Wicked Girl 1

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Chapter 1


Where am I? All I can see is white everywhere. I’m in a place that’s pure white. How strange, I thought I was in the hospital. But what I really want to know is,

“Didn’t I die?”

It was so painful and hard that I thought it was over for me but right now my body is moving. An overly skinny and pale hand. Yeah, this is my body. But it’s not hard to breathe and I can move normally. What is going on?

“Thats right, you just died.”

“Wha..? Who are you!?”

While my head was still dazed I thought he had three heads but above me was a boy with a pair of wings on his back. Could this be an angel? He’s so cute! I want to hug him!!

“I am an existence that humans call an angel. It’s my job to send souls to the place humans call the land of the dead.”

“So you’re like a death god.”

“Don’t compare me to the likes of them.”

His voice that’s as effective as a yakuza sword and his sharp glare makes him seem a lot different than how I perceived him before.

If his job is to send souls to the other side does that mean that I’m heading there right now?

“Uh.., I’ll count on you to send me to the other side.”

“Well, that’s impossible right now.”


I bowed my head because I thought he was going to take me but he refused me with a sigh. Why?

“The ark that sends the souls over has a predetermined number of souls it can take. The point is, we’ve gone over the capacity. One person unexpectedly ended their life so we can’t take you over anymore.”

“Really…then what’ll happen to me?”

“We have to submit an application to take you and wait for the next ride to come. The thing is, this space only lasts a few hours so you’ll have to wait at earth.”

An angel’s job seems much like a regular business. But wait a second? If I have to wait at earth that means I get to be like this while I wait. So then I can see the world outside the hospital…

Basically, I can go see around the town!? The fashion district I only saw in books and movies. Beautiful scenery. The ocean and mountains of nature. Oh– I want to see. I was to see it so bad!

“I’ll gladly wait!”

“But you’ll be targeted by evil spirits since during that time you won’t be protected.”


Evil spirits..?

I guess those really exist. Well since angels do exist it makes sense that those would too. I’ve never seen any of those while I was in the hospital.

“What happens if you get caught by an evil spirit?”

“You become an evil spirit.”


While I was bedridden I bet it would’ve been impossible to escape an evil spirit once I was found. Anyways, I’m overflowing with curiosity so there’s no way I won’t go out and explore. But I definitely don’t want to become an evil spirit so what should I do.

“…Theres also another path you can take.”

“Another path?”

The angel showed me a brilliant smile as he saw my troubled face. His halo is so radiant! And so cute!

“Remember how I told you that we had an unexpected death? That person was also a girl like you and had the same age. Also, you died at the same time. Her cause of death was suicide.”

Suicide!? What a waste.

“I have something to discuss with you. Do you want to take over her body?”


“Nationality, gender, age, time of death. As long as all of those are the same we can transfer the soul. In other words, you’ll take over her life.”

To take the path of someone’s life. No way!.. well, I shouldn’t expect anything. But…

“Can I ask something?”


“Can that person walk?”

“Yes, they can walk.”

“Could this person possibly be able to run too?”

“Yeah, isn’t that normal? The body’s in good shape.”

Healthy! Isn’t this a great day!

I can finally run up the stairs like I’ve always wanted! Then I might also be able to do cleaning. I’ll be able to dash through long corridors with a dust cloth.. I want to do it, I want to do it, I want to do it so bad!

“Please let me do this!”

“But this person has received a lot of bashing from her surroundings. It’s not just her classmates and her teachers but also her parents neglected her. She had no friends. Do you still want her life?”

“Of course I do! Even if, for example, I have to live in a prison cell as a murder or live alone on an uninhabited island, as long as I have a healthy body I have no complaints!”

“…Oh, really.”

Thats right. As long as I have perfectly healthy body that I was impossible for me to obtain, it doesn’t matter if everyone hates me. I can do anything as long as I’m healthy!

I feel pity coming from the angels eyes. Why?

“Also, if you see anyone you knew, pretend that you’re a stranger. If you accidentally say your own name or speak of what happened, I’ll send you straight to hell.”

The angels eyes show me that he’s serious. So I have to forget about my parents. That makes me feel lonely but I didn’t see them very much in the first place so I’ll be alright.

As long as I don’t visit the university hospital I probably won’t run into my doctors so I think It’ll be fine.

“I understand. I’ll seal all my memories from before.”

“I’ll take that as acknowledgement. Now close your eyes. I’ll send you into that girl’s body.”

“Okay. Thank you very much angel-san, for fulfilling my wish.”


When the angel’s hand touched my forehead, I felt a warm light envelop my body.

I had always wished for this. To have a healthy body. To become healthy. So,

“Thank you Angel-san.”

As if guided by the dazzling light, I lost consciousness once again. This time I’m unafraid. Because when I wake up, I’ll have a healthy body!

“Ok, with this I won’t have to write the report or the application, I won’t have to listen to complaints from my superiors, and I was able to save one soul so my assessment will go up. Oh, I was saved because of that simple girl. The owner of the body had a shitty life and was beyond saving. I bet things will get tough from here on out but everyone knows that with every good thing comes a bad thing. Good luck!”

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