Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Kneeling down and admitting one’s wrongs

This change had surpassed everyone’s expectations, including Chen Ning’s.

She never thought that Chu Shao Yang who was despised and spurned by her would actually be such an emotional person.  He could even be described as a perfect lover!

Only to repay the debt of saving his life eight years ago, he couldn’t even remember what that person looked like.  He loved a person to the point that he completely forgot everyone?

She did not believe this!

If there was a perfect lover like this in the world, then it definitely would not be Chu Shao Yang!

There was only a single reason why he would display such an affectionate display in public.  He did not want to separate and he did not want to let her go!

The more affection he displayed, the more disgusted she was.

His handsome face filled with affection only filled her with even more hate.

“Ning’er, now all of the misunderstandings have been solved.  The person in Shao Yang’s heart has always been you, only he’s mistaken it for that cheap woman Chen Bi Yun.  How about you just forgive him?  He will make up for his past mistakes and treat you like a pearl.  If you’re still angry, then this princess will kowtow to apologize to you.”

The eldest princess had already been won over, wholeheartedly speaking out for Chu Shao Yang.

“Ning’er, as long as you’re willing to forgive me, I will be willing to kowtow and admit my wrongs to you.”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly spoke out in a slow voice.


The hall fell into an uproar once again.

The dignified king was actually going to kneel down to a woman in front of everyone?  Had they heard wrong?

If he knelt down, would he even be able to raise his head in front of anyone ever again?

It seemed like King Ding Yuan truly loved his princess.

The eldest princess’ mouth could not close, looking at Chu Shao Yang in disbelief.

She had only casually said it, but she never thought that Chu Shao Yang would actually do it.

Too moving!  Too affectionate!

She forcefully patted Chu Shao Yang’s shoulder and praised, “Good brat, royal aunt did not care about you in vain.  You really are suited to this princess’ tastes!  Didn’t you always want this princess’ sword?  I’ll give it to you!”

She took off the Dragon Fountain Sword from her belt and gave it to Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang did not take it.  He looked at Chen Ning with a faint smile, “There is nothing in this world that could compare to Ning’er.  Ning’er, if you don’t say anything, then I’ll take it you agree with me.  After I kneel down, how about we try to get along again?”

His expression and voice was both gentle, making the hearts of the young girls in the hall bloom.

They believed that no one in this world would ever be this gentle or affectionate.

For a single second, Chen Ning’s heart actually skipped a beat.  Especially after she looked into his eyes.

She had never seen this kind of deep affection and gentleness in his eyes before.

He had always been arrogant and rude, but he was willing to kneel down in front of the emperor and all the ministers to admit his wrongs.  Throwing away his pride like this, if he didn’t really love her, how could he do something like this?

Could he be trusted?  Should she believe him?

Her usual calm and clear mind was suddenly thrown into chaos.  If he really was acting right now, then it was really good, to the point that even she could not tell if it was real or not.

Chen Ning forcefully bit her lip, not saying a single word.

Her heart and mind were both in chaos.  She could only stare at him in a daze before seeing his tall, slender body go down in front of her.

He actually kneeled down!

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  1. ysha says:

    That’s my girl, come on Babe show’em how ridiculous they all are and FLEE , yes RUN away from that crazy place.
    Thanks for the update

  2. siopao says:

    Now I understand why the translator asked us to be patient… the real story is in the conflict…. and one can understand that conflict unless we read those previous chapters… well done well done…

  3. Lala says:

    So sad… In reality though, it is useless no matter how many times he begs. The woman he really loves is already dead. No amount of regret will bring her back. Besides, he needs more concrete proof to say he isn’t the father. It’s come to your word versus mine. And he was drunk. These people need to start judging things based on facts and not be reckless… Tsk2.

    CN better go through with this divorce. An opportunity lost will never come back. Especially one such as divorce from the imperial family. If something happens, her asking for it again will only seem like a joke.

    Thanks for the update.

    • majo says:

      It’s normal for this kind men saying ‘that’s not my child’ when they started hate their lover/wife.

      And it’s funny, he remembered eyes of savior but not recognised that it was not Chen Bi Yun even when he saw her before wedding and not recognised Chen Ning earlier when he always see her eyes because she had ugly make up. He must saw more stuunig face than his lover and this was enough to thought that something is off with Chen Bi Yun and he only heard that it was this or that girl and even didn’t check it but de facto kill his wife because he was resentful.

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    I agree with Lala. It’s time for the divorce and go on Mo Chuan ship 😃

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    Even if he was tricked, the amount of times she nearly died by his hands does not go away, neither does the curses he’s given her. She can forgive but she cannot forget.

    • Yuki says:

      Thank you! That was exactly my thought! I can sympathize with him, and understand where he’s coming from, and even think it’s sweet. But it’s too late. If only this was a story without the sister, it would be a super sweet love story. But it’s too late, and Chen Ning needs to be free.

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