Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: Picking who to be the wife

Empress Dowager Zhou was in her late fifties with half black and half white hair.  Her eyes were covered in wrinkles and her face was pale, making her look a lot older than her actual age.

This was probably because she had been sick for a long time.

Although her face looked sick, her phoenix eyes was filled with prestige.  She was normally very stern, not even smiling to her own son Mo Chuan.

But today, she had a very gentle expression on her face, even giving Mo Chuan a faint smile.

Mo Chuan’s heart skipped a beat, but his face revealed no emotions.

“Everyone, rise.”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice was gentle, as she spoke in a calm manner.

Everyone finally rose, but they still maintained a respectful posture.

“Mother, your body is sick, so why did you insist on coming to the banquet?  If your illness gets worse, wouldn’t you make your son even more worried?”  Mo Chuan took the cloak from the maids behind the Empress Dowager and personally placed it on her.

“But today is the emperor’s good day, how could this widow not be present?  There is no need for the emperor to worry, this widow’s old bones can still hold on.”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a calm smile and held Mo Chuan’s hand as she walked in.

Her place had been set beside the dragon throne.  When Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor sat down, everyone in the hall let out a sigh, especially those young girls.  They all had nervous expressions on their faces, looking very shy.  There were some fixing their clothes and there were some pinching their sleeves.

When Chen Ning saw these girls that were smiling like flowers earlier suddenly turn into shy roses like this, she thought about it a bit and understood the reason why this happened.

She couldn’t help raising her long lashes as she looked over at the yellow figure sitting high above in the dragon throne.

Was today just a simple spring banquet, or was it a good day for him to pick a wife?

Her eyes met with with Mo Chuan’s eyes.

Mo Chuan’s eyes flashed with an expression she couldn’t understood.  He only took a look at her before immediately turning his gaze.  He personally prepared a plate of food and poured wine for Empress Dowager Zhou at his side, not taking another glance at Chen Ning.

He, he, with all these charming and beautiful flowers present, he wouldn’t even look over.  How could he notice her?

Chen Ning curled her lips into a smile.  She raised the wine cup in front of her and then drank it all.

“Ning’er, good tolerance!  I really couldn’t tell that you liked wine as well.  How about we have a drinking contest?”  The eldest princess was sitting right beside her.  Seeing her drink like this, she excitedly came over to have a drinking contest with her.

She was feeling very spirited today, especially after seeing the misunderstanding between Chen Ning and Chu Shao Yang being cleared.  Although Chen Ning was still a bit cold to Chu Shao Yang’s love, she knew that there was still time.  After all, Chu Shao Yang had deeply hurt her heart, but in the future, there would be love between the two of them again, being a harmonious couple, like her and Ye Ting Xuan.

“Alright, since the eldest princess is interested, then Ning’er will accompany you to the end.”  Chen Ning happily agreed.

“Royal aunt, Ning’er doesn’t know how to drink.  If you want to drink, then your nephew will drink with you.”

Chu Shao Yang very naturally took the cup from Chen Ning’s hand and poured it all into his mouth.

There was a faint lipstick mark from Chen Ning on the glossy sides of the cup.  He smelled a sweet fragrance that entered into his heart, not knowing whether it came from the wine or the faint lipstick mark.

Chen Ning’s face turned dark, “Chu Shao Yang, what do you mean by this?”

With him by her side, she didn’t even feel any happiness from drinking.

“This king is only worried about you, I’m afraid you’ll become drunk.  Although this alcohol is beautiful, drinking too much will hurt your body.  Ning’er, these are fruits from other regions, their very sweet and juicy.  How about you try some?”

Chu Shao Yang personally cut up a glistening yellow melon, that sent a sweet fragrance into the air.  He personally brought it to Chen Ning’s mouth.

The eldest princess saw this and couldn’t help looking over at Ye Ting Xuan before giving a snort.

Ye Ting Xuan revealed a faint smile, placing the already prepared melon into the eldest princess’ hands.  With a smile, he said, “Eldest princess, who do you think the Empress Dowager will pick to become the emperor’s wife?”

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