World Record Character Introduction 1

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Character Introduction・Humanity Side [End of Chapter 129]

・Nagumo Iwato
Unknown to defeat, unknown to kindness, unknown to mercy.
The strongest hero and the worst Death God.
The top of the World Recorders, 『Black Pandora』.
……Though he had such time, he is now a shampoo maniac brother.
The one and only powerless in the world, 『Black King』.
Boast of overwhelming physical ability, and granted various abilities to his own body such as immunity to abnormal conditions and weakening.
【Battle Rank】580
【Superpower】None (Power of Existence Manipulation [EX])

・Nagumo Tsumugu
White haired, blue eyes. World Recorder Number Four, 『Vorme Kaiser』.
Iwato’s stepsister. A shut-in otaku.
She was previously an enemy of humanity, 『Unknown』 , but after some complications, she is now a melon soda lover.
Possessing a special superpower which is the mixed power of 『Transform』 from before becoming a human and 『Divine Flame』.
Loves her brother very much.
【Battle Rank】95(150)
【Superpower】Shutendouji [EX]

・Komauchi Karen
A muscle-brain girl with brown shorthair and purple eyes.
White jersey and blue coat. Whole year bloomers and an idiot.
Big eater and self-proclaimed Iwato’s pupil.
Her superpower is weak, but she is talented in taijutsu.
The reason is unknown, but she somehow is a Mahou Shoujo.
Has the power capable of seeing the size of the soul similar to the Unknowns.
【Battle Rank】40
【Superpower】Weak Water [G]

・Sumikawa Ayame
Silver hair, red eyes. A vampire demi-human.
She was saved by 『Black Pandora』 and it was a love at first sight.
A pitiful girl who was reduced to a stalker due to her excessive adoration towards him.
A promising rookie of the Special Forces. She possesses the strongest level of superpower if excluding some EX rank superpowers such as 【Shutendouji】【Braver】【Dark King】.
Has high recovery ability, and capable of strengthening herself explosively by taking in the blood of a higher existence. Although she has the ability to transform, she can only hide her own wings at best.
She drinks blood packs once every half month.
【Battle Rank】55
【Superpower】Six Divine Powers [SSS]

・Hiragishi Eita
The common friend character.
Has a girlfriend.
As a student, he is surprisingly strong, but due to the monsters around him, his true strength remained buried.
【Battle Rank】30
【Superpower】Killing Bat [S]

・Nakajima Tomomi
Red haired, jersey wearing delinquent sister.
Speaks with a rude tone, but a teacher who thinks for her students.
An A rank member of the Special Forces, and one of the few people who knows Iwato’s identity.
Known Iwato since he was 4, and although she is his 『subordinate』, she settled down in the position of an elder sister for him.
However, recently, she was appointed as a teacher, so she is contacting him as 『Teacher』 and 『Student』. By the way, her attitude has not change since the beginning.
Her Battle Rank decreased greatly after retiring from the frontline, but as a teacher, she is unbelievably strong. She can crush an ordinary Unknown easily.
【Battle Rank】56
【Superpower】Body Strengthening · Extreme [SS]

・Nagumo Youji
A dandy man with white hair and black eyes.
The Prime Minister of Japan.
Likes to joke around. He was exposed to countless jealousy up until now, but he shuts them up with all of the results he achieved. Iwato’s father.
【Battle Rank】1

・Nagumo Tsukie
Former name: Kanekura Tsukie. Long red hair and red eyes.
The Minister of Defense of Japan. Iwato’s mother.
The strongest assassin which uses magic that manipulates shadow.
The victim ranked next to Tsumugu in this novel.
Carrying the past of seeing her own parents being devoured by an unidentified Unknown (hasn’t appear), and thereafter, she only thinks that Unknowns are extermination targets.
However, this and that happens, and she dotes Tsumugu.
Only those two know what happened between them.
【Battle Rank】66
【Superpower】Heat Immunity [S]

・Esashi Sana
Close to white, blond hair. A wolf demi-human.
The World Recorder Number Two, 『Pantheon』.
The cheating undead bastard who Iwato doesn’t want to fight with.
Possessing a rather unique composite-type superpower which makes her stronger every time she dies. In addition, there is no demerits at all, and at present, there is no limits.
The only existence who can surpass Black Pandora.
【Battle Rank】Changes every time she dies
【Superpower】Braver [EX]

・Teshikaga Oumu
The World Recorder Number Three, 『Dead End』.
A descendent of noble, so he is quite an Obocchan(Young Master).
However, he is rude.
Although in this novel, he keeps getting beaten, he is normally strong.
【Battle Rank】110
【Superpower】Instant Death Declaration [SSS]

・Isakai Manabu
Blue hair, black eyes. Currently, the strongest A rank member in the Special Forces.
Possessing the superpower, Weapon Control, he can manipulate any weapons freely.
An all-rounder type that excels in both offense and defense.
【Battle Rank】70
【Battle Rank】Weapon Control [SS]

・Class Rep
Blue braided hair class rep.
Her real name is Juuzenji Hagoromo.
Although she has a name like a final boss, she is just an ordinary person.
Hiragishi Eita’s girlfriend.

・Toudou Akane
A woman with green hair and wearing a black coat aka【Digital Ruler】.
Taking actions with the motto of presenting a question to the world. She was the leader of the criminal organization 『Six Demon Spears』, but she has a ruthless side of throwing away the Six Demon Spears.
At present, she seems to be working as a certain person’s secretary……?
【Battle Rank】250
【Superpower】Digital Ruler [SSS]

・Saikyou Rinji
One of the Six Demon Spears. A white haired good-looking guy.
A man who always looks down at people and believes that he is the strongest.
Although he made his appearance as the strongest man, he was instantly defeated by Iwato.
After that, he managed to recover in the past arc, but unfortunately, he was killed by the demon(hero) who happen to pass by.
In this novel, he is one of the few who can fight Iwato physically at present. But no one said that he can win.
【Battle Rank】225
【Superpower】Limit Break [SS]

・Waruno Akuma
One of the Six Demon Spears. Just like his name, a very heinous man.
He proposed, 『The Shutendouji seems strong, so let me fight him』 to the Digital Ruler, and scattered the sorrow. By the way, at first, he lost to the Shutendouji on a one-on-one battle. The situation reversed itself when the deceased Saikyou took Tsumugu as a hostage. He tormented her till the end, but after all, he couldn’t kill her.
Locked on by Sana as the target to be 『killed』.
His corpse was not found at the demolished base of the Six Demon Spears.
【Battle Rank】120
【Superpower】Dark King [EX]

・Grazi Blacklist
One of the Six Demon Spears.
The blond foreigner who was instantly defeated by Iwato on the way to his part time job.
【Battle Rank】75
【Superpower】Fire Emperor [SSS]

・Kuroku Mikoto
One of the Six Demon Spears.
Navy blue ponytail. A katana user hired as a mercenary.
She is originally a young lady of a good house with neat and clean atmosphere, but her boiling point is very low.
At present, after some complications, she settled down as an instructor of the Special Forces.
【Battle Rank】65
【Superpower】Mind’s Eye [B]

・Matsubara Makoto
One of the Six Demon Spears.
In the novel, he is a muscle guy which can’t be communicated with.
Due to his addiction to his own muscles, he settled down as an instructor in the Special Forces similar to Kuroku.
【Battle Rank】60
【Superpower】Matchless Muscles [SS]

Self-proclaimed, Magic God.
A blue haired woman who taught Karen about magic.

Ashibetsu Hayato
Special Forces B rank member.
Possess the superpower, 『Super Vision』
Has a strong sense of justice, and won’t forgive unfairness.
Same year as Isakai Manabu, and he is quite popular due to his looks.
Because he is hated by Karen and the rest, he probably won’t appear anymore.

Ikemae Ikeo
The academy’s number one pretty boy.
Although he has a protagonist-like personality, he is a little annoying.
Ayame crushed his crotch during the school festival, and he is now homosexual.

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