Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 651

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Chapter 651: Finally not a dream

In the next instant, she heard Chu Shao Yang’s voice sound in her ears.

“I understand, I understand everything!  So the expert Shao Bai was talking about was you!  He asked for the imperial decree from the emperor all for you, isn’t that right?  The important thing you had to do, it was to compete with the East Qin Crown Prince, isn’t that right?  You want to win that competition and take out this imperial decree, asking the emperor to separate from this king, isn’t that right!”

Chu Shao Yang’s voice became louder and angrier with each question.

Every time he asked “isn’t that right”, his eyes became more red.

Chen Ning knew that if she responded “yes” every time, he would just become angrier and it would make him do something unexpected.

She told herself that she definitely could not anger him now.

“Of course not!”  She quickly shook her head and denied it.

“It’s not?  If not, then why do you still keep this imperial decree for?  Speak, speak!” Chu Shao Yang said in a sharp voice.

His arms tightened around her as he held her tightly in his embrace.  He had just been on the brink of collapsing. If she had said a single yes, it would be unknown what he would have done.

When he heard say no, his heart relaxed a bit.  Although he knew that she wasn’t telling the truth, even if it was a lie, he was willing to listen to it.

“I…..”  Chen Ning bit her lips.  She could lie to him like it’s nothing before, but with him staring into her eyes, she suddenly couldn’t say a thing.

Even if he made thousands of mistakes, his love for her was not fake.

His eyes filled with despair made her unable to lie to him.

“Ning’er, speak.  Even if you lie to me, as long as you’re the one say it, I’m willing to believe you.  However, you shouldn’t say anything that would harm my heart, otherwise…..” He forcefully gritted his teeth making a sharp creaking sound that made her heart skip a beat.

Her chest began to ache again as it became hard for her to breathe again, as she forcefully took breaths in.

It was unknown what the reason was, but as long as she saw his deep eyes, her heart would me filled with pain that would make it hard for her to breathe.

“Ning’er, what’s wrong?  Don’t be afraid, I’m just scaring you a little, just a little.”

He found that her face became even paler and his heart instantly filled with panic.  He put her down on the bed and kneeled down in front of it, looking at her with a gaze of worry.

Chen Ning closed her eyes and calmed her breathing.

As long as she didn’t look at him, her heart would not feel so uncomfortable.

“Chu Shao Yang, do you know what time it is?”  She spoke up with a weak voice.

“It’s almost noon.”  He turned around to look at the sky outside and immediately looked back to her.

She closed her eyes and those long and dense lashes covered up her beautiful eyes.  Her lashes were still deep in his memories, as well as he face and her lips…..He had seen it countless times in his dream, but this time she was within his reach.

His slender and white fingers slowly stroked her cheeks.  When his fingertip touched her soft cheeks, his heart suddenly twisted.

This time it was finally not a dream!

Her skin was so warm and smooth, thin and delicate, making him unable to pull his hand away.

A fire suddenly burned in Chu Shao Yang’s chest that burned bright, even making his eyes turn red.

This was his woman!  It was the woman he loved for eight years!  She clearly belonged to him, but now even touching her had become a luxury to him!

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