Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Having bad luck and meeting misfortune

When Xiao Ru and the maids heard this, they wanted to laugh, but they forcefully suppressed it.

Miss Chen’s face turned purple from her rage, but she didn’t have a single way of dealing with Chen Ning pretending to not know anything.  She could only swallow down this temporary loss.

She forced out a smile and said, “It was because this old servant wasn’t looking and accidentally crashed into a pillar.  Many thanks for the Princess Consort’s concern.”

‘So it’s because you crashed into a pillar.  Mother Chen’s eyes really aren’t good, having the bad luck of crashing into a pillar.  If your luck is still bad tomorrow, you might turn into a ghost, hee, hee.”  Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile.

Miss Chen was furious, but she did not show it.  She only bowed and replied, “Please don’t joke with me Princess Consort.”

Her heart ruthlessly said, “This old woman will run into your ghost!  Tomorrow, I’ll turn a cheap person like you into a ghost!”

“Does Mother Chen have a reason for finding this princess?”  Chen Ning lazily glanced over at Miss Chen.

“Reporting to the Princess Consort.  This old servant was following the second miss’ orders to invite the Princess Consort to a boat ride tomorrow.  The second miss says that she has not seen the Princess Consort in a while and misses you.  The lotuses will bloom tomorrow on the lake and wishes to drink wine with the Princess Consort while watching the flowers, fostering your sisterly bond.”

Miss Chen endured the pain on her cheeks and spoke with a grimace.

“Oh, little sister wants to watch the flowers with this princess?  Since my little sister has this rare interest, I can’t disrespect little sister’s good will as an elder sister.  Mother Chen, go back and tell little sister that this princess agrees and that I will bring wine and dishes to enjoy with little sister.”

Chen Ning smiled as she waved a hand and ordered Xiao Ru, “Go and take out ten coins for Mother Chen.  She should go and check out her old eyes, otherwise she might really run into a ghost.  Then little sister will lost a faithful servant.”

Miss Chen’s face turned red and her heart turned cold.  How could the young miss’ words be so sharp?  She was like a completely different person compared to before!

She slightly looked up and secretly looked at Chen Ning from the corner of her eye.  However, when she saw Chen Ning’s dark and sparkling slightly smiling at her, she was shocked and quickly looked down.

“Mother Chen, we are all people from the Hu Guo Manor, there’s no need to follow the rules of the king’s palace.  You can just look at this princess if you want to.  We haven’t seen each other in a while, did you want to see how this princess was doing?  Then you can just relax and raise your head.”

Miss Chen had taken several slaps because of a single title, so how could she refuse.  Hearing what Chen Ning said, she looked up at Chen Ning and gave a secret smile.

“The Princess Consort’s face looks very good.  His highness must love the Princess Consort very much, creating a happy atmosphere.  This old servant wishes for the Princess Consort to always be healthy and happy.”

She praised in an insincere manner.  In her heart, she said, “Why is this cheap woman’s face so clean?  It’s a smooth as a fresh egg?  If his highness were to see this cheap woman’s clean face, then it would be terrible!”

It was no wonder the second miss wanted to destroy the young miss’ face.  If she still had this face, then only a disaster would occur!

“Un, Mother Chen’s lips are truly sweet, this princess likes hearing those kinds of words.  Xiao Ru, give Mother Chen another five coins to buy some sweets with.  Like this, her mouth can become even sweeter and she can win the favour of little sister.”

Miss Chen looked embarrassed.  She couldn’t tell if Chen Ning was serious or not with what she said.

When she walked out of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, she was staring at the fifteen copper coins Chen Ning gave her.

This was simply calling her a beggar!

She had suffered a large loss on this trip!

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