Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Uncle and the Three Diary Entries

(1) The Uncle and the Lice

03 (year) – 01 (month) – 05 (day) Tuesday

Weather: sunny and cloudless

Today, I woke up early in the morning, and my whole body ached. Of course, it’s not from competing with Ka Luona yesterday; it is most likely because of the after effects of magic depletion. This is my first time in over two years to use such a great amount of magic. However, I’ve profited from the disaster. I have realized that magic and physical strength are related; overusing magic will cause residual effects to appear on the body.

When I was giving Little Hairball more feed, I saw it twitching in the corner, continuously rubbing its body against the wall. I led it out and pushed aside its fur, only to discover that there were lice living on it.

There weren’t many lice, but they were real crafty. Small, white things were stealthily hidden in the silver fur. They were really hard to notice, but I am a man who can see through all disguises!

A parasite which cannot do its own work and must suck the blood of others, I must vanquish!

Afterwards, I called Elan to give Little Hairball a bath.

Little Hairball was quite unwilling, so I warned it that if it did not behave, its beautiful, silver fur would be shaved off.

I made a shaving hand gesture, and Little Hairball immediately shuddered. It probably had its own pride.

Choosing the lesser of two evils, it finally allowed Elan to use a brush to carefully wash its body clean.

“However, why would there be lice in the winter?”

Hearing my words, Little Hairball immediately withdrew its head.

I looked at it with a piercing gaze. It promptly moved away from my line of vision and attempted to whistle. (T/n: lol, whistling donkey)

I slowly pressed forward.

“Yes? Little Hairball? Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

I made my gaze as imposing as possible.

Finally, Little Hairball cried and ran to the corner, parting the hay on the ground. There was a lot of food inside. Some had already rotted, and there were actually white hairs mixed in. There’s no need to say who else knew about this.

Little Hairball’s eyes were tearing up as it begged for my forgiveness.

“Why would you want to hide food?”

I could not understand. At this time, Elan, at my side, tugged on my jacket.

“It’s probably because it knows that it’s always being naughty, so it’s scared that one day, it will be chased out by Brother He.”

Elan’s tone of voice sounded lonely.

My heart suddenly ached.

“Relax. No matter whether it is you or Little Hairball, you are both members of this family.”

I stroked Elan’s head. Little Hairball came over to pounce on me.

“But you definitely cannot hide things again.”

(2) The Uncle and the Newspaper

.3 (year) -01 (month)-07 (day) Thursday

Weather: sunny and cloudless

Recently, I have felt someone tailing me.

I could find out clearly, but the stalking style makes it obvious that is no worth to guard against the opposite party. When I go near the house the presence disappears, so obviously the other is not Little Elan or Little Hairball.

Today’s newspaper reports on some interesting topics.

One of them is a list of the new recruits of the First Expedition Team. The fourth name is Nuode Baliao. That kid is really not simple. The First Expedition Team is the main force on the front lines and must constantly be tough to attack as a vanguard. But this is normal. Nuode had a kind of wolf-like expression, so he is probably suited very well to such work.

The only thing that worried me was the double-edged sword I gave to him. Although Nuode praise the sword as very good, it was not made according to Nuode’s body measurements. In the past, I had the confidence that I made swords that were the first under the heavens, but right now I can’t help but worry if that sword could withstand high level magic bombardment, if it could cut through magic armor. On the battlefield, weapons are half of life, and I gave Nuode an untrustworthy sword. This made me depressed.

These days I still made swords, every day making tens of failed goods.

Another piece of news was that the village’s Noble’s Purple Jade  was auctioned at an exorbitant price. Yazi, the owner of the flower shop, had her photo printed in the paper. A beautiful woman fulfilling the standards of an adult woman, long black hair draped like a shawl, her eyes squinting in an expression happiness. Age was recorded as 25 years, just a little less than my age, but even I could not handle such a scary role. I could never guess what she was really thinking behind that smiling expression.

As someone who took care of that flower pot, I could have gotten a cut, but because on a certain night I secretly plucked its feathers to make a bow an arrow, my conscience was not at piece, so I rejected it. Goodbye, Noble’s Purple Jade! The days I took care of you were very happy!

Another piece of news that concerned me was bad news. Steel prices went up. Although I occasionally do some free service, I still am a businessman who must consider manufacturing costs. The fluctuation in steel prices was not big, but it was a bad omen. Have the munitions for suppressing the Devil Race increased? Anyway, my weapon prices also increased.

(3) The Uncle and the Cold Virus

03-01-12 Tuesday

Weather: dark clouds

This was really careless.

I didn’t think that when a person was in a long-term state of low magic stores, immunity would also lower. Yesterday night, when Elan went to my room to wake me, I saw her tearful look and discovered that my shirt was soaked through with sweat.

Shaking I climbed out of bed with a dizzy head. I could fall down at any time.

This was not simply the after effects of magic depletion. I suddenly realized that I had probably caught a cold.

As a result, today I hung up a closed signboard, wrapped in a quilt and shivering with cold.

Until now, since I had been reincarnated, I had not been sick even once.

Elan feverishly swept the room while looking after the boiling soup in the kitchen.

Although I said, “Leave the cooking up to me,” I was firmly rejected by Elan.

“Brother He, please rest well. I can do this small thing.”

I lay down on the bed. From the corner of my eye, I saw Little Hairball push open the door a crack to secretly watch me. Below, were a few white strands of hair and green eyes. It was Ka Luona. Early in the morning, Yazi had brought Li Sanai to come see me, and not long after, the village head had come to express his sympathies.

This really let me rest well.

I closed my eyes and soon fell into deep slumber.

This time, I dreamt a bad dream. I call it a dream, but it’s more like a replay of a video.

Hanging from the ceiling of the company is a rope. In the air, a stiff body swayed. The background was blood-red and a stifling black.

Mocking and jeering, bewilderment and sorrow, the air was filled with all kinds of smells.

A freaky, repulsive face laughed maliciously before my eyes, then twisted and warped into a demon.

You bastards, can you not let go of me, even in this world?

Just as I bit the bullet, suddenly, for no reason, I calmed down.

Cold sweat disappeared without a trace, and the unrest in my heart also vanished like smoke.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Elan using a damp cloth to diligently rub the sweat off my face.

I sighed with relief. I didn’t know how long I slept, but the steaming soup was already delivered to me.

“Sorry, because Little Hairball wanted to watch Brother He, of my own accord, I let it……”

I turned to the side to look and saw the silver-haired donkey at my side wearing a sorrowful expression.

I rubbed its head, and it woke up. It licked my hand familiarly.

At last, three people drank nice and warm soup together.


  1. Uncle Zhai He made the first year of his reincarnation year 1.
  2. The next chapter is The Honor Student part 3

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