XGK Prologue

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As the autumn windle rustled in the air, the flowers in the garden had begun to wilt. Even in his heart, there was no sign of life, as it had shattered into pieces…

At the airport, Gu Kai slowly brought Chen Xuan to the departure gates, and saw them at the private airplane hanger. As Chen Xuan walked, he slowly tilted his head to look at Gu Kai. Seeing how Gu Kai had a smiling expression, it was as if he was completely happy to be relieved of something.

“But what is he relieved of? Is it me?” Chen Xuan pondered as he listened to Gu Kai’s father words. He had said that Gu Kai didn’t like men, he said that Gu Kai was only putting on a show. He had said that for the sake of an independent life, he had treated Chen Xuan like so.

Chen Xuan had always thought those words of the father to be false, he had never dared to believe it…But the moment that Gu Kai was taken to the airport, he had saw the look on his face, and realized. The words Gu Kai’s father had said were true…they were really true…but why would Gu Kai want to cheat him? Was it because of a girl?

Through the windows of the private jet, Chen Xuan could see clearly.

That woman was wearing a dark green windbreaker that showed off her figure in great detail. Even Gu Kai was wearing a green windbreaker, and the two were happily chatting away. They looked like lovers who really suited each other.

Chen Xuan looked at this sight in disbelief. With a bitter smile, he tried to comfort himself, this wasn’t true. But when he saw this woman named Linda, all of his thinking, all of his hopes, they were nothing more than a pipe dream.

Looking at Linda, he felt disdain. But he could see clearly that he was like a clown who was played with by Gu Kai. Any promises, any words of love, they had turned into a pale deception. What feelings of love that Gu Kai had, were for nothing but a game of love. But what was most ridiculous, was that he had entered far too deep into this play. Chen Xuan was hellbent on him.

Chen Xuan looked at Gu Kai and the girl as he boarded the airplane as it took off, growing farther and farther away from the ground.

Chen Xuan’s unusually tranquil eyes stared at Gu Kai fly farther and farther away…

Ai Lun came from came out from a corner, but seeing the suffering Chen Xuan, Ai Lun helplessly patted him on the shoulder. “Xuan, let’s go to the United Kingdoms. I’ve already swapped out the pilots for one of our own.” Ai Lun said, but seeing how Chen Xuan didn’t respond at all, Ai Lun was afraid that Chen Xuan was regretting his decision. “Wasn’t this what you said? If Gu Kai cheated on you, then you would come with me.” Ai Lun nervously awaited for Chen Xuan’s reply.

After a long time, Chen Xuan responded with a simple, “Okay.” with a small tear flowing from his eye. It flowed down his cheek and then dripped down onto his hand…but seeing the smile on his face, one could see that he was in agony.

The one he was so dead set on loving had been lost to him…

The clouds outside the airplane was beautiful and reminded him of snow as he stared blankly at it. But even as he stared at this breathtaking view, there was no sign of reaction rfom him.

“Pa.” Chen Xuan could only feel his face hurting then. Looking at Ai Lun standing angrily next to him with a palm outstretched, he felt that Ai Lun had slapped him. It hurt, it really hurted…

“What are you crying for? Should I take you to play? Say it, a male or female prostitute?” Chen Xuan had originally thought that Ai Lun despised his fragility, but when he heard this, Chen Xuan could only feel helpless. Ai Lun was still improper as usual…

“You dare hit me?” Chen Xuan knew that Ai Lun was joking, so he joked back.

Ai Lun looked at the angry Chen Xuan and softly said, “If I didn’t hit you, you’d continue to cry. I can’t stand to see tears, besides, he’s about to get married, if you cry over him, what use would that be? Otherwise, you should get married to anger him.”

“Marry you then?” Chen Xuan looked at Ai Lun as he wiped his eyes with a tissue.

Ai Lun laughed merrily and said, “That could work, I wouldn’t dislike that…come and hug me then.” Ai Lun approached Chen Xuan with a smile until Chen Xuan said helplessly, “Get lost.”

Chen Xuan smiled at Ai Lun, even though everyone had abandoned him, he still had one friend who helped him.

Although it was a game with Chen Xuan as the leading role, Chen Xuan would play this game then. Chen Xuan mocked himself as he thought about this play, he would play this game, and he would be the winner. If he lost, then he would not regret it, but if he could win him back, then that would be even better.

And so as Chen Xuan thought, he hugged Ai Lun closely to himself.

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