World Record Chapter 65

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65. Clash

Iwato’s lens break, and the broken pieces drop to the floor.
Upon seeing that, Iwato tries to take off his glasses while buried into the wall–


The next moment, her flying knee strike hits Iwato’s abdomen, carving more cracks on the wall.
However, Tamamo Gozen judged that–it didn’t work.
She grabbed Iwato’s head while smiling, and starts running on the wall.
While running on the wall at an absurd speed, she pushes Iwato’s face to the wall.
A new type of torture.
The wall that had Iwato’s head pushed into, breaks, and Tamamo Gozen smiled while thinking that this should work–

[Aah~, my glasses broke]


The next moment, Iwato’s arm pierces the wall.
Tamamo Gozen who’s running, released Iwato instinctively, and the released Iwato gets out of the wall, and lands on the ground.

[Pulling my head that much……what if I became bald. Then, I won’t be able to use shampoo anymore]


You’re worried about that?
Tsukie wanted to reply so.
However, Iwato’s very serious. He took off his glasses, and looked at Tamamo Gozen who was shocked.

[Also, when I was buried into the wall, I wanted to remove my glasses. Why can’t you wait for a while? I don’t like greedy woman, you know?]


No damage.
Rather than that, he’s not taking me seriously.
By the fact, she was dumbfounded–however, immediately after that, she smiled.

『That’s how it should be—-!』


Her eyes glittered.
The next moment, a sense of fatigue attacks Iwato’s body, and he unintentionally leaked a voice.
Curse Cleansing Eye’s ability–weakening.
The ability to deteriorate the target’s physical ability. For a person who uses physical combat, it’s a decisive blow.
In addition–



At the next moment, the intimidation overflowing from her body, increased by one level, and Tsukie who felt that, leaked a voice.
Iwato who saw that, sighed.

[That’s why, battle maniac is……]


Iwato looks in front.
And–opens his eyes wide by the change.

『It looks like one is not enough to win, so next is three』


When he realized it, not only her intimidation increased, but also the number of her golden tail increased from one to three.



Iwato quickly raised his right arm to guard.
Immediately after that, a roundhouse kick hits the spot.
By that, even Iwato was surprised, and blown off about ten meters and lands.

『……Hee? It’s quite surprising that you made me transform, but I didn’t expect you to be able to withstand my three-tailed form』


Iwato turns his eyes towards her.
There’s the figure of Tamamo Gozen smiling enjoyable, and at the bottom of the red hakama, her legs have transformed into a fox’s legs.
She said that.
However, it’s not a sheer transformation, but a part-limited transformation that was used by 『Devilman』 before.
This time, her legs transformed, and her tail multiplied–

[Somehow, I feel like it will multiply until nine……]


Iwato smiled wryly while looking at his right arm.
There’s the arm part of the blue jersey blown off by the kick from before, and there’s also trace of the kick on his arm.
Upon seeing that, Iwato sighed tiredly, and


[First of all, this cost hundred thousand yen so you better pay me back]


She paid him with a dropkick.




Tsumugu and Tsukie who’re the main in defeating the enemies on the surface–

[Ku……I almost running out of mana]


Tsukie muttered so.
Running out of mana.
It has a different meaning than using up the 『MP』 in a game. If a person ran out of mana, the person will lose conscious on the spot by force.
If that happens, the shadow clone that followed Iwato will disappear, and in addition, the forces here will also drop.
Then, she would need to only count on Tsumugu alone. As a mother, that is something she wants to avoid.
That’s why, she turned back to try to retreat–

『Security is the greatest enemy. Such sentence is written in my dictionary』


At the next moment, a katana sprang out from her chest.
–No, a katana was pierced from her back.



Tsumugu shouted so by the abnormal situation.
Tsukie coughs out blood, and turns her eyes to the back.
There’s a samurai-looking Unknown wearing a reed hood, and it seemed that the katana on one of his six arms pierced her chest.

『I have no preference in tormenting the dying. Wait for your death there quietly』


The Unknown said so, and threw Tsukie’s body away.
By that, Tsukie received more damage, and Ayame tries to use her superpower to save her–


[Geez……why didn’t you call me]


That’s like a flash.
A shield that arrived suddenly, catches Tsukie’s body midair, and slowly, dropping off her body to the ground.
His six arms reacted with a twitch by that–and he looked at the sky.
There’s the figure of a man standing on sword midair.
Following the Unknown, Tsumugu, Karen, Ayame and Secretary-san also looked at the sky–and three people opened their eyes wide upon seeing the figure except Karen.

[[Isakai Manabu-san!?]]


Tsumugu who can’t recall his name.
And, Karen and Secretary-san shouted.
Upon seeing that, he–Isakai Manabu smiled wryly, and looked at Tsukie.

[I don’t know how it became like this, but at least, please call me when it became like this……. Although I’m not as strong as Tsumugu-chan, I’m still quite strong–]


He said so while sighing–

『How dare you to overwrite my cool appearance! On this occasion, my dictionary says you deserve a certain death!』


The next moment, the samurai Unknown approached Isakai at a high speed.
The six katanas on each hands attacks him in different directions–


Imediately after that, the six katanas were all repelled by something on the air.



The samurai somehow manage to prevent from releasing the katanas.
However, with his six arms repelled, he became vulnerable–and Isakai didn’t let the chance go.

[I don’t know much, but for now, it looks like you’re an enemy]


The next moment, many swords are created around him, and all of it pierce the Unknown’s body.



The samurai Unknown crash into the ground, and he coughed out blood.
All six of his arms were crucified by the silver swords, and both of his legs were severed by a huge great sword.
Isakai who looks down at him coldly, places his hand forward, and opens his mouth.

[『Deploy, Single-fire Cannon・Black』]


The next moment, a huge magic formation deployed in front of him, and a huge black cannon appeared from it.
The Unknown opened his eyes wide upon seeing that.
Isakai smiled–


[『Security is the greatest enemy』 is a perfectly fitting phrase, idiot]


And, shot the shell mercilessly.




『Haa, haa, haa……』


She’s breathing roughly.
Her tails has already multiplied to six.
Both her legs and arms has golden fur grown on them, and her Battle Rank has probably surpassed 300.
Such her is glaring at her opponent sternly.
However, he wards off her glare as if it’s nothing, and that adds fuel to her fury.



She raised a roar, and started running at full speed towards him.
The ground breaks with each step. The rubbles fly high.
Swings her fist–down!
At the next moment, she who raised a roar, unleashed a fist aiming at him, and the fist that can even break the ground–



Iwato’s palm hits the side of the fist.
Immediately after that, the fist goes to the wrong direction, and by that, she’s thrown off balance.
That’s a perfect chance.
With this high level offense and defense, she felt the chance is too decisive, and she knows that this man will never let such chance go.
However–he…doesn’t attack.
At the same time as she recovered her stance, she jumped back, and she grinds her teeth out of anger upon recalling his actions up until now.

She desired a fight.
Hunger to fight, seeking for strong people, and waited for the person who will defeat her someday.
And–the strong person is just right in front of her.
He received a few attacks, and quickly coped with the six-tailed form. The strength that Tamamo Gozen felt 『dangerous』–above all, 『enjoyable』.
That’s why, she’s delighted.
However, what awaits her is–


『You! Why……Why! Why you won’t attack!』


–the action that can be taken as making light of her, and just disappointment.

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