, “This servant, this servant knows nothing, I just listened to the second miss’ orders.  If your highness wants to ask anything, you can ask the second miss.”

“This slut won’t speak.  Someone, cut off one of her fingers for this king.”

Chu Shao Yang sat on the bed while gently placing Chen Ning’s stray black hair behind her ear.  Not a single eyebrow moved as he gave this order.

“Ah!”  Miss Chen screamed out like a pig being slaughtered.  A finger of hers was already cut off by the secret guard and her fresh blood fell to the floor.

She began trembling from pain as her teeth creaked from being gritted.

“For every lie, this king will cut off a finger.  Miss Chen, this king is asking you, that night four months ago, did you put medicine in this king’s wine?”

When Chu Shao Yang spoke, he kept staring at Chen Ning.  Her face was pleasing to look at and he would never tire of it, he didn’t want to see Miss Chen’s old and ugly face.

“This servant…..This servant…..Never…..”  Miss Chen almost fainted from her pain.

“Very good, cut another one.”

“Ah!”  The secret guard did not hesitate as he cut off another finger from Miss Chen.  Miss Chen’s eyes rolled back as she completely fainted.

“Reporting to your highness, the prisoner has fainted.”

“Wake her with salt water!”

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