Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: It was unfair for this pot carrier

“If it really is a large secret, then you better not tell me.  I still want to keep my head to eat with.”  Chen Ning smiled as she stuck out her tongue.  She looked around a bit, “Yi, where’s Xiao Bai?  Why isn’t he back yet?”

She was waiting for the good news brought back by Chu Shao Bai.  She didn’t know what kind of situation Chu Shao Yang would be in after he ate the thunderbolt eggs she worked hard to make.

Mo Chuan’s expression was very calm, but his brow could not help slightly move.  He said in a calm voice, “You’re asking about Chu Shao Bai?  This one has sent him on a job, so he has already left the capital and won’t be back for a few days.”

“A job?”  Chen Ning suspiciously looked at Mo Chuan.  Although she couldn’t see anything, she was aware of some clues, so she gave a gentle laugh, “Mo Chuan, smart people don’t speak hidden words.  Did you deliberately send him away?  Last time you also deliberately sent him away from the capital.  Say it, what is your motive?”

Mo Chuan was placed on the spot by her and felt very awkward.  His face however was very calm and his black eyes pierced into her.  His lips slightly curled and he asked a question back.

“What motive do you think this one has?”

“You…..”   Chen Ning’s face suddenly turned red.  Wasn’t his motive very obvious?

He was jealous!

But he was being jealous for no reason.  The relation between her and Chu Shao Bai was clean, there was nothing there at all!

“Sending him off on an errand, aren’t you afraid it will be dangerous?”  She was a little worried.  It was unfair for Xiao Bai this pot carrier.

[TL Note: Pot carrier is a slang for someone that takes the blame on other’s behalf.]

“What, are you worried about him?”  Mo Chuan had no expressions, but his voice was cold, “He is this one’s blood related nephew, you think this one will harm him?”

Yi, he seemed to be becoming even more jealous.

He stood up and pointed at the box he brought, “Take this to the Empress Dowager tomorrow.”

Chen Ning looked over and could already guess what was inside, “You copied more scriptures?”

Mo Chuan gave a non committal snort and turned to leave.

In order for her to keep a good impression in the Empress Dowager’s heart, he had stayed up two nights to copy scriptures for her, but she was worried about another person……

She really was a girl without a conscience!

His heart was bothered when he couldn’t see her, but when he saw her, a single sentence from her was enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

Chen Ning stared at his back in a daze.  He was angry over this?

Because she was worried about Xiao Bai?

He really was stingy!

She curled her lips.  It was fine if he left, was she supposed to beg him not to!

She looked down and her eyes fell on the box he brought.  Opening it, there were several pages of copied scriptures.  The writing was straight and beautiful.  It was clear he was trying to copy a woman’s writing style, but he could not hide his own style.

Her heart couldn’t help turning soft and she bit her lips.

Although his martial arts was good, copying scriptures required one to move stroke by stroke and one couldn’t go fast just because their martial arts was good.  Then, he must have spent a lot of time copying these, right?

As the monarch of a country, he had many things that he needed to finish, but he did not hesitate to help her with this kind of trivial thing.

Chen Ning’s heart turned into a soft mess.  She looked up and saw that Mo Chuan’s tall as a pine’s back had already reached the door.

She jumped off the couch and ran as fast as she could after him on her barefoot.

“Mo Chuan!”

He suddenly stopped, but he did not turn around.

She ran up to him and hugged his waist from behind.  She tightly pressed herself into his back and sincerely said, “Thank you!”

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