Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Good Place

Maylin’s expression was one of excitement when she came out from the space. It was no wonder she would be like that. When she saw Zhao Hai’s space, she truly felt that Buda family’s future was filled with hope.

Even though Zhao Hai couldn’t learn magic or battle auras, to Maylin, Zhao Hai would be better off without them. He’d be safer that way.

Maylin didn’t want Zhao Hai to embark on Buda family’s previous path. It started out by getting accomplishments in the military. In order to get military accomplishments, wars must be fought, and fighting in wars would be very dangerous. Now that Zhao Hai was the only heir left in Buda family, Maylin wouldn’t want something to happen to him.

It would be better having such a space that could be used to plant things. They wouldn’t need to worry about provisions. As long as they had money, then Buda family would also develop. Right now on the continent, there were many business families that were quite illustrious. Even the long running noble families wouldn’t make a move against them easily. Why? None other than money, of course.

Right now there were too many mercenaries on the continent, and all of them were outlaws. They would do anything as long as you gave them money. Other people didn’t dare to offend the business families because the latter were wealthy. Once they were offended enough, they would use money to buy your life, and they would just lose some money in the end, yet you lost your your own life. Who could play along with them?

After going through the process of Buda family’s rise and fall, Maylin didn’t think of anything else. Now in the eyes of her and others, all fame and merits were just floating clouds. Letting Zhao Hai live on was the real point.

Zhao Hai was very happy when he looked at Maylin, because he knew that Maylin was truly caring about him. The feeling of being cared for was really nice. Zhao Hai was an orphan in his previous life, so there was no one who cared for him like this. This made his heart feel warm.

Maylin settled down after a moment. She walked to Zhao Hai and said, “Young master, if there’s any danger, you go hide in the space and don’t concern us. You are the only bud left in Buda family. You must stay out of trouble no matter what.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Relax, granny Maylin. I know what to do. But as long as we’re being careful from here on and keep a low profile, we should be fine.”

Maylin nodded to that. Just when she was about to say something, Blockhead’s voice came out, “Young master! Young master! I’ve found a good place!” He spoke out as he was running down from the mountain.

Zhao Hai and Maylin looked at the running Blockhead on their reflexes. Blockhead quickly ran to Zhao Hai’s side and said, “Young master, I discovered a good place ahead. It definitely fits your needs.”

Zhao Hai went idle and then his face was happy as he said, “Great, where is it? Let’s go.”

Blockhead spoke as he pointed his finger at the top of the mountain, “Young master, we have to go up the mountain. We can’t reach it from below.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, we’re going now. You rest here, granny Maylin. It’s alright for me and Blockhead.”

Maylin shook her head, “No, I’ll go and look as well. The matter of future planting shouldn’t always be shouldered by you, young master. I have to know the way myself.” Then she turned to Blockhead and said, “Blockhead, lead the way.” Blockhead heeded with a sound and walked forward, with the two of them following from behind.

The barren mountain only had some weeds, but it was still not too easy to walk on. The weeds weren’t tall, but they were very firm. When walked upon, one would often trip and fall. It wasn’t easy.

Fortunately it wasn’t too far. After walking for 3 miles, there was a large valley before them. What was very unique about it was that it looked like a gigantic stone from the skies fell down and made very large crater. Cliffs were all around it and there were no paths leading outside.

Zhao Hai stood there with eyes and mouth opened wide, and he felt torn between tears and laughter. This valley fit his needs, but how could they get down if they couldn’t even see here from the base of the mountain?

Maylin also found out about this and then scolded with smile at Blockhead, “Blockhead you blockheaded moron, if this is where you discovered, then I’ll be exhausting myself just to get down there, not to mention young master. Even if you can carry him down on your back, what about the slaves? The ones who come here to plant things are those slaves. You’re not going to carry them on your back as well, are you?”

Zhao Hai also looked at Blockhead in a bad mood. The valley didn’t seem to be too deep as it seemed to be only several tens of metres deep, but just looking down from high up was enough to make him dizzy. With the cliffs all over it, it would be very difficult just to get down.

It would’ve been manageable if they had a lot of resources. Just build a ladder and one could walk down. But right now they didn’t even have that many resources. The mountain couldn’t even produce timber, so it would be too difficult to make a ladder. This was definitely a dead land.

Blockhead turned to look at a two with a chuckle, “Don’t worry young master, granny Maylin. Follow me.” He walked towards the back of the mountain after that.

Zhao Hai and Maylin had never walked towards the back of the iron mountain before, because they knew that it was tightly linked to Rotten Corpse Swamp. The swamp was always known to the world for having toxic miasma, toxic beasts, toxic plants and undead creatures. That’s why Maylin and others didn’t want to look at the back of the mountain. It meant danger over there.

Once Maylin saw Blockhead walking towards the back of the mountain, Maylin spoke out with a darkened expression, “Do you want to die, Blockhead? Get back here this instant!”

Blockhead turned to the two of them and smiled, “It’s fine, granny Maylin, young master. No need to worry. We just need to go over the top. There’s an opening not too far away. If we enter the opening, we can reach the valley. I just came from there.”

Maylin was going to say something in return, but Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go and have a look.” He followed Blockhead to the back of the iron mountain. Maylin could only follow them in return.

Once at the top of the mountain however, Zhao Hai was captivated by the scenery in his eyes. Behind this mountain, the sky and the land were blurred. All that his eyes could see were 7-colored mists. Neither the sky nor the land could be seen. It was like it’s a world that was comprised of the 7-colored mists.

Beautiful. Simply too beautiful. Zhao Hai had never seen such mists before, and the mists weren’t 7 dull colors. They were a kind of unique and bright 7 colors, which seemed so marvellous.

A melancholic sigh then interrupted Zhao Hai’s thoughts. He turned to look, and it came from Maylin. Maylin was also looking at the 7 colored mists, but her she sighed melancholically, “Such beautiful colors. Who can imagine that such a beautiful scenery is actually the most lethal thing on the continent? These 7-colored mists are none other than the Rotten Corpse Swamp’s largest barrier. From the records, the number of people who came out alive from these mists didn’t exceed 10. The ones who came out were all pinnacle level experts. Even so, they didn’t live for over 5 years after coming out from the mists. Even the greatest priests and apothecarists couldn’t save them”

Zhao Hai felt chills running down his back. When he looked at the mists now, he felt that the 7-colored mists were so ghastly, it was like there were countless evil ghosts within, laughing at him with bared teeth.

Zhao Hai didn’t look any further and just spoke to Blockhead who was waiting at them, “Let’s go.” Blockhead heeded and just walked forward.

They were now walking towards the back of the mountain from the top. He thought it was strange. The front of the mountain had very malnutritioned grasses, but the grasses grown on the back of it were actually in extremely good condition. They were so green they were dark, and they looked full of life. But they weren’t grown all over like the front of the mountain. Instead, they grew in clumps, while other spots had nothing grown on them. It was like hairs on a skin diseased person’s head.

Maylin stayed close to Zhao Hai’s side and spoke to them, “Young master, Blockhead, be careful not to touch those grasses. They might be poisonous. Blockhead has a strong constitution, but young master drank the Water Of Void. They must not be touched.”

Zhao Hai was startled. He felt that Maylin was a little exaggerating, but he also couldn’t let down his guard. Rotten Corpse Swamp was infamous for a reason, so it would be better to be cautious.

He followed Blockhead for about 500 metres while circumventing the grasses carefully. Then he saw a small cave. It wasn’t very large as it could only let 3 people pass through. They were just about 2 metres tall and the inside was pitch black. There were even sounds of water.

Maylin walked in front of Zhao Hai and a ball of light appeared in her hand, which lit up the way for Zhao Hai to see. He then walked into the cave with Maylin’s guidance.

It was apparent that this cave was also made by the dwarves, and it was very well shaped. Many stones were piled together in an even manner.

About 5 minutes of walking in the cave, they arrived at an empty spot. This was used by the dwarves to serve as a temporary place of rest or to put down the things. There were no habitable caves. Just a more than 300 square metre large empty spot, while the water sounds came from the right of Zhao Hai and others.

Blockhead turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young master, that’s an underground lake. I don’t know if it’s connected to the one behind the castle. Just walk left and we can enter the valley.”

Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t go to see the lake. According to his estimation, the lakewater and the one behind the castle were most likely one and the same. They didn’t have a large sized illumination tool right now, so they wouldn’t see much even if they were to go there. Zhao Hai decided not to.

The 2 of them followed Blockhead out of the tunnel to the left. The tunnel was very broad, which could allow 10 lines of people moving around at once while it was also 5 metres tall. The ground was very dry and quite comfortable to walk on.

The 3 of them walked for another 10 minutes or so, and then a light suddenly shined in front of them. Maylin put out the illumination magic in her hand and quickly walked forward with Zhao Hai towards the light.

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