Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Became Smarter

Zhao Hai and Maylin stared at the valley blankly. Walking out of the cave, and the only place was this valley. The area size wasn’t very large as it was just more than 1000 acres. There was also black soil on the ground like it came from the same place as the soil on Black Wastelands.

In the middle of the valley, there was a 10 metre diameter puddle. The water of the puddle was crystal clear. On the cliff opposite of the cave Zhao Hai and others came out of, there was another cave. That cave was slightly smaller than the one they were at, so it could be discerned that it was also a tunnel.

Once Zhao Hai saw the mine caves, Zhao Hai couldn’t help himself from being impressed by the dwarves, who actually dug out such a large mountain area and built so many mineshafts. How great of a construction effort was that? It was hard to imagine how they did it.

Zhao Hai looked around and nodded, “Very nice. Blockhead, you’re good. Tell us, how did you discover the entrance cave?”

Blockhead chuckled and said, “Young master, when I saw this valley from the very beginning, I jumped down from the cliff, and then I discovered these 2 caves. Another one is full of water and there’s no way out. This one has a way out, and I went out from there.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Blockhead’s answer made him understand that Blockhead went out from inside the cave, so it was no wonder he could discover the cave leading out of the valley.

Maylin was also looking around this black soiled land. It was as Blockhead said, it was truly suitable. Although it would take some time to improve the soil, it wouldn’t more suitable if it were used to plant things. Normal people would have a hard time discovering this place.

Maylin walked around inside the cave and noticed that the cave was an irregular round shape. There weren’t large rocks and the like inside. Other than black soil, there was only the puddle. A good place to plant.

Zhao Hai also thought of this as well. He nodded while he looked as he was extremely satisfied. Not only could this place be planted, but also because of the puddle, the matter of irrigation would be a lot easier to solve. Even if the water of the puddle wouldn’t be enough, there were still the 2 caves and 2 underground lakes inside the mountain. There was plenty of water within them.

Blockhead looked at how Zhao Hai was nodding and knew Zhao Hai was very satisfied. Blockhead asked, “Young master, have you discovered that there’s one thing different about here?”

Zhao Hai was startled. He looked around and noticed nothing different. He shook his head, “There’s nothing different.”

Blockhead laughed, “Didn’t you feel it, young master? The temperature here is higher than on the mountain, and if you look at the grasses, they’re longer than the ones outside. It’s spring right now. The grasses may have grown, but they’re not tall. The reason why we feel like it’s hard to walk is because they’re dried grasses. We trip because they’re dry and hard. But the grasses on the cliffs are all new grasses and they’re all very long. Many of them had sprouted seeds. This explains that the valley had never been assaulted by frigid winds and always kept this temperature. If it’s really the case, this place can be planted for all 4 seasons. This is really a good place.”

Zhao Hai looked at where Blockhead’s finger pointed, and discovered that there were lots of grasses on the cliffs. These were really different than the ones outside. The grasses outside appeared to be very green, but up close, the greenery was from the new grasses growing from under the withered ones. They hadn’t been very long in growth, but the grasses in the valley had been another matter.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help from nodding his head. Now he felt peculiar as well. This valley was on the mountain, so the ground here should’ve been similar to that on the mountain instead of the black soil outside. But the ground in the valley had to be the same as the black soil, and there was no clue as to why it was the case.

Suddenly, Maylin spoke, “Well said. I never thought that you Blockhead can be so observant. When did you become so smart, kiddo?”

Zhao Hai and Blockhead were both stunned by what Maylin said. Zhao Hai also felt somewhat weird, because in Adam’s memories, Blockhead was never this smart. Not only that, but also silly. The usual way of speech would be curt, so how could he observe so carefully and speak so well right now?

Blockhead was also clueless as he didn’t know what was going on as well. It seemed like ever since he entered Zhao Hai’s amazing space, he was enlightened on how to observe things and think more thoroughly.

It’s just Blockhead never had the chance to show it. When he was next to Zhao Hai, he obeyed all of Zhao Hai’s words. That was why Maylin and others didn’t notice what was strange about Blockhead, until now.

Maylin simply spoke out loud just now and didn’t put it into mind. When she saw how the 2 of them were silent, she said, “Young master, this is really a good place, and I can also feel that this just as Blockhead said. This place keeps the same temperature for all 4 seasons a year. The water element in the air is very active, so it’s really good. If we can modify the soil here, this will be the best planting ground.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Granny Maylin, why do you suppose the soil of this valley is also black soil? Since this is on the mountain, it should also be the same as the mountain’s soil. If they’re the same, it would’ve saved us a lot of trouble.”

Maylin laughed, “Don’t be so insatiable, young master. It’s good enough that we can find such a place. You can change this place slowly. We don’t need to be afraid as long as we can find a place.”

Zhao Hai laughed and replied, “You’re right, granny Maylin. I got a little too greedy. This is really a good place, but there’s also one more problem. The land here is roughly 1000 acres, but we also don’t have plantation magic beasts. If we want to plant, then we need manpower. That way, the amount of hands we need will be a lot. But this place so far away from the castle. If people have to walk over here, it will need a lot of time. With this, all of the time spent will be wasted on the trip. It will be hard to plant all of the land here.”

Maylin laughed, “How could you forget, young master? There’s still a lake in the mountain. If the lake is really connected to the one behind the castle, then we can use boats. It’s both time saving and secretive.”

Zhao Hai did a double take as he didn’t think about this before. If the travel path was on water, then it would be a lot faster than walking on the land, and also a lot more discreet.

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s a good plan. Alright, I will first improve this soil for today.” After speaking, Zhao Hai made a thought and the hole of the space appeared once again. The 10 acres of soil in front of him were soon modified.

Maylin and Blockhead had seen it once before, but they were still very excited when watching it this time. Zhao Hai’s ability was definitely the only one of its kind on the continent. It couldn’t be used to kill people, but it was the one they needed the most.

After improving the 10 acres of soil, Zhao Hai breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to Maylin, “Granny Maylin, let’s go back. It’s sad that we don’t have a boat. If we have one, we can go on the water route and see if we can get to the back of the castle.”

Maylin chuckled, “How could you forget, young master? I’m a water mage. I don’t need a boat in order to bring 2 or 3 people along to cross the surface of the water. Just relax. We will go back on water in a while.”

Zhao Hai did a double take and then nodded. To be honest, he had arrived on Ark Continent for a few days’ time, but he was still not used to the various amazing things here. He always kept confusing this place with Earth, like how using magic to travel on water was impossible Earth, but possible here.

Zhao Hai nodded, looked at the ground and then back to Maylin with a smile, “Let’s go back. I’m afraid Meg and Rockhead are busy beyond their means.”

Maylin also found nothing else worth looking on the land and then nodded, “Alright. Let’s go back.” The 3 of them returned to the cave where they came from.

After entering the cave, Maylin used the illumination spell to light up the path ahead while Zhao Hai and Blockhead followed her. This time, they walked directly towards the sound of water.

After about 15 minutes, Maylin saw the lake in front of her. This underground lake was really large. Other than being narrowed by the mountain walls for 2 sides, the light reached no end when shining forward.

Zhao Hai stood next to Maylin. From their current position, they were higher than the lake surface for around 3 metres. Below was a downward slope, which was very gradual. It looked like it was used by the dwarves to transport ores.

The surface of the ground was also paved with stones, but due to being close to the water, it had been covered with moss, making it somewhat slippery.

Zhao Hai looked at the water surface and sighed, “Who can imagine that there’s such an endowed land hiding here in Black Wastelands? We can raise fishes on a large scale as long as we can figure out why there are no fishes here.”

Maylin nodded, “Yeah. The surface of the lake is so large, it must be able to raise a lot of fishes. This can be our Buda family’s main income later.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Let’s go back, granny Maylin. Oh right, will we be alright if travel on water while there’s a magic beast in the water?”

Maylin smiled and spoke confidently, “Relax, young master. I can guarantee our safety.” She led the way to the edge of the lake while Zhao Hai followed cautiously. Blockhead walked next to him while grabbing his arm. The ground here was slippery, but Blockhead’s steps were as stable as a mountain.

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