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Dragon’s Bloodline

Alternative Name: Reincarnated Into An Alternate World ~Dragon Bloodline~, Sex-Changed in an Alternate World ~Dragon’s Bloodline~, 异世界转性龙之血脉吧, 異世界転性 ~竜の血脈~
Author: Hitoneko
Artist: –
Category: Japanese Web Novel, Fantasy, Gender Bender
Status: Completed in Country of Origin
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Ziru’s Musings
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A martial artist (42 years old, single) devoted himself and trained his skill with the sword and martial arts, but was involved in a large scale disaster, and saved many people before his life ended.

Who would have thought that when he went to the world of the dead, a beautiful woman who introduced herself to be General Administrator would appear? He was told that it was possible to reincarnate into a world of swords and magic, and the man gained the powerful Gift [Dragon’s Bloodline].

However, he was reincarnated as a woman. Furthermore, a beautiful one. In order for him to walk down the warrior’s road to recover his symbol of being a man, he made a fresh start as a woman. Shall we go on an adventure? Let’s begin!

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Volume One: The Departure


Volume Two: The Labyrinth City


Volume Three: The Dark Labyrinth


Volume Four: The Dragonslayer


Volume Five: Upheaval


Volume Six: Before the Storm


Volume Seven: Magic City


Volume Eight: The Millennium


Volume Nine: The Great Collapse

10 Responses to Dragon’s Bloodline

  1. Master says:

    so, it’s not that i don’t understand it, but “he” wants “his” weewee back, right???

  2. ken says:

    I love this novel… Good work people…. Love you

  3. Reev says:

    Is this Yuri

  4. Lou says:

    The plot seems interesting for me but I can clarify something before I read this story?… Is this a girlxgirl story or she has a man love interest?.. thanks..

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