Cry of Phoenix: Vol. 1 Chapter 54

Dear readers, I am not actually back! (At least I don’t count it as being back.) But I will be starting releases of Phoenix again at a rate of one chapter a week to stay active on moonbunnycafe until I finish my current project, which I’m still at chp 173/484. If you leave a comment here about how you much you love this novel, I’ll feel happy and guilty, but I won’t be increasing release rates at all until my main project is finished.

I just need a little change of pace from spending about 6 hours a day typing up how the MC gets kidnapped, decides to worry about food first, gets captured by a ghost, taken away by a wolf, then practices the broadcast exercises her grandpa had taught her to release her inner strength while a bunch of wolves are eyeing her hungrily. It’s great and all, but I just really need some simple face-slapping in my diet.

So, for the time being I’ll be posting one chapter a week along with weekly updates of my progress in my main project so you have an idea of how long before I can start to fully concentrate on this project. Also, there’s an event again on volare in which I’ve entered a couple chapters of this series as a prize, so if you want a teeny bit more of these chapters, go participate in the event! Edit: The event is a Chinese New Year’s Event! It’s not up yet. When it is about to launch I’ll let you guys know! Sorry for confusion!

Chapter 1.054

Read at your own risk~


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12 Responses to Cry of Phoenix: Vol. 1 Chapter 54

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for picking this up again, even if it’s once a week, better than nothing!

  2. Sandy says:

    Omg…thank you..please come back and finish this novel

  3. Sandy says:

    Omg thank you..please come back and translate..this novel is really good.. different from other novels

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where can we access the event? I don’t see it on volares site

    • Chiyomira says:

      Sorry, I forgot to note that it was a Chinese New Year’s event. It’s not up yet, but I’ll let you guys know when it is!

  5. Eunieberry says:

    Thank you soooo much for picking this up again. I just love this novel so much and I’m just super thankful that you’ll update this at least once a week😆

  6. Moonieee says:

    Thank you for updating even if it’s only once a week😊

  7. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

  8. Dillyca says:

    Yeah, you’re bacccck!!! Thank you, really miss this novel. Love it!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much

  10. ZRAFAND says:

    Huhu… I have been missing this for so long…. Thank you very much for picking this up again even if it’s only once a week but it’s better than nothing. Kowtow!!!

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