Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 2)

I lost.

Only this sentence kept repeating inside my mind.

Ever since I entered this world, I never believed that I could lose, because I almost never provoked any incidents. Therefore, there’s a low chance of me coming to blows with experts. I don’t know how strong these experts are, but when I come to face with a strong person, I can use my skills in areas that I have an advantage with to close the gap. I don’t think I would lose in wisdom and knowledge either.

However, as I held this silver-white sword, I became aware of what is true mastery.

This is a sword I cannot make.

There are people who probably think that all swords made out of some mold, but in reality, this is not the case at all. If the weapon is only used to kill people, the difference is not too big, but when using it by infusing it with magic, the sword requires other metals to make the skeleton for its insides. The skeleton not only directly effects the weapon’s level of resistance, but also the fluency of enchantment and magic capability.

For example, a sword not carrying a skeleton is just a sharp lump of steel, and  it is easy to fracture once it encounters magic. But once it carries a skeleton, it can resist magic and can even split magic apart. For the same reason, magic can also be poured into the skeleton, to make it harder or sharper.

Skeletons made from different methods are of course different. Naturally, different weapon skeletons also have their special characteristics.

Just by holding this sword you can tell that it is a level above the others.

This sword is tailored for Ka Luona. As I hold this sword, a feeling of rejection occurs immediately. I cannot put magic in this sword. When I tried to forcefully pour it in, this sword even came back to bite me.

In other words, its maker analyzed Ka Luona’s magic skeleton and input it into the design. This sword is actually a part of her body, an extension of her limbs.

This is a true weapon.

However, how do you analyze other people’s magic skeleton?

I gazed at the sword in my hand until Ka Luona grabbed it back.

“This is a sword I received from graduating first from the Hero University. It was made by the principal. He’s not the kind of person you could match up to.”

She jabbed determinedly at my sore spot.

I grabbed Ka Luona’s wrist, and pushed up her sleeve to her elbow. Ka Luona saw my action, but she didn’t resist.

I looked at her forearm, sniffed it, and then licked it lightly.

“You ill-mannered disciple, what are you doing aaaaah!!!!!”

As expected, no matter what method, I had no way of seeing Ka Luona’s magic skeleton.

I can only give up.

——pa!! (sound of hitting)

It even took a long time for me to react to Ka Luona’s slap across my face. My mind was filled solely with the elaborate structure of that sword.


I spoke tersely to Elan, and then I slumped in the chair at the counter, beaten and paralyzed.

A principal of a magic school. What’s this sword made to do, destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes?

My head also started to hurt.

I am a weapons shop uncle; my mission is to make the best sword for the hero who will kill the Demon King.

That’s right. Not selling anything is my level. How could there be anyone who would want goods from me.

I stood up to go to the basement.

The familiar smell of steel. So far, all the weapon I have completed were made here.

“All things forge.” (magic chant thing)

I see it clearly. I see it more clearly.

“All things forge.”

No, it’s still not enough. It’s  merely making a sword.

“All things forge.”

I summon an enormous amount of magic and squeeze it into the sword.

It exploded into pieces.

Can it only bear this much magic?

No way, the explanation is not thorough enough.

“All things forge.”

I recall, recall that silver-white sword!

“All things forge.”

It’s still not enough. It’s too weak like this.

“All things forge.”

If there was a hero, maybe during a decisive battle he might meet with a crisis. If my sword is not strong enough, if in the battle it breaks——

“All things forge.”

I can’t see it.

“All things forge.”

I can’t see the skeleton! Can it not be perceived? Why?


That very night, Elan went to the forge to wake me up, after I had used up all my magic.

Without strength, I looked at the mound-like pile of 128 weapons.

Complete, total failure.

Elan looked at me with a worried expression; I stroked her head and told her I was all right.

After all, this wasn’t a problem that could be resolved in a day. Although I was unwilling, I stood up to make Elan food. Little Hairball probably  knew that its antics today went too far, so when I was giving him feed he secretly looked at me, observing my response, so I pat its nose.

At midnight, Elan was already asleep. I was managing my current record of wares at the counter. My first was a tachi, sold for 15 copper coins, without a skeleton inside. The one who bought it was hero no. 1 who already died.

I pressed my forehead into my arm, leaning over the table and thinking.

What is it that I’m lacking? What should I do?

At this time, the door sounded.

Unexpectedly, it was Ka Luona wearing casual clothes. A brown shirt, black pants, white sneakers. At her waist was the ever present, familiar white sword. Based on the fact that the guards were not around, it does not seem that the issue with Elan was exposed.

I did not wait to speak. She looked at my eyes.

Pursing her lips, green eyes fully unyielding.

“I am number one. Today it was only because of wearing the armor it was hard to move around, this time please seriously fight with me.”

I let out a sound.

“Sorry, today I’m too tired.”

She grabbed my wrist.

“I will let you lick me once more.”

If I had been drinking coffee, I would’ve definitely spewed it onto her face.

Does she really know the meaning of that sentence? Please don’t toy with uncle’s pure heart.

I inclined my head and looked at her:

“Okay, let me see the true ability of an honor’s student.”

We were separated by about 15 meters. The fight had the feeling of two experts from an wuxia novel.

She looked at me without moving her eyes. She is probably trying to figure out my movements, to guard against my speed. Since she used such a textbook method of fighting, it’s obvious that her experience is deficient.

Although I could attack, looking at that silver sword made me want to stay put.

I have decided, I will call that sword “Silver Sword”.

Hearing such a wretched name let me find some of my balance.

Maintaining a high level of attention from begging to end is tiring. I slipped in between a lapse in her concentration and easily patted her shoulder.

I clearly felt Ka Luona shiver from head to toe; she immediately pulled back a distance.

It came out again, the textbook battle strategy.

Her method of creating distance was jumping backwards, therefore I tripped her to fall on her butt onto the ground.

She fish-leaped to her feet and immediately drew out her sword. Too slow, she should’ve done that at the start.

Although fish-leaping is quicker, the stability is not as good as rolling and then getting up. Right now the drawing of her sword is late. At the same time as she jumped. I patted her back. She lost her balance and fell down.

“Really in a difficult situation, as a top student.”

I will kill  you.

Her lips said this.

The silver sword was stuck in the ground. Many large fireballs with radius greater than half a meter floated in the air around me.

Are you planning to surround me?

Who gave you this belief.

This kind of skill made me start to use my defence.

I raised a foot and kicked the air before the sword, and the fireballs immediately disappeared.

“That’s really hot; don’t burn down my house.”

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