Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Put on a fake appearance

Xiao Ru suddenly understood something.  Clapping her hands, she said with a smile, “This servant understands.  This servant will let Mother Chen in.”

“Un, good girl.”  Chen Ning nodded with satisfaction.

She knew that Miss Chen was quite sly, even more cunning than Chen Bi Yun and Lan Xiang combined.  Madame Lin sending her to the palace to serve Chen Bi Yun was definitely to cause trouble for her.

But she was not scared at all.

The current Chen Ning was already different from the past Chen Ning.

Very quickly, Miss Chen came into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion behind Xiao Ru.

Her eyes were slyly turning all around.  When she appeared in front of Chen Ning, she had a respectful appearance and gave a greeting, but she did not bow down.

“Old servant Miss Chen is here to see the young miss.”  She spoke in an honest manner, still using Chen Ning’s old title.

She had already heard about everything Chen Ning did in the king’s palace from Madame Lin and Chen Bi Yun, but she did not believe them at all.

Thinking back in the Hu Guo Manor and how this young miss was nothing more than an idiot that was being bullied by everyone, how could she become powerful after marrying into the king’s palace?

It must be because the second miss and Lan Xiang being useless.

Her personal visit to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion was to see Chen Ning’s current situation.

Chen Ning sat on the swing while smiling and talking to Xia He who was beside her.  Her eyes did not even look over at Miss Chen, like she was not there at all.

“This old servant Miss Chen greets the young miss!”

Miss Chen’s legs were becoming numb.  Seeing that Chen Ning was ignoring her, her heart was filled with anger and her voice became even louder.

Chen Ning heard it this time.  Her eyes looked over and they fell onto Miss Chen.

“Come, someone slap this servant!”

“Yes, Princess Consort!”  Xia He immediately came over and grabbed Miss Chen’s hair, revealing her old and wrinkled face.

Xiao Ru did not say anything and slapped her twice.

She thought about the time in the Hu Guo Manor, of how this Miss Chen always helped the Madame Lin mother and daughter bully the young miss.  Letting all her anger out, these two slaps were both very hard.

Miss Chen was stunned by this.  She blinked her eyes for a while before reacting.

She had been slapped!

“Young miss, this old servant…..”

She did not even finish before Chen Ning coldly said, “Keep slapping!”

Xiao Ru did not hesitate as she gave another two slaps.

This felt very good!

Miss Chen never thought that she would get slapped four times as soon as she entered the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  Her lungs almost burst with anger.

“This old servant refuses to accept this.  Young miss, you…..”  She thought about how the beloved second miss had grown up on her milk and she did not need to put on a false appearance in front of the young miss.  Her heart was filled with confidence.

“Keep hitting.  Keep hitting her until this servant understands the rules.”

Chen Ning calmly took the warm tea Chun Tao handed over and looked at Miss Chen from the corner of her eyes.

Xiao Ru kept slapping until Miss Chen had blood flowing down her lips.  She couldn’t help revealing a look of anger.

She suddenly realized something and quickly changed the title.  With a “putong”, she fell to the ground and shouted, “Princess Consort, this old servant knows her wrong.  Please calm your anger Princess Consort.”

Chen Ning looked down at her and then gave a surprised gasp, “Aiya, isn’t this Mother Chen?  How did you become like this?  Did someone hit you?  Quicky stand up.  Xiao Ru, why are you not helping Mother Chen stand up!  Mother Chen is someone from our Hu Guo Manor and whoever hits Mother Chen is slapping the face of our Hu Guo Manor!  Mother Chen, tell this princess, who was the one that dared to hit you?”

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