Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: This servant said too much

Mo Chuan sat high above in his dragon throne.  His long, slender fingers held a cup of wine, but he didn’t bring it to his lips.

Looking out, the ministers and their families were all filled with happiness.  Everyone was having fun, drinking the wine, and enjoying the flowers, being filled with happiness.

Only he was feeling depressed deep down.

He wanted to see a person, but he couldn’t see her and he didn’t dare see her.  He was trying hard to restrain his owns from looking over in that direction.

His heart was depressed as he drank a cup of wine.  After waiting a while, he did not see Xiao Si pour him more wine.

“Xiao Si!”  He looked over and saw Xiao Si standing behind him, standing there in a daze.  It was unknown what he was thinking of, but he had not even noticed the empty cup.

“Emperor, this servant deserves to die!”  Xiao Si suddenly came back to his senses.  Seeing Mo Chuan staring at him, his body began to tremble as he knelt down on the ground.

“Why are you panicking, pour me more wine!”

“Yes, yes, yes.”  Xiao Si raised the wine jug, but his hands suddenly trembled and the wine fell down onto the back of Mo Chuan’s hand.

His body was covered in a cold sweat as he knelt down once again, “This servant should die, this servant should die.”

Mo Chuan did not say anything and just stared down at him.  After a while, he finally spoke in an indifferent voice.

“Say it, what kind of unforgivable thing did you do?”

“Emperor…..”  Xiao Si looked down, not daring to raise his head.


Xiao Si had a face covered in tears, “Emperor, this servant should die.  This servant went to the Empress Dowager’s Palace just now…..”

He did not even finish before raising his palm and giving a strong slap to his own face, “This servant said too much, so I will beat this servant that has a big mouth!”

Mo Chuan immediately understood his meaning and his chest filled with anger.  He forcefully gripped his cup and it shattered into pieces with a clear sound.

“This servant should die!”  Xiao Si continued to kowtow.

The ministers all noticed this and began to look over.

Mo Chuan said in a deep angry roar, “Stand up!  Why haven’t you sent the King Ding Yuan Princess out yet!”

Xiao Si crawled up from the ground and knew that he had caused a lot of trouble this time.  His face turned pale in that moment.

“Yes, yes, yes, this servant will go now.”

As he prepared to move in Chen Ning’s direction, he suddenly heard a clear voice sounding through the hall.

“The Empress Dowager is here!”

When the people in the hall heard this, they immediately put down their chopsticks and they all stood up.

They were all confused because wasn’t the Empress Dowager too sick to get up?  Why was she suddenly participating in this flower banquet?

Then everyone suddenly thought of something.  There were some officials that brought their wives and daughters along who suddenly couldn’t help revealing a knowing smile.

The Empress Dowager is here to personally select a wife for the emperor.

“It’s too late!  It’s all because you spoke too much!”

Mo Chuan angrily glared at Xiao Si.  It was already impossible to send Chen Ning away because the Empress Dowager had already entered the banquet hall.

There were eight eunuchs carrying a sedan that had all four sides covered in veils.  The Empress Dowager was sick and couldn’t be exposed to wind, but she still came here while sick, so it was clear what her meaning was.

Mo Chuan took a breath and then walked down from the dragon throne into the hall, going forward to greet her.

“Welcome, mother.”

“We greet the Empress Dowager and pray for the Empress Dowager’s well being.”

The ministers and their families in the hall all knelt down behind Mo Chuan.  Chu Shao Yang also pulled Chen Ning down into a kneeling position.

Two palace girls on the side opened the veil and the Empress Dowager slowly walked down.  Mo Chuan quickly came forward to support her.

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