Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: If you want to see it, I’ll let you see it

“Xiao Hei, do we count as friends?”

Mo Chuan was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, he slowly nodded and said, “Yes.”

He never had a friend before.  He had always been alone, drinking by himself.

If he didn’t treat her as a friend, he wouldn’t have gone drinking with her.

“Then, you wouldn’t kill a friend because of a tiny matter, right?”  Chen Ning asked again.

“I wouldn’t.”  Mo Chuan’s answer was very simple with no thought at all.

“Then, if I asked you for a small favour as a friend, would you reject me?”  She asked with a bright smile.

“Of course not.”  He blurted out.  After thinking for a bit, he added, “If you want me to do something like last night, then no!”

He drank another cup of wine, feeling like there must have been something wrong with him yesterday.  Actually helping her steal woman’s clothing, one’s impulse really was a devil.  Thinking about it, his face turned hot again.

“Of course not, of course not.  I said before, there would definitely not be a next time.  If there was a next time, I would definitely do it myself.”  Chen Ning smiled and waved her hand.

“You still dare mention it?”  Mo Chuan stared at her.

“No, no.”  Chen Ning rolled her eyes.  Staring at his face, she revealed a bright smile, “Since we are friends and you won’t kill me, can you take off your mask and let me see your face?”  Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Why?”  Mo Chuan did not move and he spoke in a calm voice.  He then drank another cup of wine.

“Because we are friends.  Since we are friends, we should be honest with each other, but I haven’t seen your real face yet, so can we be considered friends?  Don’t you think so?”  Chen Ning giggled as she lifted her cup and drank another small sip.

Although this wine tasted good, with her last experience, she wouldn’t drink cup after cup like Mo Chuan.

Even though she only drank two mouthfuls, her cheeks were already flushed and her eyes were glazed with a drunken look.

“Alright.”  Mo Chuan suddenly said after thinking for a moment.

Chen Ning was stunned.  She shook her head and then said, “What did you say?”

She never thought that he would agree so easily.

“If you want to see it, I’ll show it to you.  However, after seeing it, you can never describe my face to anyone.  Can you do that?”  Mo Chuan’s deep, dark eyes fell onto her face and locked onto her gaze.

“Is it because you’re very ugly under your mask?”  Chen Ning giggled.  She stared right at Mo Chuan’s dark as ink eyes and then shook her head as she said, “No, no, your eyes are so pretty, so you won’t be ugly.”

Mo Chuan’s face felt a little warm, but he calmly said, “Do you always praise people like this?”

“I only speak the truth.  If you think I’m just praising you, then I won’t deny it.”  Chen Ning revealed a smile before drinking another sip.  This wine was really tasty and she unknowingly drank a whole bowl.

Placing the empty bowl in front of Mo Chuan, she smiled and whispered, “Excuse me, can you give me another bowl?”

Mo Chuan felt a little lightheaded and like he was drunk he just stared at her in a daze.  He was in a daze until the wine bowl and jar met and a “zheng” sound rang.  After recovering himself, he found that he had poured her another full bowl.

“I hope that your words are not the words of a drunkard.”  He said in a low voice, so low that only he could hear it.

“What did you say?”  She did not hear him.

Mo Chuan did not say anything else.  He slowly raised his hand and placed it behind his ear, slowly removing the thin as cicada skin mask from his face.

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