World Record Chapter 79

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79. Earth Dragon King Gaius

TL note: I changed it back to dragon instead of drake because the author emphasize it. Well, both kanji has the same meaning.

Huge rubble attacks continue to fly towards the two girls who’re floating in the air, and Ayame concentrates as she dodges all of it.

(If I receive one……)

Such thought passes her mind.
Even as a joke, she’s carrying Karen who’s bigger than her. Her movement speed is slower than usual.
On top of that, every rubble is thrown with the intention to kill by a higher Sacred Beast class. She would fall even with just grazing it.

『Fuhahahaha! I’m going faster!』

Suddenly, Goleem’s speed of rubble throwing increases.

「H-He’s not serious yet……」

Ayame opened her eyes wide by the multiplied barrage, and it didn’t take a long time until she realize that she couldn’t dodge it.


Karen’s flustered voice resounded, but with this much, Ayame couldn’t handle it.
Ayame clenches her teeth–


The next moment, a familiar voice resounded, and all of the rubbles were destroyed.
Even Goleem who’s convinced that he won, opened his eyes wide, and the next moment, he quickly raised his arm to his face.
Immediately after that, along with such sound, traces of a slash can be seen on his arm.

「Hmm, looks like it won’t be that easy」

Such voice and the sound of heel can be heard.
Ayame descended to the ground and released Karen. Then, they looked at the person standing in front of them.
The body wearing a black suit under a black cloak.
That appearance. There’s no way they would mistake it.

「……You two…sure are fully motivated to be my daughter-in-law」

Seriously, saying that now.
Tsukie muttered in an exasperated way, and at the same time, dodged the fist that approached her.
The next moment, the hammer crash into the ground, and Goleem raises his voice.

『Oh, you’re quite strong』
「Why yes, thank you, Golem-san」
『It’s Goleem!』

Goleem shouted in reply to Tsukie, and unleashed a lightning speed barrage.


The next moment, Tsukie steps forward to the barrage.
Everyone on the spot were surprised, but–in the next moment, they were shocked by the fact that the fists passed through her.


The next moment, Tsukie who passed through the fists, activates her magic aiming at Goleem’s face, and because it’s completely a surprise attack, Goleem is blown to the back along with a unbelievable destruction sound.
His large body sank into the ground, and upon seeing that, Karen and Ayame became speechless.
–Kanekura Tsukie.
The one and only 『Shadow Magic』 user in this world, and also, the person on the top of the Special Forces around the world.
People who fought her will definitely say this.

「Now, how should I cook you?」

Name: Nagumo Tsukie
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Job: Japan Minister of Defense・Special Forces Supreme Commander
Battle Rank: 70
Superpower: Heat Nullify[S]
Taijutsu: SS






「Please! Please don’t fight for my sake!」

Yes, the one who said such word similar to a tragedy heroine, is that 『Heartbroken Makao』.
In contrast to that, Teshikaga clicked his tongue.
He shouted this while releasing black aura from his palm.

「You bloody drag queen! If you want that, then stop all of these guys!」

Before his eyes is the swarm of Unknowns.
At the most deepest part is the target–Makao, and upon hearing Teshikaga’s words, he waved his finger.

「This is my whip of love. I want you to accept it all. ……My whip of love. My attack♥」

On top of that, he’s saying a different thing than before.
While thinking of such thing, Teshikaga activates his superpower at the Unknowns.

「Expose to death!『Instant Death Declaration』」

The next moment, the black aura unleashed from his hand, swallows the Unknowns.
Although there were those that managed to endure it, they were killed with just one hit. After that, leaving only the Unknown’s corpses that became rubbishes. Before he knew it, Teshikaga has already disappeared.
Makao was surprised that Teshikaga was not there, but in the next moment, he quickly looked down at the ground he’s standing, and evaded urgently.


Immediately following, black aura gushed out from the ground where he stood a while ago, and upon seeing that, Makao whistled.

「Dig the ground to attack me. As expected of my darling♥! I want you to penetrate me with that power!」
「……Dammit, even that attack didn’t work」

While Teshikaga who came out of the hole, had an unpleasant expression.
He disappeared into the rubbishes and black aura, 『kill』 the ground, hid himself in the ground, and launched a surprise attack.
However, it didn’t work at all.
Having said that, if he expand the area of effect, the power would decrease. In such situation, the only way he can deal damage is to concentrated attack even though their strengths are not much different.

(This shitty drag queen……I hate to admit it but he’s as strong as a monster. Though not as strong as that dog girl…… With not much difference in our strengths, I can’t defeat him by prioritizing the area of effect)

The difference in Battle Rank is most likely 3 to 4.
However, Makao’s superpower–『Power of Love』 raises all of his status according to the power of love.
And of course, it includes vitality and recovery. The superpower has a good compatibility with his 『Instant Death Declaration』.

In other words–Makao is Teshikaga’s natural enemy.
Teshikaga actually realized it vaguely, and he clenched his teeth.

(Shit, should I call for help? But there’s no one stronger than me nearby. And that guy must be stronger than this guy as well……)

When he thought of that, a man came to his mind.
That man–

『Instant Death Declaration』–the stronger you are than the opponent, the more damage it deals. That man who received it without getting hurt.

That man who defeated Absolute Number 3 with just one hit.
If it’s him, he can surely win against this drag queen.

「Tch, I feel sick……」

He muttered and released his stance.
Makao frowned by that, but he quickly clapped his hands as if he understood.

「I see! Darling, you hate fighting with me, right!? I understand. I’ll specially let・you・go♥」
「Yeah yeah. That would be great」

Teshikaga replied in an unserious manner, and turned to the back.
He is a Special Forces. Of course, he has learned the Special Forces’ compulsory subject–Lie Detection. Even if he’s not as good as Iwato and Ayame, he knows whether Makao is speaking the truth or not.
That’s why, he clicked his tongue while feeling relieved.

(Although I feel like shit, I can’t live on with just pride in this era. I would try to not fight a guy who can win against me. If the rate of death is high, I will get away from the spot and get help from someone stronger than me. ……If I want to continue living in this era, it’s an ironclad regulation)

–Teshikaga Oumu.
He’s a prodigy, has high pride, and yet a hard worker.
Therefore, while it may be true that people pretend to respect him and misunderstand him due to his pride, he’s not foolish enough to make a mistake on the priority of things.
If there’s a possibility that he would die and there’s no one there to protect, he would run away. Hence, he would even break his pride.
He’s such man.
Although some may call it 『cowardice』, that word is the most precious thing in order to live on.
That’s why, his expression distorts in frustration and turns at the corner of the building–


『Weak. This is an Absolute, huh』


The next moment, his body was sent flying.
His body pierces several buildings and yet to stop. In the end, he stopped at the building after flying a few kilometers.


A large amount of fresh blood comes out from his mouth.
His body drops to the ground and at the same time, all of the buildings that were destroyed, collapse all at once.
Destruction sound, shock wave, and the rumble in the ground expands to the surroundings as if there’s a building destruction work going on. It’s to that extent.
In such situation, Teshikaga who’s having a serious wound while still conscious, forces his body to move, and looks forward.
With blood flowing from his forehead, it’s a miracle that he’s still conscious.
However, he was convinced.
That he must confirm the opponent.


He spat out such words in his mind and he somehow managed to move his head with desperate thoughts.
It looks like even if he has about 10 broken bones in his body, his neck was still safe.
He was relieved by the fact, but–

『……Hou, you still alive, human』

Upon seeing the figure, he was surprised.
The one there is a large dragon to the extent that one would have to look up.
The size is several times bigger than the Chain Dragon which was defeated by Iwato, and the intimidating air coming out of the body is–more than just several times.


Before he knew it, he’s already muttered such word, and upon seeing that, the huge dragon laughed scornfully.

『What do you mean by monster, human who do not know of the true monster?』

What does he mean?
Although Teshikaga doesn’t know of it, he knows one thing.

(T-This guy is bad……I-I can’t see how to win. I can’t even imagine how it can lose)

To that extent, the intimidating air that can be felt from the large dragon–Earth Dragon King Gaius is extraordinary, and he can’t helped but to think that no one can win against this dragon.
And above all–

(T-This town will be…Damn! I-I need to contact–)

Saying such thing in his mind, he looked at the status application on his arm.
However, during times like this, misfortune occurs.
There’s a broken status application on his arm, and he clenched his teeth.
While Gaius who saw that

『Hmm, with that wound, you won’t be able to contact anyone. No one can save you anymore. Watch this town gets destroyed until you die』

Saying that, Gaius turns back, and starts walking.
Every step causes the ground to tremble, and the broken pieces of the wall drops.
Gaius smiles.


『Hmm…… First, I will start with that conspicuously big building as an example』


Saying that, he head towards the almost unmanned Sapporo station–AR Tower.

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