Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: So bold

In order to not be noticed by King Jing An and silence, Zhui Feng quickly stopped watching and let, but his heart continued to beat fast.

Last time he was at the King Ding Yuan palace to give the orders, he felt that the way King Jing An looked at the princess was strange, but it seemed like it really was strange.

He never thought that this little brother really like his elder brother’s woman!

This was really interesting!

Wu, he had noticed this king of large secret, should he report this matter to the emperor?

Zhui Feng began to ponder this.

Chu Shao Bai left a while, but there was a black robed figure that silently entered the temple.

Mo Chuan walked in and saw the painting and words Chu Shao Bai left on her face, he couldn’t help feeling stunned.  He quickly understand the meaning of these words and drawings and he knit his handsome brows.

Humph!  This brat was truly bold.  He actually treated her face like paper and drew words and pictures on her face?

He quickly disappeared out the door.  When he came back, there was an extra wet towel in his hand.

Sitting in front of the couch, he slowly used the towel to wipe off the ink from her face.  Out of fear of waking her, he could only wipe gently.

Her face was very delicate, white and tender.  After being rubbed a few times, her face had already turned red, like a white camellia being dyed red, becoming incredibly charming.

When he saw this, he suddenly felt his heart beat fast.

While Chen Ning was sleeping, she felt her face itch.  She knit her brows and muttered, “So itchy, where did this mosquito come from.”

She opened her eyes and Mo Chuan’s black eyes were right in front her, instantly stunning her.

She finally reacted after a while, “Mo Chuan, it’s you?  What are you doing?”

She found that Mo Chuan had a towel in his hand that was on her right cheek, no wonder she felt itchy.

Mo Chuan’s face was very calm as he said, “Your face was dirty, so this one was helping you wipe it.”

He continued to wipe twice, wiping off the last of the ink let by Chu Shao Bai, not leaving a single trace.

“How could my face be dirty, I just washed it last night.”

Chen Ning curiously touched her face and then looked at the towel in Mo Chuan’s hand.  It was black and grey, that apparently came from her face.  Her face suddenly turned red, but she couldn’t understand how her face became like this.  Did she wash her face with ink?

Mo Chuan threw away the towel and he slightly pursed his lip, but he smiled as he looked at her smooth as jade face.  He was feeling a little bad, but when he saw her, his mood inexplicably became better.

Chen Ning’s eyes looked at his face and she suddenly asked, “Did something bad happen to you?”

He was a little stunned, “How do you know that this one is unhappy?”  When he saw her, he was always smiling.

“Of course I see it from here.”  She raised her and and poked the spot between his eyebrows, which was warm and soft.  Mo Chuan did not move to the side.

“You frowned not long ago, so the mark here did not disappear.  Did you encounter some kind of trouble, do you want to talk to me about it?  Perhaps I can help you a bit.”  Chen Ning looked at his chin and revealed a look that showed she was listening.

Mo Chuan shook his head, “This is a matter with the nation, it is better if you don’t know about it.”

“Matter with the nation?  I like to listen to nation matters.  Like things in the palace where you harm me and I harm you, even if you want to tell me about it, I’m not willing to listen.”  Chen Ning wrinkled her nose.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help wanting to pinch her nose, “Do you really want to hear it?”

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    haha Mo Chuan to the destruction of CSB!
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