Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Little pork buns

Chen Ning clapped her hands together and her eyes lit up.  She had finally gotten the answer that had been puzzling her the whole time and the path ahead cleared up.

“Xiao Hei, you’re right!  The situation with the blue and white porcelain horse and your situation in the past was exactly the same.  It had also suddenly rushed out at Chen Bi Yun and it must be because of the horse stimulating effect of the Suddenly Laughing Flower that makes them lose control.  As for why Chen Bi Yun had such heavy perfume on, it was because she was covering up the stench of the Suddenly Laughing perfume, that’s why no one suspected her and why I couldn’t understand how it happened!”

A look of praise appeared in Mo Chuan’s eyes as he slightly nodded at Chen Ning.  

He had just mentioned the story and she had immediately figured out the reason behind it, without missing a single thing.  She really was an intelligent woman!

The more Chen Ning thought about it, the more clear it became.  Then she said, “No wonder she came over to my horse to talk to me, it was to let the blue and white porcelain horse smell the Suddenly Laughing fragrance on her body.  No, no, if it’s like that, why did Chu Shao Yang’s jade flower horse not go crazy?”

Her brows knitted together, not being able to think through this.

Mo Chuan thought about it and asked, “Think about it a bit.  After Chen Bi Yun came to the horse track, did she do anything?  Was there any strange moves she made?”

Chen Ning curled her lips and did not even think before saying, “She had come to give Chu Shao Yang something to eat.  Taking out the ginseng deer tail soup first that Chu Shao Yang did not drink before throwing it to the ground.  Then she took out the little pork buns that Chu Shao Yang ate without leaving a single one.  Then she went to sit under the shade, not doing anything strange…..Ah!  I understand now!  I understand now!”

Her eyes suddenly lit up and she grabbed Mo Chuan’s right had.  She excitedly said, “The little pork buns!  The little pork buns!”

Mo Chuan had a mask on his face, so he showed no expressions, but his eyes revealed a happy look of praise.

“Chen Bi Yun must have placed an antidote in the little pork buns.  That antidote should be able to release a special smell that stopped the effect of the Suddenly Laughing on the jade flower horse and that’s why his horse did not go crazy!”  Chen Ning finally understood everything.  Her eyes revealed a look of intense hatred.

“This really is a sinister plan!  I never thought that Chen Bi Yun could be so evil, thinking of such a sinister plan to deal with me!”  She angrily said, “Xiao Hei, if you didn’t save me today, her plan would have succeeded and the position of the King Ding Yuan princess would have been hers.  As for me?  I would have been slapped dead by Chu Shao Yang and would have been branded with the crime of trying to kill someone with a horse out of jealousy!”

The more she thought about it, the more fear she felt.  The hand grabbing onto Mo Chuan could not help gently shaking.

“From this day forth, I will not allow a single person to harm a single hair on you!  No one at all!  I, Mo Chuan, have always kept what I said!”  Mo Chuan slowly said to her.  Slowly opening his hand, he tightly grabbed her hand.

His palms were burning hot, but his words made her heart even warmer.

This was her second time hearing it, but it made her heart even more shocked compared to the first time.

She raised her head and stared into his eyes.  She felt like his eyes were like an undissolvable ink.  It was like a deep well that was hard to escape from.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in her ears.

“I love his princess.  Even if he treats his princess like grass, I will treat her like a treasure!  Even if he doesn’t want his princess, I still want her!  If he was willing to throw her away, I would immediately marry her and make her my princess!”  Each word hitting hard, without a trace of hesitation!

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