Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Good wine is unappreciated

“Although she lived today, she should have lost all her courage and will not try to cause any trouble for a while.  Xiao Hei, you did your job perfectly!”

Chen Ning winked at Mo Chuan and then revealed a mischievous smile.

She remembered how the horses charged out of the stable, rushing right at Chen Bi Yun.  The image of her seeming like she was about to piss her pants was very funny and very satisfying.

She had really given her a taste of her own medicine.

This matter seemed very scary, but it was not very difficult to orchestrate.  She had made Mo Chuan steal some of Chen Bi Yun’s clothes to let the horses smell it.  Then she had also left several strands of it in the horse stable.

Once Chen Bi Yun appeared on the horse track again, the Suddenly Laughing perfume she had on would make the horses lose control.  They would go crazy and charge at her all at once……

There was only a single accident that occurred.

Chen Ning never thought that Lan Xiang would lose her life because of this because she did not expect Chu Shao Yang to watch her die.

But thinking about it, it was in line with his cold personality.  Other than Chen Bi Yun, the lives of other people were nothing more than ants in his eyes!

“Humph!”  Mo Chuan gave a snort and then coldly turned his eyes away.

Chen Ning rubbed her nose and felt a little awkward.

“Xiao Hei, you can be assured that there won’t be a next time.  I definitely will not make you steal women’s clothing next time…..”  She stuck her tongue out in embarrassment.

Mo Chuan’s face turned hot and he turned around to warn her with his gaze.

“This matter, only the heaven, the earth, you, and I know about this.  Even my servant Xiao Si, you aren’t allowed to tell him about this!”  He said in low voice.

If this matter reached Xiao Si’s ears, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Xiao Hei, how about I treat you to some wine?”

The two of them were currently walking in a small alley.  They saw a wine shop’s banners and smelled the scent of wine in the air.

“Alright!”  Mo Chuan replied without any hesitation.

Chen Ning dismounted and then gently patted the date red horse’s head.  The horse would obediently graze on the side.

The two of them entered the store and found that it wasn’t all that big.  The table and chairs were all clean, but there were no customers at all.

The boss was about to fall asleep in the corner.  When he saw that there were customers, he lazily sat up to greet them.  

“How much does the two guest want?  Our store only sells wine, nothing else.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help laughing and saying, “This owner’s words are quite interesting.  We’ll start with ten pounds of wine.”


The boss was a very straightforward person, placing two jugs of wine on the table for the two of them.  After placing down the wine cups, he reached out a hand to Mo Chuan, “Customers, it is a total of two silvers.  Pay before drinking, no drinking on credit.”

Mo Chuan threw ten silvers over to him.

“No need for change.”

The boss was filled with joy.  Putting the money into his chest, he went back to the counter to continue day dreaming.

Mo Chuan raised his hand to break the mud seal and then poured a cup for himself and Chen Ning.

After the wine came out, they saw that it was rouge red.  Chen Ning liked looking at it very much.

“It really is good wine is unappreciated.  This store has such good wine, but no one is here to taste it.  We are really lucky to have stumbled onto this place and have the chance to drink this beautiful wine.”

She took a taste of the wine and found to be mellow and fragrant.  Compared to the Tai He Floor’s pear wine, this wine was much better.

“Good wine is unappreciated?  Good words!”

Mo Chuan looked at her with a surprised gaze.  Then he picked up a bowl of wine and drained it, feeling very satisfied.

“It really is good wine!”  He poured himself another cup and his eyes lit up.

Chen Ning stared at his face with sparkling eyes.  She felt like he was quite strange.

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