Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: You’re heavier than a pig

Chen Ning placed a large bunch of prey with golden feather arrows sticking out of them onto the date red horse.  Of course, she did leave a few small pheasants and rabbits for Chu Shao Yang.

Otherwise, if his highness, the God of Arrows did not have any prey, then everyone would be suspicious.

Chen Ning raised the glowing knife and rubbed it against both of Chu Shao Yang’s cheeks.

She gave a perfect laugh and said, “Are you angry?  Wu, being angry will just make your blood flow faster.  Before the poison within you is gone, it is bad for you to get angry.  Isn’t it just losing a horse to me?  You wouldn’t be so stingy that you couldn’t afford to lose a horse, right?”

She was in a good mood, but seeing Chu Shao Yang’s angry eyes discolouring and the fact that he was about to release steam, she was worried that he might truly anger himself to death.

After all, he had just saved her, so she closed her mouth.

She saw that his wound was still bleeding, so she cut off a piece of her clothing with the knife and tightly wrapped the wound up.

“Alright, you won’t bleed to death like this.”  She patted her hands and said.

Chu Shao Yang’s brows jumped up.  She was even cursing him to death!

Could this ugly girl ever shut her mouth!

He tightly closed his eyes, not looking at her at all.  His nostrils were opening wide from his heavy breathing.

No matter what she did, he would never thank her!

“Wu, it’s getting late, we should go back now.”  Chen Ning looked up to see the light coming from between the leaves and estimated the time.

It seemed like they had been here for quite a while now.

She struggled to lift him up, using all the strength she had to finally lift him up onto the horse.  He was thrown onto the jade flower horse like a broken rag.

“So heavy!  You weigh even more than a pig!”  She wiped some sweat off her forehead and angrily complained.

“……Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  You dare to call this king a pig!

Chu Shao Yang wanted to move his mouth, but he found that his tongue was like wood, giving off no feeling at all.

He was stomach was on the saddle and his head hung down, making the blood run to his head, making him feel dizzy.  He wouldn’t have been able to talk even if wanted to.

Chen Ning sat on the date red horse and held the jade flower’s reins with one hand.  Identifying the direction to go in, she slapped Chu Shao Yang’s high raised hip with her whip and shouted, “Come with me!”

She, she, she dared to hit his butt!

Chu Shao Yang’s face instantly turned red and his eyes popped out.  He almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“……Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  Father must kill you!

Chen Ning led the jade flower horse through the dense forest.

There were no roads in the forest.

Chu Shao Yang hunted here year after year, but this forest was very vast and even he didn’t know where they were or how far they were from the center of the hunting grounds.

However, Chen Ning was able to locate their position without the slightest bit of hesitation, as if she was going back home.

After an hour, they passed through the forest and saw the flags in the distance, as well as the sound of laughter.

Many of the youths coming back from the hunt were happily gathered together, showing off their archery skills and prey.

Chen Ning led the jade flower horse onto the hunting grounds.

“Look!  The King Ding Yuan princess is back!”

“There is a giant fellow on the back of the horse beside her, perhaps it’s a large boar!”

“Yi?  It’s not a large boar, rather it’s King Ding Yuan!”

The youths were all talking to each other and the sounds of their voices all entered Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

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