Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Only being able to stare

She gathered a large amount of mushrooms and chewed them all in her mouth before spitting out a bunch of mushroom paste.

Chu Shao Yang stared at the mushroom paste in her palms and forcefully gritted his teeth.

He could not eat it!  He could not eat it no matter what!

Chen Ning completely ignored the resistance in his eyes and forced open his mouth.  She stuffed the mushroom paste in before putting the water skin to his mouth.

“Ke, ke, ke!”  Chu Shao Yang coughed so much that tears came out.

If he could move, he would have killed her without any hesitation!

Chen Ning had been right, this ash white mushroom really was the antidote to the snake’s poison.

Chu Shao Yang could slowly feel the feeling come back into his limbs, but it was only a little bit.  If he wanted to move a finger, it was still very hard for him.

But he could understand in his heart that he had been given his life back.

However, he was not grateful to Chen Ning at all!

Thinking of how she had stuffed mushroom paste mixed with her saliva in his mouth, he was filled with embarrassment and anger.  His two eyes could not wait to poke two holes right into Chen Ning’s face.

“From the disgusted look on your face, do you feel like eating this princess’ saliva is bad?”

Chen Ning was sitting while hugging her knees beside him, looking at him with a smile, have a full view of him being filled with anger.  She could quickly tell what the look in his eyes meant.

“…..”  Chu Shao Yang’s face turned purple like an eggplant.

Could this ugly woman not mention the word “saliva”!

“What, do you want others to know about this matter?”  Chen Ning blinked, once again reading his mind.

“……”  Chu Shao Yang tightly bit her lips.  He forcefully looked to the side, not even looking at her.

“Wu, of course you don’t want others to know.  Alright, I can never mention this, but I do have a single request.”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes looked back at her, looking at her with a suspicious gaze.

“I want to win!”  Chen Ning raised her brows as she slowly said this.

“Wu, wu!”  In your dreams!

He glared right at her.

“Hee, hee, you don’t have the final say right now.  That lies with me.”

Chen Ning patted the dirt off herself and stood up.  She was smiling as she walked beside the jade flower horse and took off all the prey hanging off its butt.

Chu Shao Yang instantly stared at her, not understanding what she was doing.

“Ze, ze, you really did not miss a single arrow.  You really do deserve your God of Arrows title.”  Chen Ning smiled and praised him, but in Chu Shao Yang’s ears, it was nothing but sarcasm.

Then he saw Chen Ning pull out the white feather arrow from the body of the antelope and replace it with an arrow engraved with the “Ning” character.  He instantly understood what she meant.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  What are you doing!

He exploded with rage.  Was there a woman as shameless as this in the world?  She actually came up with this kind of method to cheat!

In front of his eyes, she was stealing his prey this openly!

“What am I doing?  Of course I’m hunting prey.  Are your eyes just there for decoration?”  Chen Ning said with an enraging smile on her face.

What was the most angering part was that every time she pulled out a white feather arrow and replaced it with a golden feather arrow, she would always look over at Chu Shao Yang and slowly say something.




“They were all shot by me!”

Chu Shao Yang’s lungs were about to explode, but he could not move at all.  He could not use the slightest bit of force with his body at all.

Other than staring, he could only watch her do this.

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