Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: At night, I’ll be with you

“Hi, lazy girl.  If you don’t wake up, then I’ll draw a turtle on your face!”

It was that familiar face, that familiar smile, and that familiar voice.

It was Xiao Bai?  He was back?

Chen Ning rubbed her eyes and found that she wasn’t dreaming.  She sat up feeling pleasantly surprised.

“Xiao Bai, is it really you?”  She almost could not believe it.  She reached out to grab Chu Shao Bai’s face and pinched twice, “Xiao Bai, am I still dreaming?  Why does it not hurt at all?”

“Aiyo!  Pain, pain, pain!”  Chu Shao Bai grimaced in pain, but didn’t escape from her hands, “Of course you’re not dreaming because you’re pinching my face!”

He knew that she was doing this on purpose.  His lips curled up and his sparkling eyes filled with a full smile.

She was acting the way he was familiar with and was no longer angry at him!

He became high spirited and a flower bloomed in his heart.

“Puchi!”  Chen Ning broke out in laughter and her hands let go.  She flicked his forehead once, “Why are you disturbing people’s sleep early in the morning!  Next time you dare to disturb my sleep, I’ll let you see a good show!”

She suddenly found that even though he was spirited, his eyes were completely bloodshot.  She asked in a concerned voice, “Xiao Bai, have you not slept for several days?  With your eyes as red as a rabbit’s, when did you come back?  Yi, why are you here?”

Chu Shao Bai saw her face filled with concern and his heart felt warm.  With an uncaring expression, he said, “I just didn’t sleep for a few days, it isn’t anything.  I’m not tired at all.  Un, it was the Empress Dowager……The Empress Dowager wants me to stay with you while you copy scriptures.”

“The Empress Dowager?”  Chen Ning understood as soon as she heard this.

Empress Dowager Zhou was afraid Su Jin could not stop the emperor, so she sent Chu Shao Bai watch her.

She was really well intentioned.

She did not care about it as she said with a faint smile, “Where did you go in the past few days?”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned red and he scratched his head for a while before spitting out, “Ning’er, I…..I broke my word.  I couldn’t come back in time for the hunting competition, so are you mad with me?”

“Am I someone that becomes angry so easily?  If you didn’t come back in time, you must have had something important to do, so how could I blame you!  Is your errand finished?  Did you come see me as soon as you came back?  Xiao Bai, from your rabbit like eyes, you should still go to sleep!”

Chen Ning said in a half real half fake scolding voice.

It was like a giant stone fell in Chu Shao Bai’s heart.  His lips curled into a smile and his face revealed a bright glow.

“When Su Jin come later, I will leave.  She will stay with you during the day and at night…..I will be with you.”  His smile covered his face.

When Empress Dowager Zhou gave this chore to him, her face was covered in apologies.  However, she didn’t know just how happy this made him, this was something that he wished for!

As long as he could see her everyday, he would be satisfied.

Because once she returned to the King Ding Yuan palace, he would not have another reason to go see her.

“Stay with me?  Or are you monitoring me?”  Chen Ning deliberately revealed a serious expression.

“Ning’er, I will never limit your freedom.  I’ll take you wherever you want to go, but the Empress Dowager is doing this for your good.  She wants to keep you in the palace and protect you.”

“Protect me?”  Chen Ning blinked her eyes.

Chu Shao Bai forcefully nodded, “The Empress Dowager said that there were powerful martial artists that wanted to harm my third brother.  You don’t know martial arts and if you remain in third brother’s palace, you will be in danger.  So she called you into the palace to have you remain under the protection of the imperial guards.  As long as you don’t leave the palace, no matter how strong a person is, they will not be able to harm you.  I will stay with you in the meantime and protect you.”

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