Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: I’m willing because of you

It was Chu Shao Bai’s confession that he had poured his heart into.

So, no.  She really couldn’t.

Shao Bai was so serious towards her, so how could she let him down?  How could she hurt him?

Chen Ning slowly took back her hand from Mo Chuan’s grip and looked down.  Then she gently said, “Xiao Hei, thank you.”

There was no need to say anything else.  Just these three words were enough.

She believed that Mo Chuan would understand her meaning.

Naturally, the light in Mo Chuan’s eyes dimmed a bit, but he revealed no expressions.  He treated it like nothing had happened and calmly asked, “That Chen Bi Yun, what are you planning to do to her?”

Thinking of Chen Bi Yun, Chen Ning’s heart began to fill with anger.

She curled her lips and looked at the solitary candle on the table, not saying a single word.

Mo Chuan did not say anything and just quietly watched her.

In this moment, he suddenly felt like he was very close to her.  It was as if he could see her heart and know what she was thinking.

“If you can’t do it, then I’ll do it.  I won’t charge you for killing her this time.”

His eyes turned into cold stars and he released a faint killing intent before turning to leave.

“Xiao Hei!”  Chen Ning suddenly came to her senses and called out to him, “Wait a minute!”

Mo Chuan turned back and slightly knitted his brows.  Then he said, “Treating everything like it’s normal will cause more chaos!”

Chen Ning couldn’t help revealing a smile.  Then she winked and said, “Do you think that I wouldn’t make a move because I’m soft hearted?  No, I was just thinking of a good way to deal with her.”

“Then did you think of it?”

“Of course.”  Chen Ning curled her lips and a blush appeared on her snow, white cheeks.  Her eyes seemed to fill with energy.

She slowly said, “This method will be eye for eye and give her some more back!”

“Oh?  Let me hear it!”  Mo Chuan’s eyes flashed with an interested look.

“I need your help for this matter.  Xiao Hei, are you willing to help me?”  Chen Ning’s bright eyes stared at him, not looking away for a second.

Mo Chuan did not say anything and just silently stared at her.

Was what he said before not clear enough?

Was he, Mo Chuan a person that made oaths easily!

Although he did not say a thing, in his deep and dark eyes burned an aggressive look.

Chen Ning couldn’t help looking down and avoiding his gaze.  She said in a gentle voice, “This matter will embarrass you a bit, so if you’re not willing to help, I won’t blame you.”

“Say it!”

Mo Chuan only said a single word, but it was hard to misunderstand his meaning.

Chen Ning bit her lips and then they curled into a fox like evil smile.

She tiptoed over and leaned beside Mo Chuan’s ears, whispering a few words to him.

She wasn’t surprised when she saw Mo Chuan’s ears turn slightly red and his body began to tremble a little.

She moved back two steps and said with a gentle sigh, “Xiao Hei, I know that you are a strong man and to make you do something like this.  I…..I can think of another plan instead.”

“No!”  Mo Chuan suddenly said.  His eyes suddenly looked at her and she felt a kind of breathless feeling come over her.

“I’m willing to do it!”  Mo Chuan said again.  Taking a long look at her, he then turned to leave.

“Because of you!”

The door closed behind him, but his final words were passed through the wind into Chen Ning’s ears.

Chen Ning just stood there in a daze.  Her heart felt like it had been hit with something heavy.

She once again bit her lips and forced down this strange feeling appearing inside of her.

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