Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 105

Heya everyone! Not much to say right now other than omg it’s so hot… Enjoy   (~’.’)~ Schedule of the Week ~(‘.’~) (~’.’)~ Read Chapter Here ~(‘.’~) If you have the ability to, please consider dropping by my Patreon and becoming a Patron to support my translations and gain access to Patron benefits! Feel free to drop … Continue reading

Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 98

Hey all. I renamed “Demon Source” (only mentioned twice, once in ch17 and once in ch23) to “Magic Source”. When I finish this series, I’ll need to go back through old chapters and change ‘monsters’ to ‘beasts’, ‘demons’ to ‘monsters’, and ‘demon tribe’ to ‘demons’. There’s another kind of ‘monster’ mentioned … Continue reading