A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Volume 2 Chapter 49

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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang Vol02 Ch49

“Main General?! Main General! Wake up!”

Ruohan felt a splitting headache as he opened his eyes. The advisory tent was brightly lit with candles. He saw several faces of concerned generals above his head.

Where was Chu Bejie?

Ruohan clutched to his head as he forcefully sat up. “Where is he? Has he been caught?”

Everyone looked at each other. Sen Rong was pushed by everyone towards the front. His voice was a little muffled, “We heard General’s call and rushed into the advisory tent. It was pitch-black everywhere and because we had no idea whether General was alive or not, it was chaotic as we panicked. When the candles were lit, we searched around but could not find the assassin’s traces.”

Ruohan sighed once and slapped his leg. “Damn it, such a pity!” But then he remembered that Chu Beijie would not be caught so easily. He should have already thought of how to leave before entering the camp.

Huacan was a newly promoted general. He lowered his voice to report, “Fifteen of Main General’s guards were killed. It appears to be a surprise attack, and they were killed by a single cut at the throat. This assassin’s skill is truly terrifying.”

The bodies of the guards had been personally checked by each general. Each of them thought the skill of the enemy was incredible, causing an expression on fear on everyone.

Sen Rong shook his head. “The four countries has never heard of such a terrifying assassin. Perhaps it’s time to tidy our Dong Lin’s army camp. What would’ve happened if something happened to Main General and the army lost its advisor?”

“Yeah. Who on earth was the assassin?”

Ruohan was silent for a long time, before he replied, “Chu Beijie.”

Although the tent was huge, it was suddenly silent. All the generals exchanged looks amongst each other, not knowing what to say.

Finally reacting, Sen Rong took a deep breath before opening his mouth wide to say, “He was actually the Duke of Zhen-Bei?”

The name Chu Beijie, to them, was like a nightmare.

In Kanbu, Chu Beijie had almost destroyed their country. This person had controlled the enemy’s strategies and his resourcefulness was shocking. His swordsmanship was even more chilling

This time, by sneaking into an armed enemy camp, he once again showed his courage and superior abilities.

Who could not get a headache from having such an enemy?

“What on earth did he come here to do?”

“I’m not sure.” Ruohan’s expression was extremely twisted. “He wanted me to pass on a message to the King.” He then recounted what had happened. Although it was very humiliating to be knocked out so easily, military affairs could not be treated lightly, so Ruohan still revealed everything honestly.

Everyone understand that the intruder was Chu Beijie. They did not doubt the words from Ruohan’s mouth in the slightest. When they heard that Chu Beijie had declare to kill all of Bei Mo’s generals, one by one, all of them were so angry that their eyes became red. They loudly cursed him.

Ruohan then said, “Chu Beijie’s words are perhaps not without ground. If our army camp’s security remains so lax, then we won’t be able to withstand highly skilled people like him in the future.”

When he said this, everyone went silent.

The Bei Mo army camp was far less strictly organised or trained compared to the Dong Lin army. Everyone knew that clearly.

An army that Chu Beijie had tuned could only perhaps be evenly matched against He Xia.

Ruohan looked outside the tent. The sky had yet to brighten. There was only a whisp of orange light faintly shining through the gray clouds.

“Our departure will not change. We set off tomorrow, so you may all leave. Let me think in peace for a while.” As the people left, Ruohan called to Sen Rong, “Stay here.”

Sen Rong nodded and sat down, thinking. He frowned, “Main General, there is one thing that I don’t get at all, no matter how much I think. Chu Beijie threatened to kill my Bei Mo’s generals and successfully infiltrated, but why did he only want Main General to pass on a message rather than begin his killing spree?”

Ruohan replied, “I also think this matter is strange. Judging from his face, he holds great faith in his skills in battle and is extremely arrogant. He immediately threatened that he wanted to kill all of Bei Mo’s generals, one by one starting from the highest ranking general, until Bei Mo no longer has any generals avaliable.”

“But, Main General is already the highest ranking general in Bei Mo. If Chu Beijie really wanted to do that, he wouldn’t let go of Main General.”

Ruohan’s expression suddenly changed and he abruptly stood up from his chair. “Damn it, I know!”

Sen Rong was surprised. “What does Main General know?”

Ruohan’s expression was solemn and his voice sunk. He slowly replied, “Main General, Main General Ze Yin.”

This time it was Sen Rong’s turn to pale. “That’s right, he definitely wants to kill Main General Ze Yin first!”

Ze Yin was the pillar of the Bei Mo army. Even though he had retired to live in a secluded residence, his prestige in the army had not changed, the Bei Mo equivalent of Chu Beijie in the Dong Lin army.

If the news of Ze Yin’s assassination by Chu Beijie was to spread through the world, then the morale of the Bei Mo army would collapse and become extremely vulnerable.

Sen Rong was also a seasoned general who accompanied Ze Yin for many years. He couldn’t help feel worried about Ze Yin. He rubbed his hands anxiously, asking, “What to do? We can’t just sit back and watch a matter concerning Main General’s life and death unfold.”

“Main General is my Bei Mo’s famous swordsmanship practitioner and has loyal guards by his side. I’m just afraid that Chu Beijie may somehow slip through the gaps and happen to succeed.”

“We must immediately contact Main General, so that he is warned of Chu Beijie.” Sen Rong suddenly remembered something and he was distressed. “No one knows where the Main General went to live in seclusion after resigning. We must immediately send people out to find Main General, to report this news. Chu Beijie holds all of Dong Lin’s military power and has many spies. We mustn’t let him find Main General before we do.”

Ruohan was confident and he smiled, “No need to worry, I know. I’ll write a letter now. Main General is a hero himself, so as long as he makes enough preparations, he will absolutely not let Chu Beijie succeed.”

When early dawn fell, a fast horse rushed out from the Bei Mo army camp, heading towards the Songsen Mountains.

Chu Beijie, who had been waiting for a long time on the grass of another hill saw the small back of the messenger moving rapidly in the distance. He gently got up by using the beloved horse by his side. “Time to hit the road. We’ll go find your female owner.”

He turned to mount up, calmly tugging the reins in his hands.

The horse neighed, released its four legs to pound the yellow dust below, chasing after the messenger soldier.

Judging by the direction the soldier was heading to, as expected, Ze Yin and Yangfeng’s secluded residence was somewhere in the vast Songsen Mountains.

Pingting, you have often mentioned your good friend, Yangfeng, to me.

If her secluded residence is near Yun Chang, then you will definitely go to find her, right?

Have you already seen Yangfeng? Or are you still on the way?

Chu Beijie is incompetent. I breached several Yun Chang checkpoints, yet couldn’t get your whereabouts at all. Although the sword in my hand is sharp, I cannot force out your whereabouts from the sky, in all these seas of snow.

Pingting, please stop your footsteps and don’t drift around any more. Don’t forget your good friend, Yangfeng. Go and see her.

I will wait for you there, catch you, hug you, kiss you and apologise to you. I beg you to forgive me – for the feelings that had spread like clear water, lingered like fragrance in the air. I look forward to our love that can be as firm as a mountain.

I already understand what is the greatest power, the end of the world and what is—to never turn against each other.

Yun Chang capital was full of singing and joy throughout the night. Multicoloured fireworks ascended to the sky with a bang, illuminating the delight on all of the peasant’s faces in the capital.

The Princess and the Prince Consort returned.

The luxurious carriage had all of its curtains raised. Yaotian revealed a happy smile and was nestled in He Xia’s arms. This touching and comforting scene was deeply imprinted in the hearts of the citizens.

Following behind the two were the thousands of Yun Chang soldiers, safely returned to their home. They had departed with certain death on the battlefield, but the skies had mercy on them. There was no test of war in the end.

What waited for them were cheers and a sky full of dazzling fireworks.

And finally, good alcohol.

“This cup is dedicated to Senior Official.”

The colourful dance maids crossed the main hall as the hundred, somewhat drunk, officials laughed carefreely. He Xia’s laughter was rich as he gulped down cup after cup of the endless cups the officials dedicated to him. He then took the jar of alcohol himself and stepped towards Gui Changqing who had been sitting at one side, smiling all along.

Gui Changqing was a bit stunned by this, hurriedly lifting his own cup. “I dare not, this cup is still dedicated to Prince Consort. Prince Consort led the troops on such a faraway expedition. It must’ve been tough.”

He Xia drank quite a lot, his handsome cheeks slightly flushed. His dark eyes had no trace of tipsiness, however, as he said, “Senior Official is too modest. Leading troops to war is simply manual labour. Senior Official is the one who truly worked the hardest, handling affairs from the capital.”

Gui Changqing had never been one to drink, but the moment the threat of war had been eliminated, it was such great news that even people who didn’t like to drink had to celebrate with a couple of drinks. He collected his pride together and raised his cup, “Fine, a cup to the Prince Consort. I also wish my Princess Yaotian will be blessed with longevity, hm, as well as heirs soon.”

He Xia laughed at this, “Such an honest wish, thank you Senior Official!” He raised his head to drain the cup in a single gulp.

“Prince Consort.”

“Luyi?” He Xia turned around and saw Yaotian’s personal maid. He looked around at the various noisily celebrating officials, bustling with activity, before taking her to one side and lowering his voice, “Did the Princess summon me?”

Luyi shoo her head, biting onto her lower lip as she smiled. “No. The Princess told me to tell Prince Consort that she had been subject to a long bumpy ride and is very tired. She took a bath before going to sleep and would like Prince Consort to see her tomorrow. The Princess also said to be careful of your own body and not to drink to much alcohol. Prince Consort has also travelled for a long time and too much alcohol can easily damage your health.”

He Xia broke into a laugh. “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to last the alcohol here. Now that the Princess has given her Order, then it’s perfect timing to send them all back home to sleep.”

He immediately then used Yaotian’s words to break up the officials that still wanted to celebrate and left the Royal Residence first, to go to the Prince Consort Residence.

The Prince Consort Residence long had its entrance wide open, with many servants waiting outside. Dongzhuo was leading them and had his neck strained. He saw a figure swaying in the distance before hearing the sound of hooves. Several people then stepped forwards.

“Welcome back, Prince Consort!”

“Welcome back, Prince Consort!”

The horse stopped and Dongzhuo immediately went forwards to take the reins. He raised his head, “Master, you’re back.”

“Yeah.” He Xia answered once before dismounting. Just when he was about to walk through the door, he saw the several maids that had stepped forwards to welcome him back. His eyebrows creased slightly, “Why are there so many people in the doorway? You can all go.”

Dongzhuo took the reins and threw it at a manservant waiting aside. He dismissed the other servants and followed his Master.

He Xia’s strides were large and did not have any hint of stopping. Dongzhuo hurried behind him. He Xia headed straight for the rear courtyard and turned two or three corners before reaching the room where Pingting had lived in. He suddenly stopped, stood outside the door, and for the longest time remained frozen.

Dongzhuo quietly watched him stare at Pingting’s door, as if like a statue of wood. From what he saw, he just felt desolation.

He had thought He Xia was heartless back then and so when Yaotian had revolted, he had turned a blind eye and let Pingting go. However, seeing He Xia today, he realised that he truly felt miserable.

Dongzhuo felt guilty as well as sad. He couldn’t help but walk towards him and softly calling, “Master.”

He Xia returned to his senses when he heard his call. He absentmindedly looked at him before slowly walking towards the door, raising his hands to push lightly on the door.


A slight sound was produced from the rotating door shafts. The room’s furnishings entered his eye little by little.

The flowers on the window sill had already withered, and the bed had been cleaned properly, the mantle pulled to the side. There was a pair of embroidered shoes placed underneath the bed. On the dressing table, a bronze mirror stood and beside it, the gilded box that he had specifically ordered to be made for Pingting stood quietly. The qin was still there. It sat silently on the table, yet already had a thin layer of dust.

He Xia strode into the room, his footsteps were very light, as if afraid to break something. He sat on the icy-cold chair, placing his precious sword from his waist down onto the table.

He had used that very sword to sword dance.

Here, he was in this Prince Consort Residence.

His sword gently came out of his scabbard like a dragon entering water, smoothly gliding in, shedding its dirty half which floated on the water like a quilt.

Pingting was there. She remained seated at the pavilion, silently watching.

Her eyes were like watery smoke and her fingertips played the piece “Nine Days.” The moment the qin sound began, he almost thought that everything had not changed.

He almost thought that the days had not passed, the seasons had not changed and death was non-existent.

He had been wrong.

In the depths of He Xia’s eyes, there was a cold light flashing. He was wrong, the days had passed and overturning the seasons did not exist.

Schemes and ability was not powerful enough.

He had painstakingly used all of his energy to protect this beautiful illusion of the past, yet just a single light-hearted Order from the Princess wiped it all way.

Yaotian, his wife, the master of Yun Chang.

He Xia was deeply jolted awake by facing the room that had lost Pingting and the Prince Consort Residence that had lost its warmth.

As long as Yaotian existed, he would always be the Prince Consort.

A Prince Consort that was unable to keep his own maid.

“Master, this guqin…shall I pack it away?”

“No need.” He Xia gazed at the dusty guqin and the corners of his lips quivered slightly. “Leave it, so it can wait for Pingting to come back.”

Pingting will definitely return, return to my side.

I refuse to let anyone steal my things and will never allow anyone to tarnish the House of Jing-An again.

I will not let the Royal House of Dong Lin and Gui Changqing, that damn old geezer, to bind my hands and feet.

I will not let my ambition be succumbed under Yaotian’s tenderness or the throne.

No one is allowed to treat me like that.

Chu Beijie was now at the foot of the Songsen Mountains on his horse, after trailing behind the messenger. He looked up to see the majestic mountains seeming more mysteriously beautiful covered in white snow than usual.

Yangfeng was in these mountains.

Pingting should also be in these mountains.

Perhaps she was playing qin, or maybe reading, or softly singing about heroes and beautiful woman. As Chu Beijie gazed at the solemn mountains, he couldn’t stop his heart from fluttering everywhere.

He was very eager to see Pingting indeed.

He longed to see her. The longing in his dreams was not enough to describe the howling longing he felt overall. It was insufficient to restrain his anxiety.

The messenger had been strictly ordered by Ruohan and was very careful to hurry on his way. He kept on looking back constantly to see if he was being tailed, but no matter how capable he was, there was no way he could detect such an expert at tailing like Chu Beijie.

Chu Beijie watched him from faraway until reaching the mountain where Ze Yin’s secluded residence was located. He rode his horse up the mountain and finally saw dozens of wooden cabins hidden in the forest.

Chu Beijie began to dash forwards, but had yet to reach the cabins when several burly men suddenly jumped out from the side of the road. They shouted, “Stop! Do you know what this place is and still dare to loiter around?” Their swords were in their hands, cold light flashing. All of them were fairly skilled.

These threats were a trifling matter to Chu Beijie and he didn’t care at all. Chu Beijie didn’t defend or flee, he just sat on his hores as he looked around. He lowered his voice, “Tell Ze Yin that Chu Beijie has arrived.”

“Chu Beijie?”

“Dong Lin’s Chu Beijie?”

“The Duke of Zhen-Bei?”

“That’s me.” A determined smile escaped from Chu Beijie’s lips. “I am here to pick up my Duchess—Bai Pingting.”

The man with a heart as cold as ice who had led the Dong Lin army to battle in all directions, killing everyone, was now before their eyes?

Some people’s hands shook so much that their swords almost fell to the ground.

“What are you being dazed for? Hurry and pass on the message.” Chu Beijie got off the horse and sneezed once before stepping forwards.

Everyone was shocked by this and took several steps back, looking alert. This famous general had almost ruined their Main General, Ze Yin, in the battle of Kanbu, almost leading to the destruction of the entire Bei Mo.

A coward sobbed once before turning to report. The remaining people stayed on the spot, terrified, surrounding Chu Beijie with their spears. Everyone was staring at the preciious sword at his waist.

Rumours had that whenever the sword of the Duke of Zhen-Bei came out of its scabbard, rivers of blood were sure to flow.

Chu Beijie sat on his horse. He seemed to be like a general that had fallen from the skies, although he was fiercely glared at, his expression remained leisurely. A faint hint of joy was present on his face.

Pingting, I have already arrived.

What are you doing?

Are you playing with Yangfeng?

You said before that Yangfeng played very fine too. Perhaps you’ll let Chu Beijie watch the match from the sidelines? Let me sit by your side, watch your slender fingers, pick up the black and white stones before lightly placing them onto the board. Such scene would certainly be pleasing and I will never tire of it.

The man who had ran to pass on the message quickly returned. His expression was very strange. He did not dare stand to close to Chu Beijie as he submissively replied, “Duke of Zhen-Bei, our Main General would like to see you.”

Chu Beijie nodded, pleased. He followed the manservant who lead the way to the front gates. The gates were silent and without people. He did not see Yangfeng, nor did he see Ze Yin.

He was brave in nature and had never been afraid of the Dong Lin Royal Residence or palace guards or blood when young. Of course, he was not afraid of such a log cabin either.

When he got off the horse, he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword as he headed straight inside.

When he stepped into the room, he was stunned. His eyes were filled with a pure white when he entered. Apart from the white walls, in the huge guest room, there was absolutely nothing at all except a huge coffin placed in the middle.

The room Chu Beijie had stepped in was actually mourning room.

There was a man with a very solemn expression standing in the room. His eyebrows were thick and dark, and his eyes were breathtakingly piercing. “The Duke of Zhen-Bei?”

Chu Beijie calmly raised his eyes to meet his. “The Main General of Bei Mo?”

He suddenly heard a high pitched woman’s voice. “Chu Beijie! Where is Chu Beijie?”

Chu Beijie knew Pingting’s voice by heart. He guessed the female’s voice was from the Main General’s wife. He raised his voice, “I am here.”

His words had yet to fall when the curtain to the side room was lifted. A petite figure rushed into the room. Yangfeng’s face was very pale and then, as if crazy, went to stab at Chu Beijie’s chest.

Although her arrival was sudden, there was no way she could hurt Chu Beijie. The sword had yet to reach his chest when Chu Beijie reached out and grabbed onto Yangfeng’s hand.

Ze Yin hadn’t expected that Yangfeng would rush out with a sword from the side room. It was too late by the time he realised and his expression darkened. “How dare you hurt my wife?” He jumped up to pounce.

Chu Beijie had stopped Yangfeng in one go and had, after remembering she was a good friend of Pingting, not dared to do anything at all. His fingertips pressed lightly on her slender wrist before gently pushing her. Yangfeng was no longer stable and began to fall backwards.

Ze Yin happened to be in the right place and caught her. He knew that Chu Beijie was powerful and feared that Yangfeng had been injured. He hurriedly asked, “Are you hurt?”

Yangfeng shook her head. Her hair was very messy and her eyes were very red. There was not a slight trace of her usual relaxed appearance. She suddenly swivelled round to glare at Chu Beijie before suddenly breaking into tears. She grabbed on Zuiju’s sleeves, pleading, “Kill him for me! Hurry and kill him!”

From what Chu Beijie heard from Pingting, Yangfeng was always warm and polite. He had not expected that his first impression of her was a crazy woman. His heart began to feel doubtful as his gaze swept around the room, resting on the coffin. He was secretly alarmed and his heart was for once, frightened. He whispered, “Where is Pingting?”

Yangfeng seemed to not be able to hear his words. She just thumped Ze Yin’s chest as she cried, “Husband, kill him for me! He was the one who killed Pingting! He killed Pingting!”

Chu Beijie felt as if lightning splintered through his head. He took two abrupt steps forward. He shouted, “What did you say? What did you just say?”

This shout was like the roar of the tiger, and it seemed to make Yangfeng come back to her senses. She stopped hitting Ze Yin who was trying to comfort her and absentmindedly turned to stare at Chu Beijie. It seemed that blood wanted to flood out from her red eyes as she spat out, “You killed Pingting. You hated her and sent her off to He Xia, so that she died a lonely death in the snow.” Every word was squeezed through her clenched teeth. Her voice was ghastly cold, as if coming from the depths of a ghost town.

Chu Beijie took a step back and turned to look at the coffin in the room. He forced out a smile, “Impossible, that’s impossible. You’re lying to me because you feel bad for Pingting, so you’re scheming against me.” Even though he said this, it was babbling done through cold sweat. He felt as if he was falling onto ice.

Yangfeng was a very good friend of Pingting, and the two had grown up together. Chu Beijie had met many people, and naturally knew that Yangfeng’s pain was definitely not a lie. He felt a chill that he had never once experienced in his lifetime invade into him. It broke through his skin and cut straight into his bones.

“You’re lying. Pingting is here, hiding.” Chu Beijie laughed, his expression twisted. His eyes flickered and stopped on Ze Yin who was hugging onto Yangfeng.

His hand pressed down on his sword, as if he would cut Ze Yin’s body into numerous pieces if he just said one unfavourable phrase.

Ze Yin didn’t say anything, however, he simply held his bitterly crying wife. He returned Chu Beijie’s gaze.

Chu Beijie’s gaze, apart from determination, honesty, persistence and a little fear, there was also a little pleading bit of hope.

Then in the depths of his eyes, stirring like a storm, it gradually became contaminated with incredible despair.

He could, from his former enemy Ze Yin’s face, see the tiniest trace of sympathy.

“Impossible, that’s impossible…” Chu Beijie felt like his heart had been stabbed by a sharpened knife. He howled once, took several steps back and raised his head to the sky to cry out, “Pingting, Pingting! Hurry up and come out! I’ve come, Chu Beijie has come!”

“I’ve come to apologise to you! You can punish me any way you like! Pingting, come out!”

The hurt beast’s howls shook the mountain forest, causing the gathered snow on the trees to fall off. The entire Songsen Mountains quietly stood as it listened to the bitterly upset shouts of Chu Beijie.

How could this be? How was this possible?

Those dexterous fingers, that unrivaled smile, that intoxicating fragrance and the willowy figure, how could all of it be gone?

He had clearly heard her, the sound of her qin and singing about heroes and beautiful woman surviving the turmoil. She had sung about the rises and falls of monarchs as well as soldiers knowing the resultant fraud. She had passionately sung about longing and how it was a joy to merely look.

She was undoubtedly here, in the snow, fog, clouds and snow. Her smile was ever so elegant and demure. Her black eyes quietly watched him, as if containing endless thoughts that were placed upon himself.

Where? Where was Pingting?

Chu Beijie numbly turned away, looking at that lonely coffin.

“She had already arrived at the foot of the mountain, but met up with wolves. She only had…” Ze Yin lowered his voice, “only had the final bit left to go.”

Yangfeng had gradually calmed down. She stared at Chu Beijie with her very bloodshot eyes, and desolately mourned, “She was here to find me, I knew she would. She was wearing the luminous jade hairpin I gave her. She climbed through the Songsen Mountains, coming from so faraway to see me. Why did I not send someone down the mountain quicker? Why? Why…” She buried her head in Ze Yin’s shoulders, her own trembling uncontrollably.

Chu Beijie dazedly looked at the coffin, completely losing his soul.

As he approached that coffin, every step seemed to be done on clouds. It felt soft, didn’t feel real at all.

Everything was like a dream. The coffin seemed to be nearby, yet suddenly it seemed so far away. The short path drained all of his body’s energy, and he struggled onwards, barely finishing.

He finally touched the coffin and chilling coldness gushed out from it. It spreaded from his fingers to his heart, causing this world-famous Duke of Zhen-Bei to shiver.

“Pingting, you’re in here…” His voice was at its gentlest as it addressed the dark, black coffin.

He wanted to open the box, planning to hug his beloved wife, his Duchess, his Bai Pingting.

But when his ten fingers grasped onto the lid, the always brave Duke of Zhen-Bei could not summon any energy at all. Chu Beijie’s hardened hand from holding swords shook. He tried very hard, but he could not stop shaking for even just one moment.

“She came across wolves. only leaving her clothes, and…” Ze Yin’s fist was tightly clenched as he whispered, “and a few bones.”

Each word weighed as much as a ton, crushing onto Chu Beijie’s heart. His knees could never support his body. He slumped heavily into the ground.

The coffin was both cold and hard. Chu Beijie carefully stroked it.

Pingting was not like that. She was petite, exquisite and in the snow, two red clouds appear on her cheeks. She liked to watch the stars in the night sky and was like a cat, often seeking out his warm broad chest, coming and going freely.

“Pingting…” He stretched out his two arms, doing his best to embrace.

He had come too late, far too late.

He should have hurried back by the sixth and wrapped his arms tightly around the waiting Pingting. He should have hugged her, not letting anything hurt her and push all danger far away from her. He should have let her smile, leisurely read a book in the warm winter sun, take a nap and give her complete freedom so she could carefreely look after their child.

“Marry me.”


“Not only you can play qin and sing well,but you also have nimble hands and own a heart of gold. I’d much rather choose you over many other women.”


“Let’s swear to the moon, never turn against each other.”

Never turn against each other?

Where did that never turn against each other go?

“If you live, I live. If you die, I can only accompany you to death.”

Her every smile and frown seemed to be in the air, in the fragrance of flowers.

Always, omnipresent.

“Is Duke going to war?”

“Duke doesn’t need to explain to Pingting. Pingting is no longer concerned about anything apart from Duke now.”

“Pingting passed her birthday alone, so as for Duke’s birthday, could we be together?”

He hadn’t made it and turned against her.

Let her heart break as she boarded on the carriage in the harsh light of sharp swords.

Let her drift to Yun Chang, with his flesh and blood, crossing through the snowy mountains, suffering endlessly.

Let her be surrounded by wolves which tore piece by piece of her flesh and snapped her bones.

“No!” Chu Beijie howled in pain. After that, he resolutely unsheathed his sword.

The precious sword of the Duke of Zhen-Bei that had shook the skies was thrown hard onto the ground. The sword fell with a sonorous crash, causing an instant spark. Chu Beijie slowly turned his head, looking at Yangfeng, “It was I who ruined her, go ahead and kill me.” He didn’t say any more as he raised his head and closed his eyes.

Yangfeng was silent for a long time. She wriggled free of Ze Yin’s embrace and picked up the precious sword from the ground. The precious sword was very heavy, and she could only hold onto it with both hands. Even though she held it with both, the sword still trembled.

The sword pointed at Chu Beijie’s throat and with just one light slice, this world-famous general that every country wanted to get rid of, the Duke of Zhen-Bei, would disappear from this world.



The mourning hall was deathly silent, except for Yangfeng’s teardrops. Each was large and dropped endlessly onto the ground.

She hated this man just earlier and wouldn’t have minded dying on her way to killing him. However, now that his sword was against his throat, she was actually trembling.

Pingting, Pingting, this Chu Beijie who made you cry in sorrow and broke your heart is now under my sword.

Has he perhaps ever made you smile in happiness before?

“The world is vast, where do you plan to go?”

“I’m going home.”

“Going home?”

“There’s someone waiting for me.” Pingting had smiled faintly, a gentleness and longing in her eyes. She had lifted her hand and touched the hair that had been swept messily by the wind.

Yangfeng clearly remembered Pingting standing by the window. The direction she had gazed was towards Dong Lin, where the Duke of Zhen-Bei was located.

Her hands tightly clasped around the sword shook, and the interlocked fingers gradually loosened. The sword fell to the ground with a “clang” beside Yangfeng’s feet.

Chu Beijie opened his eyes in surprise.

Yangfeng returned his gazed coldly. “I won’t let you go disturb Pingting in the heavens. She doesn’t want to see you.” Her expression was faraway as she reached out to stroke the coffin. Her voice was caring, “Pingting, I know you’re exhausted. From now on, no one will ever hurt you again.”

Chu Beijie stared at the coffin, his heart like ashes.

Inside there lay his most beloved woman, his Duchess and his child’s mother. In this lifetime, he never properly faced Pingting.

Indeed, he was the one who killed her.

Pingting would never forgive him whether it was on earth or in the heavens.

If he died, his begs for forgiveness would be hated, and if he lived, he would be hated for asking her remains.

The unrivalled beauty that he devoted himself to had been ruined in his own hands.

“You’re right…” Chu Beijie’s eyes were empty holes, clay-like, as he slowly rose up from the ground. “You’re right…” He watched the coffin longingly, but no longer had the courage to touch it with his trembling hands.

What right did he have to touch it?

Chu Beijie turned. His eyes could no longer see anything, no Yangfeng, no Ze Yin, and no path.

He forgot his precious sword, forgot everything as he walked out the gates. His gaze was fixed ahead as he walked towards the depths of the mountain forest. His horse, eating hay outside, neighed once before trotting behind Chu Beijie. It didn’t understand why his master entered the cabinand return as if his soul had been lost.

Ze Yin’s men watched the man and horse leaveand lowered their voices, “Main General, this man is the greatest enemy of my Bei Mo. Shall we perhaps take this opportunity and…”

Ze Yin watched Chu Beijie’s back view and shook his head, sighing, “He is no longer anyone’s enemy.”

The famous Duke of Zhen-Bei had already died.

His heart was already dead.

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20 Responses to A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated – Volume 2 Chapter 49

  1. Mangochic says:

    I feel so sad for Zuiju, horrible way to die

  2. Erry says:

    Zuiju die!? *sob* s-she didn’t send the message! What will happen to Bai pinging! That is so sad! Stupid Senior Official! T-T

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    I feel so sorry for Chu Beijie and Pinqting also Zuiji

  6. Hrtbrkgrl says:

    Oh… No…. When will they reunite?

  7. Warptourrock says:

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  10. chouch says:

    Dammit, Zuiju, being eaten alive by the wolves, I hate tragedies, why did I read something like this?! ;__;

  11. Faythe says:

    Became so emotional after reading this chapter. Beijie just died. He’s a living dead. Broke my heart can’t help but to feel the pain he must be suffering.

  12. Faythe says:

    Became so emotional after reading this chapter. Beijie just died. He’s a living dead. Broke my heart can’t help but to feel the pain he must be suffering.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Holy mother of god!!! This chapter was written so beautifully. All the emotions; the anger, the guilt, the rage, the hopelessness… Way better than the drama version.

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  19. Mira says:

    The novel is far emotional than the drama

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