Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 671

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Chapter 671: Determined to win

Although Na Mu Cuo admitted his defeat, his position in the hearts of the East Qin envoy increased by a level.

The West Chu ministers also raised their thumbs towards Na Mu Cuo’s attitude of admitting his defeat because even if they won the competition, if Na Mu Cuo did not admit his defeat, they could not do a thing.

But the one most praised by the ministers was the hero that had won this competition for West Chu.  They began to congratulate Chu Shao Yang, praising him for marrying such a good princess. She was smart and beautiful, their envy was almost palpable.

Chu Shao Yang felt like he had never been this radiant before, all his previous honour and prestige could not compare to what he had today.  Although people were filled with praise for his princess, when he heard them, he felt even happier than when he was praised.

“Ning’er, for this king to be able to marry you, it is the greatest blessing in my life.”  While responding to the ministers’ congratulations, he still didn’t forget to whisper softly in her ear.  His face was filled with joy.

Chen Ning just bit her lip and said nothing.

Chu Shao Yang’s face was red with excitement, but her face was completely pale, even her lip did not have any blood in it.  When Chu Shao Yang saw this, his heart couldn’t help hurting. He touched her hand and felt that her fingers were ice cold.

“Ning’er, you aren’t healed yet.  Since we’ve already won, let’s return to the palace.  This king will ask for the best doctor to come heal you.”  He was a bit impatient about taking her away.

He felt several pairs of eyes watching him with strong hostility and envy, also he felt Na Mu Cuo staring at her with a beast like glow in his eyes.  He had a mentality of being determined to win which filled his heart with shock.

He felt her hand softly twitch in his palm and trying to pull back, so he quickly tightened his grip.

“Ning’er, this king has already done what you wanted me to do, this king hopes that you can fulfill your promise.”  He said in a low voice in her ear.

It was like she could also feel Na Mu Cuo’s aggressive eyes.  She looked up and hse met Na Mu Cuo’s gaze.

Na Mu Cuo grinned at her, with his white teeth shining bright in the sun like a dazzling cheetah.

She slightly knit her brows.  He had clearly lose and their agreement was void, so why did he smile so brightly?

But she didn’t want to guess Na Mu Cuo’s thoughts.  In the competition just now, she had used quite a bit of strength and mental power.  Her head felt very groggy in this moment and she just wanted to find a place to have a good sleep.

“Chu Shao Yang, take me away.  I want to find a quiet place to sleep, my head…..really hurts.”  She closed her eyes, feeling that the voices around her made her head hurt even more.

Since the hand of fate had pushed her back to Chu Shao Yang’s side again, then, it would be him.

She was very, very tired at this moment, so tired that she didn’t have the strength to fight destiny.

“Alright, I’ll take you away immediately.”  Chu Shoa Yang’s heart was filled with waves of wild happiness.   He understood the meaning of her words, she didn’t take back her promise!

Going around in circles, when he thought that he had lost her, she had returned to his side once again.  There was nothing in this world that could make him even happier.

He no longer cared about the ministers congratulating him.  He just held her with one hand while separating the crowd with the other, preparing to take her away from the field.

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