Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: Caught in the act

After a pause, he laughed at said, “I am the prestigious King Jing An, for the Empress Dowager personally entrust me with guarding you shows how important you are.  Ning’er, you can be assured that as long as I’m here, even flies cannot think of flying in to hurt you!”

He suddenly thought of the black figure that silently entered the temple and his face became a little warm.  However, it was a good thing she was asleep and didn’t know about this.

After Chen Ning heard this, she couldn’t help thinking that the reason Empress Dowager Zhou lied about seemed really reasonable with no flaws at all.

She smiled and said, “Then grace that the Empress Dowager shows me…..Un, it really is high as the heaven and deep as the earth.  If it’s like this, it must be hard on you.”

“Ning’er, you know that no matter what I do for you, I do it willingly.  I…..I just want to see you everyday.  Even, even if you make up with my third brother, you wouldn’t ignore me, right?”  Chu Shao Bai stared at her.

Just mentioning Chu Shao Yang, his heart filled with pain and the smile on his face disappeared.

Chen Ning suddenly thought of that unbearable scene and she felt more disgusted than eating a fly.

“Xiao Bai, in front of me, don’t ever mention this person’s name again.  I don’t want to hear it.”

Her face turned ice cold.  She had been smiling like a beautiful flower, but it was instantly covered in a layer of snow.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart skipped a beat.  He wanted to ask something, but he swallowed it down.

He wanted to ask why, but thinking about it, he didn’t care about why.  His third brother must have done something to make her unhappy.

As long as she was angry, it had to be third brother’s fault!

He did not know what happened in the carriage and he didn’t know that Mo Chuan faked the decree to bring her into the palace.

The matters concerning the royal face, it was all completely covered up by the Empress Dowager.  There were only a few people in the palace that knew about this.

“Yi, Xiao Bai, did you copy these scriptures?”

Chen Ning found that there were extra copied scriptures on the table, with a few dozen pages being there and she couldn’t help being pleasantly surprised.

“Yes…..I copied it, it was all done by me.”  Chu Shao Bai swallowed down a mouthful of saliva and his neck turned stiff.

Not only did he feel guilt in his heart, he hoped that brat Hei would find out and it would anger him to death!

“No wonder your eyes are completely red.  Copying this much, you must have been copying all night, right?  Xiao Bai, why would you do something this silly?  The Empress Dowager had me copy these scriptures to help me temper my heart.  I’ll copy it myself in the future.”

She did not like copying the scriptures, but she didn’t dislike it.  Empress Dowager Zhou would not let her go in a short period of time, so she would peacefully just live here for now.  This temple was quiet and silent and copying the scriptures would also build character.

“Xiao Bai, why does the scriptures you copied look different?”  Chen Ning looked over the copied verses a few times and asked in a strange voice.

Although she didn’t know how to write with a calligraphy brush, she could tell the difference with a single glance.

The words written by Chu Shao Bai were like little flowers, written in neat handwriting, making every word look refined.  As for Mo Chuan’s writing, it was written in an ancient style that was filled with majesty, with each stroke being filled with strength that could pass through the paper.  The two of them had tried to mask their writing styles, but their styles were still different and could be differentiated with a single glance.

“Ah?  About this…..”  Chu Shao Bai never thought he would be caught.  His face turned slightly red, but he suddenly had an idea.

“It was because I was tired of writing with my right hand, so I switched to my left hand.”

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