World Record Chapter 74

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74. Steamy open air bath

Such sound resounded as Iwato sighed.
The current location is the ryokan’s open air bath.
After that, he decided to enter the bath which is the inn’s specialty because he didn’t have anything to do.

[It’s……too dark to see anything]


Iwato muttered.
He should be able to see in the dark with his eyes if he tries, but he doesn’t intend to do such thing.
Only the sound of entering the hot bath resounded, and because of that, Iwato.

[Nii-san…has entered?]
[He must have because there’s some time before we reached]
[Fufufu……This place is fully reserved. That means I can enter the men’s bath where Iwato-sama is boldly]


Upon hearing such voice, he put his hand on his forehead.

[What are those girls doing……]


Iwato mutters and scratches his head.
Hearing the voices from the men’s bath changing room, Iwato–shook his shoulders enjoyably.

[Now then, what will happen?]


Immediately after that, the sliding door opened.




This is about 10 minutes before that.
The girls who saw Iwato going out of the room with a change of clothes, looked at each other quickly.

[Now what?]
[What to do?]
[What should we do?]


The girls muttered, and looked at the direction where the door is.
They already know that they are the only customers here with Tsumugu’s presence detection and Ayame’s 『Clairvoyance』 and 『Divine Hearing』.
Furthermore, everyone in this inn now are all female. It’s totally Iwato’s harem now in this inn.

[[[Certainly, we can enter the men’s bath……]]]


What a terrible idea.
If all three girls right here are male and uses the fact that they are the only guys here to enter the women’s bath, the girls will definitely give them a cold look. However, the girls are currently in the middle of their youth.
Such girls are trying to enter the men’s bath. If Iwato or Eita or class rep are here, they will definitely try to stop them, but……

[[[Alright, let’s go]]]


Unfortunately, there’s no one with common sense here.
The girls took a change of clothes and towel with one hand, and left the room with stealthy footsteps. Making use of the sneaking skill that even Iwato will be shocked, and reached the men’s bath on the first floor.
To be honest, they don’t need to do such labor if Ayame makes them float with her superpower, but the three perverts who are going to commit crime, can’t think calmly anymore.
What’s left is just–desire.

[…….Ah…my nose is bleeding]
[Same here……]
[Beyond this is Iwato-sama’s……]


The girls wipe the fresh blood coming out from their noses with their fingers.
Although their figures may look like a soldier being sent to the battlefield, in fact, they are just peeping perverts.
The girls confirms that there’s no one in the surroundings, and go through the curtain.
And, what awaits them is evidently the girl’s long-awaited 『men’s bath』.



A room with a slightly different atmosphere than the women’s bath.
In the women’s bath, there’s a sweet perfume smell while in the men’s bath, there’s only the 『smell of sweat』.
The girls were overwhelm by that, and leaked their voices.
However, they quickly close their mouth, and start to speak softly.

[Nii-san…has entered?]
[He must have because there’s some time before we reached]
[Fufufu……This place is fully reserved. That means I can enter the men’s bath where Iwato-sama is boldly]


Regarding that, they can know it if they check whether Iwato’s change of clothes is there or not, but of course, they don’t have such composure to think of such thing.
After all, beyond the door is their long-awaited 『mixed bath』.
Tsumugu smiles while the blood comes out of her nose, and she throws off her yukata.
Stripping naked quickly.
The two opened their eyes wide by that.

[D-Do you intend to enter without swimsuit!?]


Tsumugu looks back at the two.

[In front of Nii-san…cloth is unnecessary. If you’re not confident…then you can hide it. If you have no confidence, that is]


Tsumugu said so and starts walking.
The resolution of using Iwato’s towel when washing her body as she’s not holding anything in her hand, and when she wants to hide her body, she will of course use her hands. The two felt such resolution.
Therefore, the two showed a rebelling heart.

[Wh-What! How can you say that when you’re that tiny! It’s too late to regret now!]
[Hah, what can such useless meat do!? Iwato-sama likes a slender model body!]


The two shouted, and threw off their yukatas. Without holding anything, the two heads to the door.
While Tsumugu smiled in satisfaction.

[Now, time for the confrontation]


Saying that, and opened the door.




The steam blows to their faces, and they instinctively closed their eyes.
However, they soon get used to the steam, and they opened their eyes while blinking.
A room with the floor made of stone, and the girls gulped when feeling the humid air.

[……Huh? Where’s Nii-san?]


Tsumugu looked around, and muttered.
Upon hearing that, Karen and Ayame also looked around, but by the totally 『unmanned』 place, they inclined their head.

[Heeey, Master, where are you?]
[Perhaps, he’s hiding because he’s shy……]


Saying that, the two looks around the bath, and Tsumugu guards the door.
However, no matter where they search, Iwato is nowhere to be found. The bewildered Ayame and Karen head back to Tsumugu.

[Yeah……I checked from under the stool to inside the bath, but he’s not there]
[No one is in the sauna……Where on earth did he go?]


And the girls cross their arms and think.
Quite some time have passed since then. Based on Iwato’s usual bath time, he should be right in the midst of being in the bath. Then, why is he not here?
Tsumugu who thought such thing–

[The open air bath……did you…check there?]


Upon receiving those words, Karen and Ayame raised their voice, and smiled.

[That’s right. We haven’t check there……]
[The open air bath of a ryokan deep in the mountains. Furthermore, at night……]
[A good…mood]


Muttering so, the girls heads to the open air bath, and opens the door without hesitation.
The next moment, cold air blows to their warm bodies, and they rushes into the bath while trembling in cold.



Leaking a long breath.
Submerged until the shoulders and when their bodies get warm, they recalled of Iwato’s existence.
After searching that much, there’s no way he’s not in this open air bath.
That’s why, the girls looked around to search for Iwato.

[N-Not here……?]


Ayame instinctively muttered so.
That’s right, Iwato is not there, and there are only the impact of the three entering the bath and the dense steam.
Ayame who thought that he might be hiding somewhere, used 『Clairvoyance』, but she couldn’t find Iwato.
Although she thought that he might have escaped from the entrance midway, but Tsumugu was guarding the entrance all the time. Even Iwato should not be able to pass Tsumugu without getting noticed.

[D-Don’t tell me–]


Ayame can hardly believe, but she could only reached to the conclusion. Her eyes turned to–the wall dividing the 『women’s bath』.
Recalling Iwato’s shady smile.
After seeing that, perhaps, the plan to think so.
Ayame speaks out.

[He read our thoughts……and entered the women’s bath on purpose……?]


By her thought, the two shivered.
Although a woman entering the men’s bath is a crime, a man entering the women’s bath is a way bigger crime.
Iwato doing that?

[I think Iwato-sama’s presence detection is far more accurate than what we imagined. That is, to the extent that he can sense the people who are heading to the bath……]


If the person himself is here, he would probably say 『Who’s that monster?』, but seeing from the side, he looks capable to do so.
Upon hearing those words, the two looks at the women’s bath.
Although no sound can be heard at all, still, they feel that he’s there. It might be a wrong guess, but still, the girls’ instinct tell that–Iwato is now in the women’s bath.

[N-Nii-san? A-Are you really there?]
[Master! You’re there, right? Please say something!]


However, there’s no reply, and only the sound of the water being splashed can be heard from that side.
It’s no doubt. Tsumugu and Karen who confirmed that, cling to the bamboo wall, and start to find for a hole to peek through.
However, there’s no such hole at all as it’s quite thick–and the two remembered about Ayame who’s not moving.
Turning their head to her while having a doubt, and–

Drip, drip drip……

There’s the figure of Ayame with shining red eyes, staring at the 『wall』 while nose bleeding.

[Ah, Ayame……? What’re you doing?]
[Wha, did you get dizzy because you entered the bath too long?]


The two asked her in worry, but apparently, it doesn’t reached her ears as she wiped her blood.
Ayame who’s getting strange. The two who looked at her while feeling puzzled–confirmed the red light in her eyes.

[[D-Don’t tell me!?]]


That’s the ability to see throuh any obstacle and confirm the target.
Usually in the Nagumos, she doesn’t use this ability for peeping because 『it’s cheating』, but……unfortunately, in this situation, it’s not.
The two rushes onto Ayame, and turns Ayame’s head to another direction. And, Ayame sudddenly begins to struggle.

[W-What are you doing!? I can almost see his skin through the steam! Just a little more! Please, just a few more seconds!]
[N-No! T-That ability is too cheating!]
[What’s with that peeping ability!? Shouldn’t you use that for something more wonderful than cheating!?]


And, the two hold down Ayame on the ground, and Ayame raises a groan. However, her resistance stopped suddenly.
Having a doubt by that, the two turn their eyes to where Ayame’s looking, and there’s only the wall of the ryokan.
However, this direction is towards their room–




[……Nn? This gaze……]


Iwato who muttered in his mind, placed the milk onto the table, and looked at the direction while sitting on the futon.
The direction is diagonal down. Probably, the bath on the first floor.
Iwato thought that it’s probably Ayame, and


[Sorry, I enjoyed the open air bath that’s installed in the room]


A familiar scream reached Iwato’s ears.
The 『skin』 Ayame almost saw, was the landlady rolling up her sleeves while cleaning.

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