Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Why wouldn’t it be true just because you said so

The hall began to fill with whispers of disbelief.

Mo Chuan sat on his throne with a deep look in his eyes, without saying a word.  When he saw this scene, his eyes filled with a dim light and his hands turned white from gripping the armrest of his throne.

“Ning’er, forget everything I have done in the past.  From now on, I, Chu Shao Yang swear that you will be the only woman in my life and I will never wrong you!”

Chu Shao Yang kneeled down in front of Chen Ning.  When he looked up, he had a high spirited look on his face.

No one knew that his heart was beating fast and that he was filled with fear and worry.  However, her eyes staring at him filled him with courage and inspiration.

She didn’t reject him, so doesn’t that mean he was still in her heart?

Chen Ning felt that everything was like a dream, seeming completely unreal.

If everything Chu Shao Yang said and did was true, then wasn’t her asking for a separation turned into a joke?

But no matter what he felt towards her, the person she loved was not him!

Because the one that had been infatuated with him was the real Chen Ning who was now dead!

If the real Chen Ning could hear Chu Shao Yang’s affectionate confession today, she would die without any regrets, but it was a pity that she could no longer hear it.

“Chu Shao Yang, stand up, I…..”  She bit her lips.  Although it was hard to reject him, she still had to say it.  She didn’t want to fool him, whether he was being real or not.

She had to personally tell him in front of everyone that she didn’t love him!

“Ning’er, there is no need for you to say anything, I understand everything!”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up, cutting her off with a smile.  His face lit up, with a smile that made his handsome face even more radiant.

He held her hand, “We still have many days in front of us, you have a lifetime to say whatever you want to me.  No matter what you say, I will love hearing it.”

“……”  Chen Ning was speechless once again.

This man should not be this conceited and confident!

Her heart slowly sank down because she knew that she had come to the palace in vain today!

Right now, everyone was standing on Chu Shao Yang’s side.  Even the eldest princess that always support her had been moved by Chu Shao Yang.  Then, what about the emperor?

She did not dare to look up at Mo Chuan.

“We still have a long time ahead of us!”

Chen Bi Yun who was forgotten by everyone heard this familiar sentence and then her body trembled.

Just a few days ago, that radiant man had been hugging her, gently promising this to her.

But in the blink of an eye, he was now saying the exact say thing to another woman.

Her eyes filled with tears looked up, seeing a handsome young man and beautiful young girl, looking like a perfect couple.

Here eyes remained on the two of them holding hands and her chest filled with angry flames of hate.

Did the two of them want to be together, loving each other, while leaving her to suffer by herself?

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Chen Bi Yun suddenly opened her mouth and gave a crazy laugh, as she pointed at Chu Shao Yang.

“Chu Shao Yang, you say the child in my stomach is not yours, but what evidence do you have?  Why should wouldn’t it be true just because you said so?  Is it because you are a king?  Everyone has to believe what you say?  I, Chen Bi Yun can be considered a beautiful and cultured lady.  If…..If the man from that night wasn’t you, I would never let him touch me even if it meant death!  I never thought that you would deny your own child for a cheap woman like Chen Ning!  Chu Shao Yang, you can hate me because it was my nanny that lied to you.  Eight years ago, it was that dumb girl Chen Ning that saved you, but the man in my bed that day was also you!  The child in my stomach is your flesh and blood!”

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