Because I’m a Weapons Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 1)

The sun is shining overhead! The sounds of birds chirping can be heard everywhere!

Take a look! Come and see!

Nobody wants first-rate weapons!*

*it don’t rhyme like it did in the raws ><

My heart hurts……

It’s been one month since I gave the double-edged sword to Nuode, and in this time I haven’t sold a single weapon. The hero count has also stayed at 576. Although I comforted myself by saying the reason that my weapons haven’t been selling is because there aren’t many people who would try to subdue the Demon King in the winter, but seeing what I wrought with sweat and tears being ignored, is discomfiting.

In my original world, Xu Wei once said: Pearls from my pen can find no buyer, then let them scatter amidst the vines.

My circumstances are, in general, quite similar to his. However, I am a little better off. In the winter I can work as a carpenter or sell some homemade snacks to earn money, so life is not too bad. In addition, I can repair houses, furniture, and do other odd jobs to support myself, Elan, and Little Hairball without a problem.

But I have started to have doubts about myself.

Although Nuode once said that the quality of my manufacturing was higher than even his father’s,  I still don’t have much of a reputation.

Ah —— how irritating, how irritating. I don’t want to do anything today ——

I see that Elan still has not fully woken up; she was leaned forward, stretching herself over the sales counter like a small child. (E/N: Well…..she is a small child)

——dong dong dong.

The people I know in the village, for example Li Sanai, would not knock on the door and but directly push come in. The possibility of it being a customer is also very low, since I haven’t been selling anything recently. Who could it be……

Opening the door, there was a row of white armor. At the very front stood a female of around nineteen years of age.

Her hair was almost the same shade of white as Elan’s, her eyelashes also silvery-white, her body concealed by a white cloak. She was quite the high quality beauty, but her green eyes emitted a dangerous aura. In short, she looked capable and experienced. Her age was much too young to carry such maturity.

Ordinary people could also sense an icily arrogant chill from her body, but as far as I was concerned, this kind of killing intent was much too undeveloped.

Compared to a person who is always expressionless, a person who is always full of smiles is scarier.

After making an initial assessment, I inquired of her:

“Excuse me, do you have any business with me?”

She stood perfectly straight, not fearing my gaze at all.

While her hand was extended from her cloak, I saw her excellent, white armor, and the saber around her waist. A sweeping glance could determine that the length is approximately eighty centimeters. It was a sword that emphasizes speed and technique.

Afterwards, her hand held a sheepskin document. It seemed to be some kind of proof.

“I’m the investigation official responsible for this area, Ka Luona. Not long ago, there was a Forest Species who infiltrated here. Please tell me everything you know.”

“Forest Species? What is that?”

I asked.

“Their appearance is not much different from a human’s, but their ears are long, and they are good at using a bow and arrow. This is a picture, thank you for your cooperation.”

After I asked the question “What is a Forest Species”, her wariness noticeably declined.

I tentatively glanced at the picture……is this Baluo? This drawing is really too obscure…Miss Investigation Official  if you rely on this drawing, you will never find Baluo in this lifetime. Oh no, my OCD has been offended, have to restrain myself……

“I haven’t seen this person.”

She nodded her head.

“This drawing is too obscure, isn’t it?.”

I could not endure and said it out loud.

She turned her head to stare at me:

“I drew this.”

I did not know what to say. Fortunately, they were already ready to leave.

“Big Brother, are there customers here?”

At this time, Elan, dressed properly, came behind my back, and timidily asked me.


Ka Luona’s line of sight was instantly directed to Elan. Scared, Elan used all desperately hid behind my back.

“A unknown person…”

Her gaze was full of suspicion. In this situation, I need to think of a way to muddle through this.

“Ah, that’s right. It’s because Miss Investigation Official rarely comes around here. Last year I adopted her, and I let her work at my store.”

“Oh, so it’s like that. But her skin is really too white.”

I wanted to say that she herself was also very white, but at a time like this I exercised restraint.

“…..ah, haha. Actually this child has been extremely afraid of strangers every since undergoing that disaster, always staying at home.”

“That disaster?”

I have successfully changed the topic.

“Yes. One year ago, during the battle between humans and demons, her parents were killed, and she ran here all alone covered from head-to-toe in blood.”

I did not lie.

In that moment, Ka Luona showed a sincerely sad expression. As expected, although her face is stiff as a board, her heart is still gentle.

“Sorry, but can you take off your hat and let me take a look?”

She actually wants to continue the harassment!

What to do……

Wracking my brains……

“This……cannot be done.”


She suddenly pressed close to me, carefully scrutinizing my face. To tell the truth her face was not that far apart from mine, to say I am tempted is not an exaggeration, although she herself completely could not sense it, I could even feel her breath.

“Because……because Elan, she, is bald!!”

I said loudly.

Ka Luona’s expression immediately became dark. What to do, I want to run away.

No, I should still persist!

“Although you can still see hair coming from around the area of the hat, at the top of her head not a single blade of glass grows! Please see, Miss Investigation Official, this child once had beautiful white hair just as worthy of pride of yours. But…this was done by a donkey! Our pet donkey only eats hair, and moreover, whatever he eats will not grow back!!”

Afterward, Ka Luona cried.

Her tears fell down her cheeks *pitter patter* onto the floor.

I am absolutely not perverted, but Ka Luona’s crying face was so much better than her usual icebox impression.

“Such a young girl, but she only can……wear this hat…to live normally….”

Her tone was filled with self-blame and guilt.

I let out a sigh of relief. Just as Ka Luona was about to leave, there came a sudden surprise.

I don’t know when Little Hairball came out, but right now he was chewing on Ka Luona’s hair.


Out came a cry of utter sadness, in a flash Ka Luona took out her sword to cut the piece of hair that was inside of Little Hairball’s mouth. Then she immediately swung down at it, but it was no use because the sword was already in my hands.

Unlike Durant and Baluo from before, Ka Luona could see me take away her sword, but her body could not respond. To even follow my movements was worthy of praise. When she reached my age, maybe she could surpass me. However, I didn’t seriously try to take away the sword, so this wasn’t for sure.

“Give my sword back! Also do not run! You brute!”

Right now, compared to the indignant Ka Luona, the frightened Elan,  the cheerfully running away Little Hairball, and the soldiers pointing their swords at me, I cared more about the thing that was in my grasp.

The creation of this sword……

It’s way better than what I could make!!!

“Say, Miss Investigation Official, where did you get this sword?”

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