World Record Chapter 59

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59. Each growth

[Ooi, any progress?]


Iwato called out to the two while going up the stairs.
Then, the two quickly turned their face towards Iwato with teary eyes, and clung to Iwato’s clothes.

[It’s no use! No matter what we say, she won’t reply! We have no way to do it anymore!]
[That’s right! Even playing the sound of us flirting with Iwato-sama didn’t work at all! Just what should we do!?]


I think I heard something strange from Ayame.
Iwato thought of such thing, but he quickly brush it off, and head towards Tsumugu’s door.

[Ooi, Tsumu. Nii-chan is here]


No answer came from the room, Iwato scratched his head.

(Haa, this seems difficult)


While muttering so in his mind, he looked at Karen and Ayame.
As if the girls guessed what Iwato wanted to say, they quickly go down the stairs while making a loud sound purposely.
With this, the second floor became a space for only Iwato and Tsumugu–but the thickness of the wall, the few centimeters is very far.
Iwato who have seen this state of Tsumugu before, knew it. That’s why–


When the door opened slowly, he opened his eyes wide.

[Nii-san…only. Then…you can……enter]


Iwato can hear such voice from the room, and he enters the room while being perplexed.

[Um, sorry for disturbing]


Tsumugu’s room.
It’s a place in which Iwato had never entered ever since the time when he showed Tsumugu to this room at the beginning. Tsumugu also cleaned this room on her own.
Therefore, Iwato felt a weird nervousness even though it’s a room in his house–and by the sudden impact, he couldn’t stayed on his feet.



Iwato leaked such a voice upon receiving an attack heavier than the Devilman.
And–he inclined his head when seeing the existence riding on his stomach.



The one riding on him is–a futon.
A bed cover.
A rounded bed cover is riding on Iwato’s stomach, and the bed cover quickly spread on Iwato.
Only Iwato’s head, hands and legs were not covered by the bed cover. And someone inside it, clung on Iwato tightly.

[Hey, as expected, it’s you]


Iwato feels around for Tsumugu’s head through the futon, and strokes her.
Because of that, she reacted with a twitch, and Iwato felt the 『shiver』, and he opened his eyes wide.

(Is she……crying?)


He didn’t put it into words.
He felt his t-shirt is getting wet slowly, and her head is exactly there.
And, she’s shivering. Then, such words are unnecessary. Iwato pat her back gently and slowly.

[I don’t know why you shut yourself, but don’t carry all of it on your back. I said it before. I’m Tsumu’s Nii-chan. You can leave everything unpleasant to me]


By those words, she reacted with a nod.
Iwato who felt that, smiled, and put his hands into the futon and hugged her.
Although Tsumugu’s body instinctively sprang up–before that, tears overflowed.

[Gusu…N-Nii-san……do you…hate…me?……You won’t…disappear..right?……gusu…I……]


Tsumugu tries to continue her words.
Iwato–hit her head lightly.



At the same time as the voice, Iwato straighten up, and removed the futon.
Then, Iwato’s face is a few centimeters to Tsumugu’s face.
And, he said this to her.


[Idiot. I love Tsumu. No matter what happens, this will never change. If you wish for it, I’ll be by your side forever. I’ll always be your ally. That’s why. Don’t ask such thing now]


Upon hearing those words, Tsumugu blushes and starts to act violently.
She brushes off Iwato’s hands, and stands up without the futon.



She stands in front of Iwato without concealing her blushing face.
Upon seeing that, Iwato felt troubled–and immediately after that, she muttered something.

[……Come again?]


Iwato asks her due to her soft voice.
Then, her face blushes even further, and she shouted this with her eyes closed.


[A d-date! Once…everything ends…go out with me! Absolutely! Absolutely! Go out with me!]


Silence alighted between the two.
Tsumugu’s breathing heavily with her face dyed in red, and Iwato completely frozen by the unexpected words.
As if the voice just now can be heard from the first floor, the sound of footsteps resounded.

[Ah, um. Un, o-okay……]


Somehow, replying that was the best he can do.




The next day.
Iwato was greatly perplexed in the living room since morning.

[What was that yesterday……]


And he recalls the words Tsumugu said yesterday.

『A d-date! Once…everything ends…go out with me! Absolutely! Absolutely! Go out with me!』


It’s unusual for Tsumugu to show her feelings to that extent, and as Iwato can’t get his thoughts sorted, he felt her expression loosen a little.

(Tsumugu was so expressionless……)


3 years ago, she only showed Iwato an expressionless face, and at that time, Iwato didn’t know what she’s even thinking.
But still, many things happened, and eventually, they reached a point that they can get along properly as siblings.
Therefore, he felt perplexed when seeing Tsumugu showing such expression, but also felt growth. He couldn’t help but to feel happy.
Iwato drinks the cup of water on the table, and in order to break the silence in the living room, he turns on the television.

『Now, let’s welcome our guest for today. Sumikawa Ayame who have just ranked up to an A rank member!』

『Ah, um, thanks…… Hello』



Iwato quickly looks at the television in shock.
On the screen, there’s the figure of Ayame surrounded by Sapporo’s regular announcers. Before Iwato knew it, he had already took position in front of the television.

[Fuhaa, morning!]


At the same time, Karen got out of bed.
She felt a little weird when there’s no reply, and she looks at Iwato–

《Sumikawa Ayame’s Live Interview》

Upon seeing the words, she rushed to the television.

[Hey, Karen]
[Ayame…just ranked up to B, isn’t it?]


Silence overflows after Karen’s reply.
That’s right, a few days before the camp, Ayame just ranked up to B, and at that time, the two remembered that Ayame’s Battle Rank was 35.

『Today, Sumikawa-san will be showing her status specially! Well then, please go on』

『Y-Yes, understood……』


Just like that, Ayame operates her status application, and then, a screen appeared.

Name: Sumikawa Ayame
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Job: Student(High School Student)・Special Forces A rank member
Battle Rank: 52
Superpower: Six Divine Powers(SSS)
Taijutsu: D



Upon seeing that, Karen unintentionally leaked such voice.
Not long ago, there’s just a little gap between Karen and Ayame’s Battle Rank.
And yet, Ayame is about 10 Battle Ranks higher than Mahou Shoujo Karen.
Karen drops her shoulders, and casts her eyes down.

(Now……I’m the only one who’s weak……)


Karen muttered such thing in her mind, but then, she felt her head being stroked.
That’s the act that Tsumugu once did it on her, and she raises her head thinking that Tsumugu has already woke up.

[Don’t worry, Karen. Ayame has certainly established a lead now, but in terms of growth speed, Karen is more faster. That’s why, don’t feel down, okay?]


Karen’s face dyed in red by those words, and she starts to run away on all fours while holding down her chest. She ran to the sofa’s back, and put her head out.

[W-What’s with that!? To be consoled by Master, did you eat something weird!? Or have you fall in love with me!?]
[Eh, no, not at all]


This time, Karen holds down her chest in a different meaning.
Upon seeing that, Iwato looked at the television uninterestedly, and snorted.

[Hmph, sorry for consoling you. Even I thought that I can’t be like this forever, so I tried to go for it, but…… Apparently, you don’t like it]


For Iwato, there’s a past that can never be forgotten.
There are sins that can never disappear even if he’s forgiven.
There’s the feelings of guilt that can never be erased.
Therefore, he gave up on love, made the girls sad, and caused his younger sister to worry.
That’s why, he thinks that–Nothing will change if I’m like this.
Therefore, even if he can’t forget his sins, he need to do his best to weaken the feelings of guilt.
So that the girls are repaid even if it’s a little. So that his younger sister will never be worried.

That’s why, although it’s something trivial, Iwato tried to console Karen like this. However, what awaits him was an escape of 『Have you fall in love with me』.
It can’t be helped that Iwato became sullen.
Karen opened her eyes wide by that, and she approached Iwato slowly.

[Um, I’m happy, but…if you do it so sudden, I’ll feel embarrassed……or rather, today’s Master is somehow cute]


Before Karen knew it, Iwato is looking at her, and she leaks a cramp smile.

Kasha! Kasha kasha!



The camera shutter sound can be heard suddenly.
When they look at where the sound comes from, there’s the figure of Tsumugu pointing the camera towards them from the back of the sofa.


[Sighted. A SR sulking Nii-san…and Karen who blushes upon seeing that. Feel like getting…a SSR in a social game]


Muttering so, she goes out of the living room trudgingly.
The two who see her off in silent–


[[!! What are you planning to do with the photos!?]]


chased after her in a hurry.

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