Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 670

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Chapter 670: Admitting defeat

“What is called missing a point?”

“You brat, can you speak more clearly?”

The East Qin people all called out.

When Na Mu Cuo heard this, his eyes couldn’t help narrowing as he looked at the inscription on the right.  Suddenly, his body trembled as his pupils tightened and he gave a heavy snort.

“Gentlemen, please look.  In the West Chu language writing, there is a dot, this is the writing habit of my country’s language.  There is a punctuation in both the upper and lower verse and my country’s princess has this one point while prince Na Mu’s is missing this point.  The rules of the contest was that both side had to copy it completely without any mistakes. Although prince Na Mu missed only this one little point, according to the rules, this is the princess’ victory.  Gentlemen, are you convinced of this loss?”

After Ye Ting Xuan said this, the East Qin people opened their eyes wide to look at the point he referred to.  They found that there was this point on the stele and it was missing from their prince’s writing. They couldn’t help looking at each other in blank dismay and not make a single sound.

The West Chu ministers all let out cheers as their faces filled with joy.  Everyone’s faces filled with spirit as they felt their hearts fill with excitement.

Not that long ago, they were all depressed, like a cock that had lost a fight.  In the blink of an eye, everyone was filled with joy once again.

Even Empress Dowager Zhou on the stands couldn’t help revealing a satisfied smile on her stern face.

This contest’s results were filled with twist and turns and no one would have expected to end like this.  It far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Chu Shao Yang was pleasantly surprised as his hands were soaked with cold sweat.

Before the results of the competition was known, his back was already soaked with sweat.  Only in this moment did his heart fall down from his throat.

“Ning’er, you’ve won, you’ve won!”  He was filled with excitement as he tightly held her hands.  If they weren’t in public, he would have held her in his embrace.

Chen Ning just gave a soft un sound.  She was not surprised by this result.

Because Ye Ting Xuan had already given her a hint and she understood this hint.  Na Mu Cuo lost because he was too arrogant. If they were to talk about real strength, he was not below her.

Her win this time could be considered lucky.

In comparison to the excited and happy West Chu ministers, the East Qin people all had aggrieved expressions.  They felt their lose was unfair, wasn’t it just a single period? What did it count for?

These West Chu people had dug a pit for the prince to jump into, they really dug a pit for him!

“Your highness, these West Chu people are too sly.  We can’t admit this defeat!”

“That’s right.  Your highness, this is clearly your victory, but that white faced brat is making fake decisions!”

“Your highness, we can’t let this end this easily.  Let’s ask their emperor for a fair decision!”

The East Qin envoys surrounded Na Mu Cuo.  They were all filled with anger as they glared at Ye Ting Xuan.

Na Mu Cuo slowly raised his hand.

The envoys all immediately closed their mouths and silently waited for the crown prince to make his decision.

“A win is a win, a loss is a loss.  I, Na Mu Cuo always act in an honourable manner, I will never act like a fool.  This competition, this prince acknowledges my loss.”

Na Mu Cuo said this both in the East Qin and the West Chu languages.

Although the East Qin envoys felt aggrieved, if his highness personally admitted this defeat, they could do nothing.  However, their hearts were filled with admiration towards his highness for accepting this and letting it go. He really was a heroic man, no wonder he was the number one warrior in their East Qin Kingdom.

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